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Onkyo vs. Denon

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I know that there are lots of similar threads, so, my bad if there's one that is strikingly similar to this somewhere.

I'm moving into a new place for my last year or two in college, and I'm looking for a new HTIB. I kind of have it narrowed down to:

Denon DHT-391XP

Onkyo HT-S3400 or HT-S3300... which seem to be roughly the same price depending on which is on sale on Amazon

I'm not looking to go over the $400 mark, and not especially looking to mix and match receiver/speakers, unless there is something that is CONSIDERABLY better at the same price. My room is pretty small, so I'm not interested in going 7.1, and I plan on upgrading in a few years when I'm done with school and have a new place. I will only be hooking up my ps3, so a built-in dvd or blu-ray is totally unnecessary. I know that these have some inferior qualities that you don't exactly want when buying a new system, but I'm just looking for straight up sound quality for music and movies for the next two years... solid bass would be nice too, but I think these all will be good enough in that area for my needs in the short run.

Any input on which is better, or similar products at a similar price? If I'm basically just splitting hairs here, let me know, and I'll just buy whatever I can get a better deal on over the next month. Thanks guys.
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I would get the ht-5300 to start at $398 on amazon! It's a much better system to start with and the upgrade.

Nothing says you have to use it as 7.1 either. I have a 7.1 receiver I use as just 5.1
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You might want to also look at the 6300 which can be had for $429 if you join club onkyo which is free.


actually you get to take off another $10 as a first time club onkyo purchase so your cost would be $419. I know it's $20 over your limit but it's a better receiver than the other two.
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The system on shoponkyo.com includes free shipping.

the system on AC4less has $56 shipping to California so it'll end up costing more. Depending where you live it might be cheaper or it might not.

Of course now when I look at the reviews on Amazon, some people have said the HDMI ports gave out. So be cautious about this one.
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Thanks for the suggestions guys... I'll definitely keep my eye on those two. I won't actually be buying a unit til mid-May or early-June, since I don't move until then, and I might as well see if there are new products/cheaper prices then.. And I'm sure there'll be some crazy price swings on Amazon between now and then.

If anyone else has any thoughts, please let me know. I'm by no means sold on the ones I listed... they just seemed like the best bang for the buck for what I need..
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