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Official Sony NX720 Owner's thread (KDL60NX720, KDL55NX720, KDL46NX720) - Page 115

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Ive had my nx720 now for a little over two years and love it. Ive been very happy with the picture quality. Before I got the Sony, I probably had 10 TVs in a span of 10 years. I just couldnt find one with picture quality that satisfied me. That changed when I got the nx720. Im still amazed at the black levels it produces for an edge lit set.
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The only problems with this set seem to be software related. On the plus side, its nice its still getting firmware updates. On the minus side the thing still randomly reboots.
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Hey guys,


I have been reading this forum for a long time. Got one issue with my own tv, so thought of asking experts here.


I have a sony NX720. There was an issue previously with the tv and it got dead with red blinking lights. I got it fixed from a mechanic who change the led driver board. But since then i saw half of the screen darker than other half. It was not not too much previously but now it has become more darker so i am not sure what may be the cause. It may be due to that led driver board replacement? should i again contact that mechanic if thats the case? I already spent 250 bucks on it and dont want to keep spending more of it if this is a different issue.

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mine still shuts off by itself once in a while and i have the presence thing off

the energy saver button on the side of the tv is very confusing, first i dont know if pushing the top of it is on or off, literally dont know which way to push button to turn it on or off

then i dont know what it is doing, what I want is for the tv to NEVER shut off unless I shut it off
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I've had one of these units (55") for several years now and thus far no issues. I have a somewhat large traditional RS antenna in a one-story attic with both VHF/UHF elements making an approximate 50' run to this TV for backup access to OTA channels (use Verizon FiOS/TiVO DVR for primary viewing). Several weeks back I placed a dedicated Winegard FreeVision FVHD30H antenna behind (to the north) of the south facing RS antenna to use as a dedicated antenna to an inherited Toshiba HDTV in my master bedroom with surprisingly excellent results. I am picking up HOT TV and Retro TV with the much smaller antenna but am not finding it when scanning with the larger antenna running to the Sony set. The question is where is the issue? Sony TV ATSC tuner? Shorter run of coax though from a smaller antenna going to the Toshiba set allowing these channels to be found? Any suggestions? Towers are approximately 30-35 mi. to the south but that should be irrelevant here since the much smaller antenna is pulling in the two channels.
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