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Screen Advice - Canada

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I'm looking to help a friend set up their theater area.

They want a 106" screen - Framed / matted. Looking for a white screen....high gain a nice benefit but not required.

I live on the border and can get things from the US for myself but they live in London, Ontario, so I need a recommendation on a screen and either a distributor in Canada or a US one that will ship to Canada.

Looking to spend around $500-650 for a screen. They are going with the Epson Cinema 8350 projector.

I like for them the Elite Sable Frame but could not find anyone shipping to Canada.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Try grandview screens. Canadian made.
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I got mine from Eastporters and was very happy. Super fast shipping also.
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I also got all my stuff from eastporters and it was quick and good screens.
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