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Philips 64PH9905 HD input question  

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RIght now I have the HD input connected to the Dish 6000 HD receiver, which puts out 1080i. Will this input take 480P?

Right now, I have my (non-progressive) DVD player hooked up to the DVD input. As owners of this set are aware, there are no discrete IR commands for switching inputs. This makes it pretty clumsy to switch input sources with IR macros.

What I want to do is get a progressive output DVD player, and build an external IR-controlled component video switcher that I can use to switch between the DVD player and the 6000 receiver. But can the HD input accept 1080i and 480p, and autosense between them?

Also, is the DVD input on the set 480i only, or will it take 480p as well>

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The HD input on my 9905 wouldn't take a 480p DVD until it was repaired/upgraded. Not sure which, since they changed two modules, and afterward there was no longer a complete sync loss with a 480p DVD, just great images. Could have been a glitch just in my set, two years old this summer. The 9905's DVD component inputs only take 480i, putting a half-doubled image (screen split vertically) on the screen with 480p.

Haven't tried the setup you're aiming for, but it's my impression that with externally switched 1080i-or-480p inputs to the HD component inputs the 9905 would display either, smoothly (providing the menu settings for sync, etc. weren't different between the two.) (I'm using the HD jacks for my HDTV cable converter now and have temporally shifted my DVD component outputs back to DVD component, selecting an interlaced rather than progressive out from my player. A way of side-stepping this, according to the 9905 design engineer, would be to use the VGA input for the 2000HD cable converter and the HD input for progressive DVD again.) -- John
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Thanks for the reply. I picked up a Toshiba SD-3750 progressive output player. The HD inputs work fine with it, and can even set them up so they work seamlessly with the DVD and 1080i inputs.

Now all I have to do is build the component video switch.

The DVD player will do a "horizontal sqeeze", so that 4:3 DVD's are displayed OK. I guess non-anamorphic 16:9's (I don't have very many of those) will be windowboxed.
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