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Official Sony NX720 Owner's thread (KDL60NX720, KDL55NX720, KDL46NX720) - Page 109

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Originally Posted by mindphlux View Post

wow. I can't believe a TV could legally be marketed as 120hz, and not be able to display 120hz.
I believe Sony only marketed the TV as 120Hz for a short time and later corrected it. However, many distributors never updated the descriptions. I bought mine from Amazon and doesnt say anywhere '120Hz', while TigerDirect does say 120Hz. You maybe able to take up the issue with whomever you purchased the TV from.
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Here is my take


What to change (NX720) and (HX820) (settings for the HX820 can be used for HX920 as well!):



Scene Select>



Light Sensor On (all others OFF) to NX720 only!!!

* Light sensor/Ambient sensor should be used to dim the backlight if there are edge failures such as the ones
commonly spoted on the HX820 models' backlight leaks. They almost fade totally away if used with the settings bellow.
It also makes the screen shine when it's totally black or when parts of the screen fade to black, showing
Beautiful reflections on it when it's all black. If backlight is too apparent or if brightness is too much, that wont happen.

Distance Alert OFF
Position Control OFF

Sound Adjustments> (current imput)
Surround S-Force Front Surround
S-Force Front Surround On
Sound Enhancer Off
Advanced Auto Volume On (Dolby Digital Plus is On)

*Never turn the volume past 30 with danger of corrupting speakers.

Picture Adjustments> (current input)
Picture mode Custom

Backlight MIN/4/5
try MIN for tv viewing and 5 for other inputs for NX720
MIN for tv viewing and 4 for other inputs for HX820

Picture MAX
Brightness 50
Color 50
Color temperature Warm 2
Sharpness 65 for NX720 on blu-ray/tv (50 for HX820 on blu-ray/tv) <<< may vary depending on the input.
Noise reduction Auto
MPEG Noise reduction Auto
Dot Noise reduction Auto
Reality Creation Auto (only for HX820)
Smooth Gradation Low (only for HX820)
Motion Flow Standard
Cinemotion Auto 1

Advanced Settings
Black Corrector High
Adv. Contrast Enhancer Medium
Gamma -2
Led Dynamic Control Standard (only for HX820)
Auto Light Limiter Medium
Clear white Off
Live Color Low

White Balance for NX720 (if blue tints are saturaded on the set because of the blacklight intrusion)
or leave as is if not.
R-gain -1
B-gain -2

White Balance for HX820 (if bluish and green tints are saturated on the set because of backlight intrusion)
or leave as is if not.
R-gain -2
G-gain -1
B-gain -3

Detail Enhancer Medium
Edge Enhancer Medium

Ambient sensor> On (only for the HX820)

Screen> (current imput)
Wide mode full
Auto wide OFF
Auto display area Off
Display Area Full Pixel (Use "Normal" for TV viewing)


home theater magazine, CNET, Television.info, Flatpanels HD, digitaltrends.com, PCWorld, HDTVtest.co.uk,
sound and vision mag


All of the settings above were a result of consistent testing using a wide array of videos on both NX720 and HX820
and all of the configurations fine tuned using suggestions posted on the sites above with the main objective of hidding
the backlight on the sets
while maintaining a screen that has soberb brightness but displays accurate blacks (as possible as edge led can do).


For better brightness don't use Ambient/light sensor (keep the rest);
For perfect blacks and no sign of backlight use the sensor but brightness will suffer (recommended for dim rooms)

For 3D, the set adjusts backlight to MAX automatically.

For each input should be seleted HOME so it's possible to go to the picture proprieties for each input
so you can change each of them.

They are

USB (audio/photo)
Server (audio/photo)
Server (video)

Internet guide (mode for graphics)
Internet guide (mode video)

Internet guide mode video for services (adjustable for each service,
like youtube/mosh cam/crackle while viewing it)

HDMI (1,2,3,4)
Video 1


If you're too observative, I didn't let go most of the standard options on the set,
nor let go of the Sony original imaging processings of the Standard properties; in fact
we can use them to our own good. Instead of turning it all off and ending up with a lifeless picture,
all of the Sony processings actually make a better picture, but it's necessary to adjust the backlight,
and WARM 2 tint so it displays the nearest perfect Kelvin rates so we don't end up with a non-real image
on the set, that kind of bluish image that looks un-real (the kind of image we all see at stores...).
Another thing I tried had was to hide the backlight as much as possible which keeping brightness...
which prooves almost impossible -- brightness must be sacrificed to hide the backlights...

Fast review of the tvs:

Both NX720 and HX820 are perfect to many standards.

The NX720 has, surprisingly a better image than the HX820 regarding how it hides the backlights
But color acurracy is way better handled on the HX820, so is movements and internet video, also
The quality of the image and display are better.

The gorilla glass of the NX720 is less resistant than HX820s' ... The table top stand from NX720
Is less resistant than the HX820s'

It scared the hell outta me to turn the light sensor/ambient sensor on them. I know that it will
Display better blacks but seriously it scared the hell outta me. i've seen some sets starting to turn on and off
By themselves and I think it has to do with the sensors getting broken.

Sony should improve it's Bravia platform delivering videos and music through it. It's just hella beautiful;
I love the Home menu, all of the menus are classic and have a nice touch to it, they are intuitive and sound
High profile.

Both tvs have great sound despite being so thin, and if you turn on the Surround they get a bit
Of "WIDER" sound stage.

It sucks that the NX720 remote was downgraded from the 2010 model, so it's the HX850 this year...
It looks cheap and sony should not do this to its HX models... I love the huge, awesome control from the HX820.
If they could they actually should do it bigger!!! It looks very powerful!

Do you guys know what sensors were taking out from the HX850 model? It breaks my heart to hear how they've
Cut stuff from this awesome set!
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Has anyone tried the new Sony TDGBR750 Titanium 3D glasses with their NX720 sets? Do they work better than the Sony PlayStation 3D glasses that has been recommended on this forum as the best match for this set so far?
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I just noticed these as well and would be interested in user feedback. My only hesitation is that I might move the NX720 to the bedroom based on the anticipated Apple television later this year, and if so, I doubt that I'll be watching 3D in that room.
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Updated today to PKG4.008EUA-0104
don't know what's new
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Originally Posted by yash View Post

Has anyone tried the new Sony TDGBR750 Titanium 3D glasses with their NX720 sets? Do they work better than the Sony PlayStation 3D glasses that has been recommended on this forum as the best match for this set so far?

I have 2 in my cart from Amazon... Waiting on the 'boss' to give to ok. Everything I read says they are WAY more comfortable (I have never gotten anything but complaints about the TDG-BR250/B)

One review on Amazon states:
"These are so light you forget you are wearing them. They are much more comfortable than previous generations. The most improved thing however is that they really do reduce the amount of flicker (and resulting eyestrain) seen when watching Blu-ray 3D content. I never understood why Sony's 3D TVs suffer from this issue so much more than other brands, but these glasses help a great deal. If you have a Sony set, these are worth it. "

So, I'm going to give them a shot...And will report back.

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I received mine today:

- they are lighter and much more comfortable than the BR250, they fit perfectly on top of my prescription glasses.
- as they are frameless, the lenses are made of thicker plastic and there is some optical refraction, looking through them, everything seems a bit blurred and there are distortions towards the edges. This was a letdown, however, once watching TV, this doesn't make a difference, the image is as crisp as with the BR250, so not a big deal after all.
- there seems slightly less crosstalk and more depth to the image, the pop-outs seem more impressive, fast moving objects in the foreground are sharp, present and no more double-images.
- the flicker is the same as with the BR250, with the refresh rate the NX series has I think this cannot be addressed with a different set of glasses

Overall the BR750 give a better viewing experience. Some have reported no changes and this is my subjective perception, some may be down to the fact that they are so much more comfortable allowing for a more relaxed viewing, after a while you stop noticing you are wearing them and start immersing into the 3D experience.

I got them for £68 on Amazon and I'm well chuffed, so big thumbs up from me.

@bigbrain, I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do, given the home secretary approves smile.gif
Edited by LuckyL - 6/19/12 at 1:51pm
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Thanks for all the feedback. I was holding off on purchasing the 3D glasses, but these seem to be the way to go.
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I have not seen a request for new firmware as of 6/21/12 (the PKG4.008EUA-0104 one, I assume) Has anyone found info on what's in this release?
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Note the "EU" in the firmware means it's for European areas. Only thing I see via google is this which notes: "This software includes the improvement for Hbb TV performance."

I checked on hbb tv and it stands for "Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV" which is a European thing, so there maybe no NA (US) update.
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Hi guys

I am from Switzerland.

Just bought a 60NX720 - and I have difficulties in installing Apple TV and the Sony playstation 3 Slim used as a blue-ray player. I connected everything on an Onkyo receiver (TX-SR606) with surround system. But the receiver says, that he doesn't get a signal from Apple TV and from the playstation. I am using HDMI 1.4 cables.

Can anyone help a blonde?
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Found the answer - it's an Onkyo problem....
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Originally Posted by LuckyL View Post

@bigbrain, I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do, given the home secretary approves smile.gif

Mine arrived today also, and I agree they are very well made and comfortable. I hope to view some 3D tonight to try them out in practice.
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Come on folks, we're falling behind! Don't we have anything to complain about or are we too busy enjoying our sets? I think other threads may be envious.smile.gif
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well, I am actually quite happy with mine smile.gif

There is however one thing that drives me mad: getting your channels in order. After scanning you will want to remove quite a few channels and order the remaining ones. With the provided interface, this is a tedious and extremely time consuming task.

If you rescan for new channels, all your work is undone and you have to start over again....grrr mad.gif

I had hoped that the Sony remote apps for iPhone/Android would offer a more friendly interface, however, the app is utterly useless.

Is is it just me and I haven't worked this out or is there a more practical approach than removing channels and ordering them one-by-one?
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Hi Guys, i had a query so i thought that i should put it in this thread, since im going to own a KDL 40NX720.

Im getting a BDP-S470 3d blu-ray player, SU-B401S optional stand and DAV-DZ640K DVD hometheater system. Now here is my query....how do i get the most out of this setup? I want my BD player to be hooked up with the home theater system so that i can get the full surround experience. Also the optional stands comes with speakers, so i really do not know what use those shall be of. Also while watching cable TV, what speakers shall be providing the sound? the TV stand speakers or home theater system speakers.

I'm really confused with the connectivity and before all those equipment arrives, if anyone can shed some light it would be really helpful thanks smile.gif
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I have had my KDL60NX720 for about 11 months now. The other night I started noticing an issue with a section of the back lighting. Along the bottom, just right of center, is a 4"-6" area that is acting up. 95% of the time it appears that the back light in the area is off. Sometimes it will give a strobe effect, like there is no dynamic level to the output. Has anyone experienced this issue? I have searched and can not find anyone that has and have contacted Sony to see what can be done.

Here are a few pictures showing the problem.



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Is the internet widgets not working for anyone else? It doesn't appear on the home page and when i hit the widgets button on the remote nothing happens
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Hi All, new to the forums and a new owner of an NX720, although the 40". A few questions if I may:

Where is the setting for the local dimming - according all the specs i can find, this is defeatable. I can't recall exactly what the term is that Sony mentions in the i-Manual, but I cannot see it as a setting anywhere. (I have a bit of clouding even though the backlight is on minimum, hence wanting to see if local dimming would help things a bit) Perhaps this isn't available in the 40"?

Also, regarding the Dolby Digital pass-thru - I have my PS3 connected via HDMI to the TV and passing back the audio to my amp (an older Yamaha with opticals only). When gaming, the audio passes through in 5.1 without a hitch, but when watching Blu-Ray movies it seems to only send 2 channel. Obviously I've confirmed that the audio is set to 5.1 on the disk beforehand. smile.gif

A bit of background - I have gone through a few TVs but have sent them all back - 4 of them were for technical reasons:
First was an LG LE8500 - excellent TV which I miss terribly. The rear-lit, local dimming LED panel worked better than any I've seen - zero clouding, zero flashlighting and halos were insignificant. This set had to go back as there was a very strange noise coming out of the rear of the TV when in HD. Second was another LE8500. This had a faulty HDMI port.
Next was an LW5700. The clouding was in the toilet. All the LGs had average input lag, even with gaming mode.
Lastly and most recently, I aimed a lot lower and went for an entry level CX520. Very good lag figures, but the "rainbow effect" drove me mad, and flashlighting in the top left was irritating. Then a pixel died.

Now I'm on the NX720 with the clouding as I mentioned, but it's minimal and more towards the centre of the screen where it's least irritating i think as you'll almost never see it. I hope this one is a keeper.

Thanks for any info you can provide.
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Originally Posted by smooth tha boss View Post

Is the internet widgets not working for anyone else? It doesn't appear on the home page and when i hit the widgets button on the remote nothing happens
Have you attempted to go in to the network settings page, and choose "Refresh Internet Content" .. the TV has a bad memory and will routinely forget network settings, its network content, etc.
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Originally Posted by koan00 View Post

Have you attempted to go in to the network settings page, and choose "Refresh Internet Content" .. the TV has a bad memory and will routinely forget network settings, its network content, etc.
didn't work
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Got a new update today.


Anyone got some info on it?
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Update was pushed to me this morning. No idea what it does.
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Well, I tried to get the answer online from Sony customer support. Bottom line is that the specifics regarding update PKG4.009AAA are not available online. For an amusing diversion, if you like, anyone interested can view the attached transcript.eek.gif

chat transcript.txt 3k .txt file
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No changes that I can see. Still rebooting on some DLNA videos.. so much for the hope of stability improvements..
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I have been looking around to make my computer HDMI input more viewable. Currently it is fuzzy and requires resizing to fit the 46NX720. I believe because of the way the TV looks at the HDMI connection is the problem since I have used a DVI to HDMI converter and the picture looks the same.

I have also tried labeling the PC HDMI input to PC, but that does not seem to make a difference. Using the RGB input is not an option.

It appears, through some of my research, that some Samsung TVs may have an HDMI port that is also labeled for DVI, and changing the name or type of input on its menu allows for the DVI signal to be seen correctly (clear and without resizing).


I suppose changing the type of input might also effect the resolutions possible for DVDs, since it may no longer be considered a HDMI input.

Does anyone know if the Sony TVs have a capability to see the DVI input that is not obvious to the user?

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HDMI port 4 is to be used for DVI. I don't know if it processes input any different, I just think they singled out a port that would also work with a separate audio in feed. (Page 17 of the manual).

If you are having trouble fitting the image on the screen, disable overscan by enabling the "Full Pixel" option in the TV menus. http://esupport.sony.com/docs/imanual/NA/2011/EN/NX720_UC/st_screenotpc_uc.html
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Has anyone heard of any third party firmware we can use on the TV in order to use a usb webcam?
I would really enjoy this feature but I cant justify the $200 cost of the skype webcam/ mic bar by sony.
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No 3rd party firmwares. The official camera is less than 100$ online. Still over priced, but not anywhere near 200$. Either way, the Skype application is pretty bad. I wouldn't have bought the camera had I known how bad it was.
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What is bad about it? Video Quality? Audio Quality?
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