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Originally Posted by Nautica250 View Post

Hey everyone! Long time follower of this thread as I have been trying to dial this tv in since I bought it last June. I have came up with some settings that I have been enjoying, I thought I would share them. I still haven't settled on how bright I like the backlight, that is dependent on how much light you have in your room of course. Also make sure your power saving feature is turned off. Let me know what you guys think!!! Thanks!
AV Mode User
Backlight 0
Contrast 28
Brightness -7(minus)
Color +2
Tint 0
Sharpness 5 (personal preference)
Color Temp. Mid-Low
Motion Enhancement. 120hz low
Quad pixel plus On
Active Contrast. Off
Gamma Adjustment. -2
Film Mode. Off( Personal Preference)
Digital Noise Reduction Off
Range of OPC Max. 10
Min. -8
Also, I do enable OPC. That way it will brighten during the day but dim down a bit at night. Again this is personal preference. Another option is to put the Color Temp to low. When I did this with mine it had a bit of pinkish hue on a pure white background. That could probably be fixed if I had the equipment for a correct color calibration. These are just settings that I have finally arrived at after messing with this Sharp for a year.
Thanks guys, hope you enjoy!!
Unless your TV has an inch? are your settings? I'm looking for 60 inches, I can not find: (
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That is a 60 inch....
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Originally Posted by Nautica250 View Post

That is a 60 inch....
This is your best settings?
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Yeah it's been more than a year that I've had my 40" but it has served me well, after seeing the 80" Sharp 844 in the store a few weeks back I'm starting to get the upgrade bug.
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I tried quite a number of the calibrated setting recommended for the 835U and found this one on post # 810 of this thread to provide me the best and most natural colour settings.

I also came across the professional settings that Cnet provided when they did a review of the TV. Has anyone tried these:

++++++++++++++Beginning of Calibration

--Picture Settings menu

OPC: Off
Backlight: +4
Contrast: +30
Brightness: +1
Color: 0
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 0

--Advanced sub-menu

C.M.S. -Hue
R: 0
Y: +4
G: -5
C: +2
B: 0
M: +2

C.M.S. -Saturation
R: 0
Y: -2
G: -1
C: 0
B: -7
M: 0

C.M.S. -Value
R: +2
Y: 0
G: +9
C: +4
B: +3
M: 0

Color Gamut Range: Standard

Color Temp: Low
R Gain (LO): +11
G Gain (LO): +7
B Gain (LO): +13
R Gain (HI): -2
G Gain (HI): -7
B Gain (HI): 0

Motion Enhancement: 120Hz High
Quad Pixel Plus: On
Active Contrast: Off
Gamma Adjustment: +2
Film Mode: Off
Digital Noise Reduction: Off
Monochrome: Off
Range of OPC: [any]

++++++++++++++End of Calibration
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Hi, I bought my SHARP TV 60LE830e and looking for the color calibration settings, anyone has this TV and can you share your settings?
Do not give me a link to the pages, just finished the settings, and if you are using.

thank you.
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Sharp has posted a firmware upgrade for the set, it looks like we are now getting 1080p streams from Netflix. Well done Sharp it looks really good.
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Originally Posted by imws View Post

Sharp has posted a firmware upgrade for the set, it looks like we are now getting 1080p streams from Netflix. Well done Sharp it looks really good.

Curious, does it give Dolby 5.1 through the optical out of the TV too when using Netflix now?
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I'm getting DD 5.1 from the optical out to my receiver when using the Netflix app
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Originally Posted by imws View Post

No I still get this from time to time, more so recently say about once every couple of weeks, the fix for me is to toggle resolutions. I have had to power off once or twice in the past but if I go into 1080i mode from the Denon Realta HQV processor it goes away and then I just switch back to 1080p60 or 1080p24. I supposed if you don't have a way of changing resolutions on the fly then this could be annoying.

imws, Since I updated (last week) I haven't noticed the waviness or pixilation resolution issue - keeping my fingers crossed. Also, I didn't notice that Netflix changed to 1080p. I'll have to check it out tonight.

Update...I jinxed myself as pixilation problem happened last night, guess we have to just live with it. Netflix looks great (depending on the movie title) but I wasn't sure how you know it's 1080p. The display only shows the resolution when switching inputs and you can't switch input when viewing the Netflix app without it closing. Is there a resolution display menu that I'm not aware of?
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I have a Roku XS and a Panasonic bluray player that have been getting the 1080p streams since i purchased them and so I did a stare and compare and the Netflix from the Sharp looks exactly like the other two. Prior to this update the quality of the Netflix stream was noticeably lower in quality than the 1080p Netflix streams from the Roku or the Panasonic.
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Has anyone found a great picture setting for sports, mainly football? I'm looking to keep the LCD "pop" factor, but hone in some of the sharpness and color.
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Originally Posted by ergojm View Post

I'm getting DD 5.1 from the optical out to my receiver when using the Netflix app

Thanks. I have the 60LE830U so figured it was the same. Changed my Netflix plan back to streaming this week. The DD 5.1 works well through the TV's optical out. I swear the streaming 5.1 audio is better than some of the blu-rays on my PS3. Thanks again.
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No problem HomieG, The picture looks pretty good too! enjoy
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Hello Everyone,

I have a Sharp LC60LE835U and spent a month trying to fine tune this TV. I tried almost every calibration setting from AVS Forum and other websites. After calibrating, I would do a side by side comparison against a 2010 top of the line Samsung TV. The Samsung TV kept winning hands down and I was so frustrated with the Sharp that I almost gave the TV away. Finally, I found a setting that revealed almost a perfect picture. Surprising, I almost overlooked this option so I thought I'd share it with others.

Here is the setting that I found that finally makes this TV stellar:

1) Change the Picture AV Mode to PC - I believe this mode is only available via HDMI cable (cannot use Component Video input)
2) Perform a reset on the picture to ensure everything is set to factory defaults - this option is at the bottom of the picture menu
3) Set sharpness to your preference - I prefer +3
4) Turn on the OPC
5) Adjust the OPC to your room - I have a sun room and my preference is +10 to -10

Now sit back and watch for a while. I found this setting to provide almost a perfect picture. Contrast, colors, skin tones, etc. are spot on.

Needless to say, the Samsung is now on the shelf and I am watching only the Sharp.
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Thanks for the short and sweet TV adjustment rstef. My 46LE835U is on the way and I am ready to join the party. Sadly, I work overseas so the wife gets to enjoy it first ;-) I was curious if anyone has tried the Elite remote on the 835U series? The part number for the 835 series is RRMCGA936WJSA. The part number for the Elite is RRMCGA937WJSA . One digit off and it is backlit. As I type I am trying to get somebody at Magnolia to try an Elite remote on a Sharp Aquos. I would also be interested in what 3D glasses people on the forum have used and what works best. i.e. Sharp version #2 or the Xpand etc.
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Hmph! Magnolia says the Frequencies are different. Oh well. Any suggestions on 3D glasses would be great. thanks
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Hi, I've just bought a LE 835 3d and I couldn't find this options :
Sub pixel control : On
Scanning backlight 200: Scan

I saw that in flatpaneldshd LE 835 calibration http://www.flatpanelshd.com/review.php?subaction=showfull&id=1308733719 , could you help me please by giving me the steps to find them?????. Thanks a lot.
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I found a 60" version at my local Best Buy for $999. Do you guys think I should bite? Or wait for Black Friday (for a potentially a different set/model)? Any suggestion is appreciated.
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Loving mine for almost a year now!! That's a great price.
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I just got my 52'' 835X here in Singapore and am trying out a few movies. I notice some light leakage from the left and right vertical edges. Quite obvious in certain scenes, especially dark ones. Is this noticed by any other users?

There are some minor blotches of light but it is quite alright if I just stop looking for them delibrately. The edge light leakage is more obvious for my set.

Other than that, I am impressed with it! It looks life-like and detailed.

One issue though;
When connected to my home network, I cant play .mkv files as the TV says no data found or something along those lines. But when accessing a USB thumbdrive, the .mkv files can be detected and play fine! Am I missing out a setting by any chance? Anyone able to help me out? Plus, for one of my videos played from USB, it says Audio format not supported. I was suprised at first because I didn't expect a 2011 mid-range tv to lack support. I don't think the mkv file had a very fancy audio codec in it. frown.gif
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I've recently bought a Sharp 40LE830 3D TV (probably 835 in US). I watch movies or videos clips via usb flash memory, and have two problems:

1. srt subtitles are not displayed, although srt file has the same title as the video file and is in the same folder. Is this TV supposed to display srt subtitles?

2. Auto 3D detect option is on, but doesn't work. It's not a big deal when the 3D video file is side by side or top and bottom, because I can manually set the TV on 3D mode. But when the 3D video file is frame-packed, I have no way of setting the TV on 3D mode, and glasses don't work. How can I watch these kind of movies?
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My LC60LE835U started to develop a purple spot toward the center of the screen. Here's the link I posted with pictures. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1447009/purple-spot-on-my-sharp-lc60le835u

I contacted Sharp and sent them pics of the issue and in 2 days they told me they are authorizing a replacement for me. Has anyone else had this issue?
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I just wanted to say thank you to Sentrex for disclosing his pro calibration settings. I was honestly satisfied with how the picture looked by default for a while now. But after incorporating those settings, wow. The shadow details are much cleaner now. Metallic surfaces literally shine, lighting elements twinkle.

Just to toss my hat in whatever rings I wanted to relate that I do have some mild clouding. However I do not believe mine came from the factory but has been more of a combination of running 8 hours a day for 2 years and cleaning it with a bit too much force due to my young daughters fascination with drawing on the screen with crayon, spit, bananas, etc. With these settings it is mostly diminished.

Thanks again to the community of 835 type owners here for turning me on to getting the film modes turned off, with the motion comp set to 120 high. I dunno how my settings tweaker inner demon never happened upon that, but there you have it. Set to film mode off, 120 high motion comp, I am enjoying flawless 24p cadence. Thanks again!
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