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Voted 7.1... but in all realality I have 11.2 if you count the front highs and wides and second sub.
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Actually 5 and two subs, I can choose whether to feed just the .1 to both subs or split the bass from the mains to feed through the subs as well

Plan to get a PLIIz receiver at some point and add front high's as my room won't accomodate 7.1 w/rear speakers very well.
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Surprised 6.1 wasn't included as an option. That's what I have in our main system and that rear center speaker certainly makes a difference with a much more ambient sense of immersion.
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7.2 with all Martin Logan: Vantages (2), Stage (1), Vistas (4) and Descent i subs (2). Using surround backs now. Tried heights, but did not add much if anything. Liked wides, but too much echo with voices in certain scenes.
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7.1 with surround backs. As I'm slowly transitioning into Blu from DVD it seems kind of superfluous to have surround backs as most Blurays that I have are 5.1, with the only 7.1 Bluray I have is Transporter 3.
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voted 5.1. I'm happy with 5.1 speakers as almost all of the blue ray movies that i have are 5.1, except Ice Age 3 which is 7.1.
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I vited 5.1 but really I'm 5.0

Full range speakers all round...15" woofers in fronts and 12" woofers in rears
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5.1 ... NHT Super Ones all around, NHT Sub, Rotel electronics
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7.1 with dual subs. The surround backs make very little difference in my room even with 7.1 blurays like Toy Story 3, but dual subs placed properly makes a huge difference which can be heard and measured with programs like REW.
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7.2 in wall Polks and two powered subs.

the sound is awsome without looking too much like a bachelor pad
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9.1 With Front Heights, although my fronts and Surrounds have 8" subs in them as well. Rocks my world, literally.
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Originally Posted by rafaelpr View Post

I ask every person I know that has a 7.1 setup to name a movie they've seen that takes advantage of the 7.1 speakers, and none of them has ever been able to answer me. I agree with the previous poster that if more material were available, I'd upgrade.

I wouldn't have gone to a 7.1 setup if the movies didn't exist, or if there were none I wanted to see. Off the top of my head, here are a few that take full advantage of 7.1:

Pan's Labyrinth
Dark City
The Doors
all Disney animated classics
Tron Legacy (Looking forward to that one)
Toy Story 3
3:10 to Yuma
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Descent (Actually 6.1 I believe, but engages all the speakers)
The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions (Also 6.1)

There are many others, and there's a full list elsewhere on this forum. My point is, just because you're not aware of which movies use 7.1 doesn't mean they don't exist. I made the decision to upgrade only after researching and finding a number of movies on the way that were going to take full advantage of a 7.1 array. I wouldn't dismiss an upgrade as an ignorant act for bragging rights.
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Originally Posted by perfectevolution View Post

And don't go on about "as the director's intended" unless you know exactly what the director intended. A home theater is a compromised environment for the director's presentation. I would argue that 7.1 is LESS of a compromise than 5.1 and is MORE in line with what the director intended.

Precisely. Pro Logic IIx was designed to get us closer to how things should be. It's not just some gimmick DSP that makes a complete mess of things. Anyone trying to claim that anything more than 5.1 is pointless, is really only proving their lack of understanding.

If someone doesn't want more than 5 speakers in their room, or can't accommodate 7 speakers because of some restriction, then fair enough. But don't try and belittle the idea of 7 speakers out of jealousy, as that is only ever going to result in bickering.
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It appears I'm going to be different.

Definitive Technology SSA-50 soundbar for us, it doesn't look bad on the fireplace and the screen drops in front, so, we are happy (especially considering the paper-thin shared walls in our condo...). Anyway, I chose 5.1
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I am currently in a 8.1 setup, with one surround back, and side A and B speakers (A are bipolar for movies, B are direct radiating for DVD-A and SACD). 9.1 will be added shortly...

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9.1 klipsch ultra II thx... minus 1 sub, (had to give into the wife and kids after rattling the windows loose) they just didn't appreciate full 3d whole house bass...go figure
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Bluray has brought me into the 7.1 fold of HT audio. Not just the movies but also the music.
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Originally Posted by rafaelpr View Post

I ask every person I know that has a 7.1 setup to name a movie they've seen that takes advantage of the 7.1 speakers, and none of them has ever been able to answer me. I agree with the previous poster that if more material were available, I'd upgrade.

Dark City, only one I own at the moment, but its still nice to utilize the surround back if you have more than one row of seating
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You don't have an option for 4.1. I use Magnepan 1.6QR fronts and MMG surrounds. Planar speakers tend to do quite well when set up as phantom centers.
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Building my HT now and doing in-ceilings for sides/backs. 5.1 is likely all i need today, but to future proof (well, near term future proff) i'm going 7.1.
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I have always been 7.1 becasue i have used a lexicon proessor since day one and have updated with them. Since i have gone to the MC12 processor I use 3 subs two for bass and the thrid for LFE.
maye this should be considered 7.1.
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L, R, C, sides, rears, and front presence (Yamaha AVR).
Two subs.
Very pleased with my setup as it is; really don't "need" to change anything.
But heights and wides are VERY tempting, so a new AVR is a possibility.
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5.1 X 3 Rooms and very happy.
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If I utilize Pliiz, does that make my system a 5.1 or a 7.1?? I am not a fan of "7.1" as I think more than one pair for rear/side surrounds is unnecessary. I wound think I am "5.1 PLiiZ"
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Originally Posted by hanly2 View Post

I'll stick with the 5.1, figure you probably need a 40ft long room to here the 2 side channels added in the 7.1, seperate from the front and rear.

That's not true as my room is about 20' long and sit about 11 feet from the screen with the side surrounds above the seating area and the rear surrounds on the back wall. You can definitely hear the benefit of the rear surrounds.
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I have the Yamaha RX-Z11, with 11.2 in my dedicated Theater and it's of little value. In two other locations, even though the receivers could do 7.1 and the room is wired for it, I won't be increasing until source material goes beyond 5.1. From what I read, the new "high, wide" channels add a lot of space to the experience and I'm equiped for that in two locations. But, I'm not chasing chasnnels anymore, until source material has them. In particular, I'm finished buying each new "multi-channel" receiver with the newest Dolby/THX, etc system until I see it in source material.
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Originally Posted by david c nichols View Post

I have a 5.1 set-up of a different configuration than Dolby envisioned.
Homeade main speakers up front w/. active three way crossovers and
amps. Variable filter sub w/. 500 watt amp. The other three speakers
are Hafler configured (l-r) with a variable delay circuit. Two speakers
are located a little forward of direct side position, and the rear speaker
directly behind the listening position. Not only does it sound good to me,
but everyone that hears it says it is the best setup they have ever heard!

Wow, the old "Hafler hookup". Haven't seen that in a long time. My first foray into multichannel many years ago was using this hookup method. Worked great.
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9.1 with front highs, as the room isn't wide enough for wides.
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6.1 now, but will be going to 7.2 once this deployment is over. Sticking with my old but trusty Athena's
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