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Originally Posted by virtualpaul View Post

Hi all,

Just bought a refurbished BD-D6700 but got a remote with 'BonusView' instead of the '2d->3d' button. Is there a way to activate the 2d to 3d conversion from the menu or am I doomed to buy another remote? mad.gif

I assume you have a 3D TV...you may have to use the set's 2D - 3D option instead of the BD player's. Otherwise, you may need to purchase the correct remote for the BD player. (I might actually have a second one lying around myself.)
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I have a sony BR player and a Samsung bd-d6700,i purchase a Samsung 60f8500 plasma,if I used only for blue ray movies,should I stay with the sony or either one is fine since people say there is not diference in PQ!!!!
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I had an issue with the movie Lincoln recently. The movie was jumpy in parts on my D6700 and once I got stuck in rewind mode and couldn't do anything but turn the player off and then back on. It was from Redbox which could be the problem, as I've always wondered if their blocking of special features or copyright protection methods throw these Samsungs off

For example the Fast Five disc rented from Redbox when it was first released wouldn't play at all, but another person with a BD-D6700 said it played fine on his retail version of the same movie

Of course having issues playing the newest releases on bluray seems to be a perpetual problem with Samsung, and they don't get the compatiibility updates out as fast as Sony and others. I love this bluray player, and I think the 2D-3D conversion is top notch (possibly equal to but not nearly as judder free as the 2D-3D function is on my ES8000 Samsung tv)

But if I have to go with another player anytime soon, I'll just wait for the new Xbox One or a get a Sony bluray player as they seem to have the least amount of issues with playing back new releases/firmware updates. I tried the PS3 but they don't let you zoom in on any movie and lack in some features/options that I like to have. The Samsung is extremely customizable which is something I like
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I dowloaded a firmware update on my BluRay player a cuple of weeks ago. Now it wont do anything. I just get the brief Samsung logo on the screen once I turn it on, but it doesnt even show the menus. To eject the disc I have to disconnect and re connect the player. This is frustrating, I tried to do a Hard Reset by holding the STOP button for 8 seconds but it wont do anything.
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If this question has already been covered elsewhere on AVSforum, please forgive me. I searched avsforum as thoroughly as I could and could not find a post on this. If this has already been discussed (with a resolution) please post the link in a reply.

I have a samsung BD-D6700 that I purchased August 2011. All of a sudden about a month ago, it began to randomly reboot while watching a bluray movie. (Sometimes it'll go for 30 minutes before it reboots, then other times it'll go 2 mintues and then reboot). Totally random. But worse, when the player is powered off but plugged in, it will constantly power cycle over and over again nonstop. I googled the problem, and there are others out there with this issue on this model, however, not a single thing (that I can find) on what the cause is or how to troubleshoot. I talked with a Samsung support rep over a chat session and they were no help at all.

Is it a software issue? If so, will a factory reset fix? Is it hardware? I've repaired laptops before, so I'm not opposed to taking it apart if it's a part I can replace.

Thank you for any responses.
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This is worst player I ever bought. It does not play any discs now. Worst wretched crap!
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