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I'm trying to find some good speakers through Radioshack (have a gift card), and these two sets of bookshelves (BIC America FH-65B and Cerwin-VEGA VE-5M) seem like they'll get the job done (relatively small rooms to fill, just for use with a laptop or with my turntable via an old Fisher receiver). Spec-wise, the BICs seem like better speakers for the money - larger frequency range, better sensitivity, significantly greater power, but I'm worried about the fact that these are horn speakers. I'm not terribly familiar with horn speakers, and I've heard that they can, in general, be rather tinny and bright. That said, I've read nothing but glowing reviews about these speakers. Still, might I not be better off with the "safe bet" of the CVs? I don't need a particularly powerful speaker, and these seem like they would be sufficient. Not to mention, I like their aesthetics more. Any advice? Does anyone know the general pro-cons on dome horn vs. dome tweeters? Anything about these speakers in particular?

Thanks very much for any input!