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Can you tell me how do two front speakers add to the system? How does it affect the sound. I just never heard a two speaker "center." and I am curious
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I have 5.0 saving up for a good sub to go with it though.
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Running 9.2 with height and wides and really loving it.biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by lefisc View Post

I seem to be in the minority, having a 6.1 setup. And I love having the rear speaker, I really do a recommend rears all the time. It adds great depth to an otherwise 5.1 system.
Before there was surround sound, I set up my room to be a good two channel listening room. Of course, surround sound came in. Sadly, I am able to but only one speaker in the center of the rear wall, I would require construction to be able to add two speakers to the sides.
I have the Krell 707, which, by the way, has a software problem, now being resolved with the 6.1 system. It doesn’t give the correct options as it does for a 5.1 or 7.1 system. I have a good solution, but Krell is fixing the software.
I only have one sub woofer (Thiel 3) for my 14 by 18 room, but my front speakers are full range.
Does additional sub-woofers add a lot?


My room is also 14x19x8, all closed.  For me, having had a Velodyne 15" sealed sub to adding an 18" JTR sealed sub AND having the ability with the avr to calibrate both individually has really made a big difference in the big action movies. Now you can not only hear the bass but you also get that tactile sound pressure wave effect. This is mostly noticeable on bluray lossless audio, for DD on hdtv it doesn't make nearly as much difference. 

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9.6 (All 5 mains are full range and run full range, plus a subwoofer).

The 5 mains are B&W 800 Matrix series with appropriate equalization to extend the low end, and the pre-pro processes the low frequencies so as to send all 5 a mono sum of the 3 front channel's low frequencies. Wides and rears are in-wall Boston Acoustics - I forget the model number - 360 maybe - but with much better custom low frequency Peerless drivers- also equalized to about 80 Hz where they are low-passed. The Sunfire subwoofer was located so as to provide the lowest f3 at the main listening positions as measured with a Type 1 SLM and analyzer.

The advantage to having all mains full range with mono bass is absolutely dramatic - much more LF power handling and solid low end that is uniform throughout the rather large room.
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"The advantage to having all mains full range with mono bass is absolutely dramatic - much more LF power handling and solid low end that is uniform throughout the rather large room."

Tucker, I agree with you. While I don’t have five main, I have two Revel Ultima Salon 2s and a Ultima Voice 2 set a full range plus bass. I then have a Thiel 3 (now discontinued, I think) running a mono bass. This is a big subwoofer. My three rear speakers are the Thiel Powerplanes.

The bass is fantastic. As jlanzy says you get a powerful wave (I actually call it a bubble). It NOT a separate sound is one gigantic presence. Of course the room vibrates at times too, but it doesn’t sound like the exaggerated bass, that drowns out everything, that I have heard on some systems. I also came close to buying the B and Ws.

My room also has a cathedral ceiling, which creates an unusual illusion with the sound, making things like Superman really sound like he is flying high.

To be honest, I haven’t yet played much with equalization.
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I have 10.2, an extra speaker is waiting, not used.
They are Infinity SM 155, main, SM Video- center, QPS1, for sides, and a pair of Wharferdale Opal..
I am praying for Pioneer to come out with SC-09 upgrade that will have native 11.2
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7.2 for me

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7.2 is what i prefer
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at the mean time i have 5.1 but in the future i will upgrade to 7.2 smile.gif
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How many speakers in your setup?

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I just recently went from 5.1 to 5.2.
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Moved threater room, went to 5.1 system....... Good enough (for me).
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7.2 now cool.gif
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Oh, update........forgot 5.2 rolleyes.gif

May add two rear surrounds -> 7.2 after my 1st set of wall mounts are installed - bookshelf speakers are good enough for me this daze.
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It has provisions for 7.1 but I'm really just okay with my current set-up in the space I have.
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Just added a second sub.

F L/R: Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 350
C: DT ProCenter 2000
S: DT ProMonitor 1000
SB: DT ProMonitor 1000
Sub 1: Emotiva X-Ref 10
Sub 2: DT SuperCube 2000

Subs are in Y config, not stereo, so not really 7.2. I woud have bought another X-Ref 10 had Emotiva not discontinued it, those rats. But for my preferences -- musical, tight bass down to 30Hz, and not much below -- these two subs match pretty well and work nicely together in the room.

This completes my first total speaker upgrade since the one that began in 1989 using Henry Kloss Cambridge Soundworks Ensembles, Ambiance, Center Channel, and BassCube speakers in a system that grew from 2.0 to 7.1 over the course of 20 years.
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I currently run 9.1 with width speakers and rear surrounds. But I think I'm going to try the rears as height speakers for awhile. IMO, my theater room 27x15 doesn't benefit from the rear surrounds.

I sincerely think that we're at the point where, in most home setups, the increase in channels primarily benefits speaker sales.
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My current setup is 7.2 for a 13' wide x 20' long listening area. Our house is designed as an open concept so the 20' long living room extends into the kitchen/dining area adding another 15' beyond the listening area. Going from 5.1 to 7.1 has really helped offset the fact that there's no rear wall. I run side left & right and rear left & right surrounds.
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still stuck at 5.0 I really need a sub
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7.1 and I gotta say I wasn't sure it would be worth it, but I love it.
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Current setup is 7.1. Went from 7.2 after upgrading front speakers that now have a better frequency response. Went from 5.1 to 7.2 about 5-6 years ago and love it.
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5.1 but hope to upgrade to 7.1 or 7.2 soon.
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Currently running a 5.1, but considering increasing to 7.1 in the next couple of years. Not sure my room is all that great for 7.1 though.
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As per my signature, living room currently 7.3, bedroom 5.1, bar 2.2....then there's the various speakers sitting on a shelf from past use...
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Currently 5.1....hoping for 7.2 soon.
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9.1, though my receiver is only equipped to drive seven loudspeakers at a time. The Pioneer SC 1522-K is about to change all that. biggrin.gif
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5.1 and it will stay that way since its all I need or want.
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My house is to small to do more than 5.1
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5.1 here
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