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Top-5 free software downloads for HTPC's?  

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What are the top-5 free (100% legal) downloads of software for HTPC's? (Feel free to add inexpensive or "must-have" honorable mentions.)
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Here a 3 quick ones:

- Dscaler
- Winamp
- Zoomplayer
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Dohhh! Forgot about Girder! :p
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Top 5? I don't know about the others, but Sourceforge shows DScaler at about 3,000 downloads per day.
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if you have a Pronto then add supernudelist
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Digital Theater is a nice user interface for HTPC.

DVD Lobby is a nice interface to page through your DVD collection. But it costs $15 if you want to really use it.
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I can't believe PowerStrip is not mentioned! It's a must for me.

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powerstrip is not free
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Check first line of my signature.

Reading this thread, looks like I'm missing some stuff...
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Here's my input:

DScaler - vital
ZoomPlayer - vital for best picture and sound quality with out buying Theatertech
WinAmp - Great for music
YXY - Vital if you don't use TheaterTech or ZoomPlayer
SmartRipper - especially useful for keeping those unused Gigs of hard drive space warm.
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DVD Profiler

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Winamp- now has 24/96 playback
Girder - gives me a headache
YxY - aspect ratio control program (if your DVD player doesn't have it built-in)
Icon Hider - bye bye icons & taskbar
BZ hider - mouse hider

Namlemez: I've attached Icon Hider to add to your file store and when I fire up the HTPC I'll post BZ mouse hider as well.


iconhider.zip 33.78515625k . file
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BZ mouse hide program attached


bzhider.zip 80.9619140625k . file
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Is mouse hiding a biggie? If so, it wouldn't be too hard to put it right into IconHider. It mgith save a bit of hassle...

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big bigger biggest!
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Hi Mark,
Great little prog' please if you get the time add a mouse hider to iconhider.
I use a mouse hider prog now but it's a pain in the ars* to use.:D
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Give BZhider a try. It has been extremely benign on my system. Win98se, AMD, A7V mobo.


This was discussed before. I guess you now want us to beg. OK. Please! Please! Add the mouse hider option. It completes the goal of the function - make all signs of PC invisible. :D

If you are in the code anyway, it would be even better if during bootup you can disable the flashing of the icons. It's not a big deal but no harm in asking, right?
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Daemon Tools
Since I've got ton of HD space, I normally create an image of my DVD files and use www.daemon-tools.com (D-Tools is freeware) to mount the DVD movies. It also supports ISO,Svcd's,Vcd's, and a whole lot of other formats.

PS: DVDIdle is also great, but it's shareware.

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This is the total list of recommendations I've seen so far. Now, out of these, are there any software programs that people recommend NOT using?

MicroSoft Windows XP
PowerStrip 3.15
MusicMatch JukeBox
Dscaler 3.1 (Dscaler 4 Alpha)
Digital Theater
DVD Lobby
Vidomi .442
VirtualDub 1.4
Nimo Codec Pack
ZoomPlayer 2.50 Final
ATI MMC DVD Player 7.5 (or 7.6)
DVD Genie 4.05
DVD Profiler
Icon Hider
BZ Hider
Sach's Serenescreen Marine Aquarium
ATi Multimedia Center 7.1
Daemon Tools
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Note about IconHider (great program, by the way)...

If you're using ZoomPlayer (or any other sw player that allows the program to forcibly hide the taskbar), turn of this feature if you're using iconhider.

when playback stops, the program will "unhide" the taskbar...iconhider or not.

Took me a while to figure this one out :p

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Another nifty utility for batch downloading of album and DVD covers is Gotcha Covered, which is still in beta - but is pretty functional. It isn't hard to figure out, and it got about 80% of my 200 albums in about 7 minutes (broadband is a must!). Works great if you use 4AM Music Console or something and need cover art...

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Can't believe neither myHTPC (www.myHTPC.net) or Netremote (www.netremote.net) are on this list!

My favorites:
-Girder (and plugins)
-Deamon Tools
-MPEGtoTS (or rather TS to MPEG?)
-DVDProfiler (maybe not top 5, though)

There are so many great HTPC tools which are available free (or for a small donation)... wonder how they make do!
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bump for R. Wang
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Eiffel I can't believe that no one mentioned myHTPC either. Program is easy to use it isn't even funny.
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For those of you linux (and PVR) inclined, I nominate MythTV. No personal experience with Freevo, but I 'd imagine similar functionality as MythTV.

And of course the above wouldn't be possible w/o XMLTV.
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Since I saw that a codec-pack was mentioned on the first page, I want to add ReClock. If you want to get "a giant leap" near judder-free playback (if you have judder-problems at all) than this is the prog to go for.
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-myHTPC ->fanatastic and easy to use frontend
-Zoom Player->enough said
-Girder ->for total control
-DVDdecrypter->if you want ISO files, this is the program
-Daemon Tools ->no use having ISO files without it

Honourable Mentions
-Powerstrip ->didn't make top 5 because it's really shareware not free...
-Winamp ->didn't make top 5 because, well technically, it's not for hometheater, it's for home media!
-NetRemote -> not in top5 because the setup isn't that easy...

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