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I was considering purchasing an Apple TV for no other reason than their marketing worked on me... However, when I did some research into it, I found it to be pretty useless for anything other than accessing iTunes and YouTube...

I then started to think, what did I really want to do?

1. Watch movies stored on my PC (regardless of format)
2. Listen to music on my PC (streamed to my home hifi)
3. Access libraries of movies to rent or buy.

I then did some research and found the d-link boxee - I've got to say, it looks pretty good.. But I;m wondering what the experts have to say about it?

Would you recommend it? Would you recommend something else?

Also, probably not for this forum but someone may have had experience - Wirelessly streaming in the house is an issue - I am looking at the dlink PowerLine AV Network Starter Kit to extend my wireless to the tv for this boxee device...

Any other suggestions? Is there a better way (other than wired) to achieve this - are there alternate cheaper solutions that PowerLin AV?