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Black & Gold Theatre Build - Page 7

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Your room looks great I love the Steelers carpet I cant wait to see it all finished.
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Some updates. Due to rain, I have not been able to cut the baseboard and door trim yet, so we did some drywalling on the outside of the room.

Here is where I will put the electronics

LOTS of wires! Having so many speakers really makes a lot of wires.

View of the outside with the door.

Corner by the sliding glass door...this is the bump in you see inside the theater room
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Room looks great so far! Can't wait to see the final result!
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My chairs came in today! Oh, and the trim is on...still have to putty it and paint the nail holes, but here are some pics:

EDIT: Man, I need to clean my lense!
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OK, I am 99% complete with the build! YAY!!! All I need to do is finish putting putty in the trim holes, do some touch up painting, and put up a permanent black out blind (I have a $5 paper one in right now - works GREAT though). The white speaker cables at the front of the room are going to be shortened and painted black - I am worn out from moving the AVR and speakers to the basement so I will do it another day.

The TV mount you see near the wall is my DIY Ceiling Track setup for the Plasma TV. Playing the Wii and doing Exercise Videos are impossible with the projector due to your head being in the picture. I looked for a track kit and found one for a scant $4000, unmotorized. Well, if I had that kind of money just sitting around I would have a new AVR, so my friend and I designed it, reverse engineering the expensive one. Total price, slightly under $400. Once I clean up my DIY thread I will post a link to it to show exactly what was done and what is needed for anyone else who wants to do it. You can twist the TV to keep it flat against the wall, then pull it to the center of the room and twist it 90 degrees to view it properly. smile.gif



Here are some pics of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, when they are jumping out of the Osprey's over Chicago in their flying squirrel outfits.



Here is a good picture of the Steelers Logo, looking directly down onto it:
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You do have one more thing to do... clean that sensor in the camera !!!!

looks great... too bad it's not a PATS theme !!!
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Go Steelers!!

Looks great. The ceiling and front wall in my theater are black with gold trim all around. I need to paint the rest of the room black! biggrin.gif


This is a really old pic. The racing seat is no longer on the riser.
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@ Kevin - I DO need to clean the camera! I wiped the lense off, but it did not help.

@ KWT - You should. smile.gif Very nice room otherwise. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by cybrsage View Post

@ Kevin - I DO need to clean the camera! I wiped the lense off, but it did not help.
@ KWT - You should. smile.gif Very nice room otherwise. wink.gif

its a dslr right?
you have to get the sensor under the mirror cleaned...
you may have an autoclean in the menu if it's a newer model...
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No, it is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 point and click digital camera. VERY nice one, though. The ZS8 is the newest version, I think. I cleaned the lense VERY well this time, as well as the little sensor next to it and here are the new pics, they are a little better:

Here are some pics of the ceiling mount track kit my friend and I built. Here is the TV flush against the side wall.

Here it is at a 45 degree angle, but near the wall. This is the perfect distance for some Wii gaming.

Here it is in the center of the room.

My design thread for it is here:

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More pics, this time of my new POPCORN MACHINE! Woot!!



It is a Paragon Pop Cineplex Red, with stand. I like that it has a lifetime warranty and was built in the US. It is a 4 ounce popper, has a light, an old maid tray, and a warming element to keep the popcorn from taking on any moisture. I have tried it with the premade packs - VERY delicious!

Once the rest of the walls are made in the excersize/storage area, it will have its own nook.
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I just replaced my Pioneer 1120 with an Onkyo 3010. WOW is the only way to describe the difference. It is SOOO much better, a great upgrade!

Next up (now that I again have money) is to use Spoonflower to screen images onto cloth for my first reflection point absorbers. smile.gif
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Awesome Job! Love the fact that you have a PDP on a moving ceiling mount for times when you don't want/need to use the projector.
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Thanks! I have ordered new subwoofers (will have two now instead of one) and have ordered my first spoonflower print. Once I get it and make sure I like it, I will designed the covers for my sound absorbers I will put on the walls. Pics will follow then.
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Here is a preview teaser of my dual subwoofers:



EDIT: The dogs are not mine, my wife found the pic when I ordered the dual subwoofers for the room. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by cybrsage View Post

Here is a preview teaser of my dual subwoofers:

Awesome pic! smile.gif
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Here is a cover for my plasma TV I had printed at spoonflower. It looks a little washed out due to the flash - but I did not have enough light to take a good picture otherwise. You can see the insanely black carpet at the bottom - to give you a reference for the black level of the print. It is a light black instead of a dark black.

I am very pleased and will be printing more to use in the first reflection point absorbers.


I wrapped a 1/8in thin wood sheet with black felt, then put the printed fabric over that. I am going to put two flat J angles on the board so it will hang off the front of the plasma TV to cover it. When we want to use the TV, we simply lift off the cover and set it against the wall. smile.gif
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Dude -- I love the Steelers theme...I plan to hang plenty of pieces of black and gold memorabilia in my room once it's done, but the black-and-gold theme you have going is MOST cool!

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Good looking room! Been awhile since I visited this thread. Which speakers are you using for your LCR? I don't recognize them.
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Thanks all! Once I finish more of my basement, and can move boxes around, I will be posting more pictures of both the theater room and the basement. My friend and I finished most of the exercise room, including building the wall around the water heater, sump pump, and furnace. We will be drywalling the side of the steps soon and building an arched doorway into the exercise room. We will then build a small utility closet around the water main and a bathroom - tired of running upstairs just to pee. smile.gif

The speakers I am using are:

Front L&R: Paradigm Millennium 200
Front C: Paradigm Millenium Trio - I am using the left and right speaker of the Trio as one large 4 ohm center channel
Surrounds: Axiom Audio M2 and M3
Front Heights: Axiom Audio M0
Subs: Two Dayton Audio Sub-1200

I will eventually replace the M2s in the side surrounds with M3s and replace the M0s with M2s. The Axioms match very well with the Paradims, sound great, and are MUCH cheaper.
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Some pictures. I will have more soon. The areas are of the exercise room, equipment room, computer room, and hallway. Right now, I just have some pictures of an arched entrance to the exercise room. We matched the angle to that of the door to the theater room.

I also discovered I have a problem with my camera. If I tilt it up or down, it causes straight lines to look as if they are angled. I am going to buy a new one...but at least that explains why my walls look angled!

And a little permanent (although now hidden by drywall) homage to my wife. smile.gif

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More pics:

One of the walls in the exercise area. I am going to install shelves there since we lost so much storage space in our basement. The people who built my home thought it would be swell to install the gas manifold in the middle of that wall - many feet away from the hot water heater and furnace. Chris and I thought it was be swell if it was installed between the hot water heater and the furnace (and amazingly enough, it is also the same location where the line for the gas dryer enters the basement). We moved it, giving me the entire wall for shelves.

We then built the equipment room. The first pic is from inside the exercise room. I now have outlets in the main basement area! HUZZAH!!!

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Coming together nicely!
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Some updates - finally have almost everything up in the theater room. I just need a small amount of touch up paint and some permanent blackout curtains on the rear window. Here are some pics, everything is dark black, but the flash changes things a little.

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Very nice! Hopefully the Steelers could take some inspiration from your room and play a little better this season...rolleyes.gif
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They got rid of a lot of dead weight this year, due to the cap. While I love the players they lost, many of them were having too many problems...time for new blood.
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I agree. As much as they try not to say the actual words, this is a "re-building" year.
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Originally Posted by GWCR View Post

I agree. As much as they try not to say the actual words, this is a "re-building" year.

The good news is that room is easily swapped into a Boston Bruins theme with little effort.
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lol Wife would have my head on a platter faster than Troy can teleport...(I am fully convinced number 43 is an X-man and can teleport).
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