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Problems with Pioneer Kuro 5010

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I see where there seems to be a lot of activity on this site, so I decided to stop lurking and join in the fun!

I have a Pioneer Kuro 5010 bought new. We love it!

However, during the last few weeks two problems have surfaced.

The first one is that the set will arbitrarily turn itself off. No sleep timer, no trouble codes, it just clicks and goes off. Interestingly, the blue 'power' light blinks as opposed to when the set is turned off normally, the 'off' light is red.

The only possibility I've come up with is something with my Harmony remote which was added after Christmas.

The second problem is severe pixelation on just one channel, CBS channel 5. Nothing has changed with my equipment or setup. Two other sets in the house and a DVD recorder work just fine on channel 5. I use an antenna for signal and recognize that pixelation is often an indicator of poor signal strength, but, this is one of my strongest stations and I talked to the station engineer and he confirms they're running at full power.

I've even plugged the RG 6 from the antenna directly into the Pioneer with no change. All connections appear tight.

I'm at a loss on both of these issues. Has anybody else experienced anything like either of these problems and found solutions?

I appreciate any input.

Thanks, Bob.
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Thanks for the link. I looked around a little bit before posting my question, but obviously hadn't seen that thread.

I followed the advice and did a re-set on my 5010. Had to re-do all my settings, but, got it done. Will be interested to see if it solves the intermittent power off problem.

As I had to do a channel scan, too, I was interested in seeing if it would help my pixelation problem on channel 5, but, it didn't. I checked the signal strength meter and it was reading 88/100. Few of my other stations read that high.
Sure would like to find a solution to that problem.

Thanks again for the help. Bob.
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