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Verizon FIOS HD DVR keeps dropping audio

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I have been a FIOS customer for a few years and while I'm pretty much pleased with the internet service, their TV service has been pretty much less than impressive.

It all started when I had to get my first HD DVR (the 6416) replaced because it just completely died on me less than a year ago. They swapped it with the 7216. A few weeks after getting it, I noticed the HD audio would drop at random times on random stations. At first it only lasted about a second or two. Now it can last up to several minutes. I can't predict when its going to happen. Another thing is that I hear a clicking sound like a solenoid or relay coming from my receiver. Sometimes this coincides with the audio drop sometimes not.

I've been on the phone with Verizon about this several times. Last week I was told they were having issues with their HDMI output. But I only use HDMI for video from the DVR to the TV. I use the digital optical (TosLink) from the DVR to my receiver for sound. While my audio was out, I called Verizon and the tech on the phone remotely rebooted the DVR and nothing changed. She then reset the DVR, still no change. I reseated the fiber optic cable at both the DVR and receiver, no change. At this point she decided to have a tech come out and check the system and possibly replace the DVR.

He came on Saturday, ran some diagnostics and found nothing wrong. He replaced a few splitters and swapped the DVR for the 7232-P2 model. Things were going well until yesterday when I was watching the NFL network and sound dropped AGAIN!!! It happened again this morning on the same channel but also all The Movie Channel broadcasts and some HBO channels. It also affects non-HD channels as well. If the sounds was out on TBS-HD, it was also out on their non-HD channel.

When it happened yesterday, I moved the Toslink cable to the DVD port on the receiver, thinking maybe it was the port on the receiver but that solved nothing. I tried a different cable, still no change. I even pulled the HDMI and went back to Component thinking maybe this stupid box was designed in such a way that any glitches in HDMI may affect the optical audio. Nope...audio stilled dropped.

The only thing left to do now is to try a different receiver to eliminate that as the problem but I don't have $400 to just drop on a new component. Yeah I could take it back but with my luck, the problem may not show up again until after the return period on the receiver.

I could go old school with RCA left and right but what would be the point of having digital?

Verizon seems to be COMPLETELY clueless when it comes to resolving this. I have read several threads on forums where people in other parts of the country experience the same problem but no one posts if it was ever resolved.

Has anyone run into this problem?

I should also mention that I do hear some of the low frequency audio coming through the subwoofer. It's the high and midrange audio that drops out. In case that's relevant.
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It's a Verizon issue. We had a tech out and he did all the normal troubleshooting. Turns out that the recent update that was done to the guide and STB's have some issues. There were to be 2-3 additional updates to correct the sound that should be completed this week.

One other issue I was told they'd fix is that when you enter the guide, my left arrow button used to bring up a menu to select HD only channels, this disappeared with the update. I'm told it may come back.
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Is there a reason the main FiOS DVR topic wasn't used?
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sorry, the topic was blank when I clicked the reply so I typed in what I had used as my search term to find the forum. I wasn't even sure why it gave me the opportunity to change the topic, I would have expected to auto populate or not be available at all.

I notice that on the quick reply, (which I used this time) it doesn't offer the opportunity to change the topic.
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