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Black & Gold Theatre Build - Page 8

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<- - - - - Patriot and Ravens fan. biggrin.gif
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I KNEW I did not like you for some reason - just could not figure out what it was! Now I know. wink.gif
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Nice theater. I'd probably decorate with different colors smile.gif

Where is the HTPC and server located ?
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It is outside the theater room, to the left of the entrance door. It is a mess right now since the bathroom is not yet complete, but I put up some shelving that can hold the weight of all my gear and it is sitting on the shelves. I run an IR Extender to get the IR signal out of the room to the HTPC. Keeps the light, heat, and the sound out of the room.
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Can you send a link on the IR Extender you are using and what you think of it?
I need a replacement from my RF logitech clicker...

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I used this as the repeater box. It is there you connect the receiver(s) and the transmitter(s)


I used this IR Receiver. I installed it in the front of the stage:


After everything was done, I realized I did not have a direct line of sight to that IR receiver from the back row because the chairs in the front row were blocking it! I fix that, I added this to the soffit above the screen. The cover comes off easily so I removed it and painted it black.


I used this IR Transmitter Eyebud to transmit the signal to the Windows MCE IR Receiver plugged into the HTPC. I had tried one of the IR Eyebuds I already had, but they did not work. Luckily, I had ordered a kit and had one of these to use. No idea why my other Eyebud did not work. It was old so it might just have been broken.


I ran a non-terminated CAT5e cable between each of the receivers and the repeater, then plugged an IR Transmitter eyebud into the receiver and stuck it on the HTPC IR receiver. I also plugged two mono 2.5mm (I think) mini-connector cables into the repeater. One was a male - male cable and was run to the IR Input on the AVR, the other was a male - female calbe and one to the projector. At the projector side I used another Eyebud, connected into the extension cable and stuck over the IR Input of the projector. I think I bought my kit here:


The IR Repeater box does NOT come with a power supply, so buying a kit is a great idea.
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nice build thread and final outcome.
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After a brief hiatus that involved the fact that some people actually have a life (not me, Chris my friend and builder), we are starting the basement bathroom. The only thing left in the theater room itself is the blackout window blind that I just received and have to put up and the end cap for the plasma track on the ceiling that needs to be fabricated. The end is in sight!
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Looks great...you should send a pic to the steelers and espn mag
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Most likely they would send me a bill for the royalties on the pictures I have on the walls. wink.gif
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Great thread mate. Have enjoyed reading it back from start to finish. Don't realize how long it takes.
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I only worked when I both had money to buy things and time to work - so it takes a bit longer that way. Of course, it is 100% paid for so far, so that is nice.

More pics, this time of the bathroom being installed outside the theater room. Once done I will no longer have to run up a flight of steps just to pee. smile.gif It is a pressure assisted, wall mounted, low volume toilet. Yes, I will have to move that light.

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Originally Posted by cybrsage View Post

It is a pressure assisted, wall mounted, low volume toilet.

eek.gif Good grief! Would make me a bit nervous using that thing. Looks like it could suck you in! tongue.gif

BTW, I don't think you need to worry about the Steelers hunting you down for royalties...they have more pressing issues this year...

Gonna be a long season I'm afraid mad.gif
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Their plan is to ensure they end the season with 6 Superbowl championships! wink.gif
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Originally Posted by cybrsage View Post

Their plan is to ensure they end the season with 6 Superbowl championships! wink.gif

It's not looking good so far ...
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Originally Posted by Mfusick View Post

It's not looking good so far ...

They already have 6 of them and it appears they want to keep it that way. frown.gif
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