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iPod to Denon 5803??

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Go easy on me, as I'm slowly trying to move into the digital realm with the iPod-type storage.

I currently am running a Denon AVR-5803. Non-HDMI, Non-Dock Control port.

I currently have a 3rd Gen Nano that I have previously hooked up to other units via the Apple Universal Dock.

I've also used one of the older Griffin docks that had Menu function capability.

I'm looking for the best solution for connecting the iPod to the 5803. Best sound quality is important, but I would also like to have an on-screen menu function. Video is secondary. Would be nice to have for the future, but not imperative. I suspect that once you get into the on screen docks, video is standard.

I've tried the Denon ASD-11R, which seemed like a great idea, but my 5803 doesn't have the Dock Control plug. Any way around that? If not, that isn't going to work.

I've seen that the Griffin TuneCenter is discontinued, but could be had for $6.99 on Amazon. A whopping $150 discount. Is this unit obsolete?

What would you do?

Thanks for the replies/
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I have the ASD-3N so maybe that would work for you but my AVR-889 has the dock control. The thing is that I have it set up with my Logitech Harmony 880 controlling both the ASD-3N and the AVR-889 at the same time so the dock control really doesn't even get involved in controlling anything. Have you considered a Logitech Harmony Remote?

The ASD-3N is only an iPod dock and music streamer and now I have music and video streaming through an HTPC and a Patriot Box Office and I don't have an iPod anyway.

You mention high quality audio. I think that the iPod isn't really going to do that for you. You really need to stream FLAC or another lossless format through your network from your PC for high quality music.
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Looking for a similar solution a couple of years ago, I got myself one of these.

Works great. Remote control, hooks up to any receiver via component, on screen menus, album artwork, plays video - the list goes on.

I've been really pleased with it and the component connection makes it portable between my systems. Highly recommended.
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