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Receiver Shuts Off On Loud Sounds

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I suppose it might be too loud, but my YAMAHA HTR-5140 shuts off when a loud loud sound happens. Not sure why...the wiring is new (no banana plugs just screwed in). I'm guessing not enough power is going to the speakers or too much volume is demanding too much power?

Not sure what's going on...but I'm on a 5.1 speaker setup still. Speakers are 8 ohms and Im not sure what wattage.
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What level are you listening at?
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Carefully look for a single loose strand of wire either at the speaker terminals or the terminals on the back of the receiver that would be causing it to short. What you've describe is a typical symptom of just such a situation. One reason some of us use banana plugs.
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happened to me when i had the red/black speaker inputs reversed. switched em back and problem gone
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I'll check the wiring. I thought it had to be about the power draw, but the speakers are perfect for the receiver.
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I checked the wiring by hooking up the speakers 1 by 1 in pairs and checking the receiver at the volume when it shuts off...it seems to shut off the receiver when I use my surround left and right speakers in my 5.1 setup........not sure why.

Also it can't be the short-circuiting, as it wouldn't allow me to listen at volumes above low I'm guessing? "A single strand of wire in the wrong place (causing a short circuit condition) will cause the unit to shut off at anything but very low volume levels"

I usually have it set to way past the 1/2 mark when it shuts off, more like 3/4...
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Sounds like something is wrong in the receiver. Is it under warranty?
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Are you mixing speakers as to the ohms? It sounds lke your surrounds are a different ohm rating then the mains.
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