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large HDTV as computer monitor  

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Hi all,
I'm new to HDTV, so forgive if this isn't the correct forum.
I'm shopping for a HDTV for someone, they will be using it in part as a computer monitor.
Looked at Princeton, perfect but too small.
Is there a larger HDTV that has connection for use as a computer monitor (like the Princeton?)? I forgot what the 15 pin connection is called.
Can any projection tv's serve as computer monitors?
thanks in advance for any help!
feel free to e-mail me directly, remove ENDSPAM from address

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analogue deity

Welcome to the forum,
I know that there are some out there who are using the Pioneer HDTV units as there monitors. The Pioneer TV's have the connector on the back to hook up to some STB that have the RGB connection.
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You need to look in the Home Theater PC forum. Lots of folks use HDTVs as monitors, running at 960 x 540p for 1080i only sets, or at 1280 x 720p. If your set doesn't have VGA or RGBHV inputs, you can get a transcoder to convert from VGA to component (YPrPb) for about $150
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thanks Tony for the welcome. I heard something about Pioneer Elite series and how you aren't supposed to use the VGA inputs for computer...I'll check some more on that. At this point I'm leaning towards the 53" RCA unit that has VGA input.
RSawdey...I'll check the HT PC forum, thanks.
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analogue deity

Thats what I had heard also, but there are those using them, it has something to do with the correct signal being sent to the TV. They are using software called Power Strip to send the correct signal to the input.

This will be my next adventure later this year, when I get a new computer.
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I have a Pioneer 510, and run an HTPC and an iScan Pro. I have high-quality 75 Ohm monitor leads and a (cheap) switch box so I can select either.

There are two concerns with using the TV as a monitor: getting the timing right (Powerstrip is the usual answer here; and there can be fun in getting the derired setup resolutions) and avoiding phosphor burn-in. To the latter end I have spent some time eradicating white from large areas of the screen (ie open windows are a darker shade which still allows text to be read).

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The pioneer TVs will work with a 640x480 VGA signal on the RGB input, but it won't look right and will cut off parts of the screen area. I think powerstrip with a compatible video card is the only real answer. Unfortunately my video card is older and won't do custom resolutions, so I can't try again until I buy a new card.
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