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IntelliEvent Alternative?

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I know this is more of a business automation rather than a home automation, but any alternatives to IntelliEvent?

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I saw this while I was looking for an alternative a while back.

anyway, I found a few different ones out there but my favorite is inflatableoffice.com because it's free if you have under 10 SKUs. Also, their software is looks way better than most. A lot of the other companies I looked at we're really expensive and looked like crap.

here are the ones I found
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Our web based product has been very highly received in the Pro A/V Production industry. If interested check out the site.
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Is Intellievent even still in business? I heard they lost several of their top people.
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Don has an incredible knack for letting go the most valuable people in the customers mind. Devon Schroeder and Lisa Fossler were the two people who cared and would give you honest answer and not blow smoke at Intellievent. Having a good ol boys club mentality seems to be a higher priority there. Flex Rental Solutions is very lucky to hired them and have them anchoring our customer support team.
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