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Need some help today! VT25/20 vs. G25 vs. ST30 April 3 11

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So after a lot of research helping my Dad pick out a new TV we had settled on getting a TC-P50GT25 or the VT25 from a big block store to get the 30 day price protection (the prices are bound to dive soon) but he wants the TV for the Masters next weekend.

When we went out, one of the stores was offering no tax this weekend (big deal in Ontario, 13% tax) but they are out of the GT25 and offered a ST30 that would not be in stock for 1-4 weeks. It is a very tempting deal as it would be cheaper then a GT25 with taxes else where. Plus it seems it comes with a USB wifi dongle. It is rating fairly well against the GT25.

So if he is going to get the ST30, he needs to order today. Options are:

Buy the ST30 and wait patiently (with the option of getting a refund prior to taking delivery if the price on the VT or GT drop)

Buy a GT and start using it immediately (no price protection as non of the local big box stores have any GT's)

Buy a VT25 either 50 or 54 (for about $250 more then the 50") and have price protection for 30 days

Buy a VT20 for about $200 less then the VT25 and have price prtection for 30 days

We really do not want to buy and find out a equal or better model will be severely discounted a few weeks down the road. Price is not so much of a concern as feeling like we could of got the same or better for less money by waiting or buying smarter.

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The answer is...depends. If money, other than the regret of losing out on a deal, doesn't matter then get the best TV that suits your own personal needs. A lot depends on whether you'll be watching in low/controlled light conditions, how far away you're sitting, whether you're getting the set calibrated or using out of the box settings only, whether you're sensitive to phosophor trails, floating blacks, etc. ST30 is a solid TV with good, but not great black levels. If you're getting it calibrated it'll be even better. VT20/25 were excellent TVs from last year, with great black levels, but the possibility black level rise and floating blacks like any other 2010 Panasonic (GT25 included). Also consider the cost of 3D glasses to watch the Masters in 3D. Are there any deals on glasses with the TV's? Things to ponder.
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Thanks for the quick feedback! I checked the website of the store that is offering no tax and they have a price guarantee of 30 days from delivery so I think the ST30 is going to be the choice. They also offer full refunds on deposits prior to delivery so we are covered that way.

It is not so much about losing out on a deal it is just that we have looked for weeks and weeks now and missed out on some package deals (Blue ray player and extra glasses) that may or may not return. It is painful to buy something and then see it reduced right after.
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So the idiot at the store offering no tax gave us the price in the system as the final price but it was the system calculating the price less the taxes. So he called to order it over the phone and the truth became clear. As they have to charge the tax, they subtract it and then add it back in.

So now he is just going to wait and see what the prices do this week. I am pushing him towards the VT20 as the only place that carries the GT20 does not offer price protection.
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