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Random 'invalid format' error on Mitsu WD-73C10

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Hi All,

I've got 2 annoying problems with My new Mitsu WD-73C10 (or something feeding it). First the Components involved, then then issues:

TV - Mitsu WD-73C10
Receiver - Onkyo TX-NR808
TiVo Premiere XL (Comcast CableCard)

(Also but unreleated - xbox 360, wii, Panasonic BD75, CD Jukebox).

The PS3 & TiVo are connected via HDMI cables into the Onkyo, which is passing HDMI into the TV.

The issue - While watching any channel, at random times, usually several times an hour, the TV screen goes blank, sound cuts out, the TV shows HDMI-1, then Invalid Format, then everything comes back. If I had to hazard a guess, the format changed, or the whole signal dropped. This doesn't occur when switching to a commercial, will happen MidScene in shows, or MidPlay in sports, nothing visual is giving me a clue as to what is changing. I originally had my TiVo set to export all possible video types it supports, and have dialed that back to only outputting 1080p @ 24fps. It's still happening, so I don't believe the TiVo is switching things up on the fly.

Next Troubleshooting step: Plug the TiVo directly into the TV for an evening, and see if the same thing occurs. Not an optimal solution, but I will do it to see if it helps isolate the problem - Work travel means this step is a couple weeks out .

Any other ideas to try?

Additionally - when I turn on my PS3, which is set to 1080p, it will not display through the Onkyo. I just get the TV flashing between No Signal and Invalid format. Note: if I change the Onkyo's Monitor setting to 'Through' instead of 'Auto' I can get the PS3 to work. I would like to not to have to change the setting every time I want to play the PS3.

I know it's a long shot - but has anyone seen this issue before? I have seen some threads that suggest turning off a depth of color feature on the PS3 may help with that, and I will try that this evening, but the constant blacking out of the Picture off the TiVo is particularly annoying. Other than isolating the Onkyo out of the equation, has anyone else seen anything like this? Any other settings I can check? Any other trouble shooting suggestions? Is there any other information I can provide that would give you a better understanding of the issue?


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I have the same issue with one exception. My TV (60" Mit DLP) shows "invalid format" regardless of the pass-through HDMI source.

60" Mit DLP
Onkyo 7XX series

List of devices that function when direct connected that do not when utilizing Onkyo HDMI passthrough:
- Netgear EVA8000
- xBox 360
- Directv H21

Note: Each works perfectly using component pass-through on Onkyo.

*** Sorry for being vague on model #s as I am not currently co-located with equipment****.
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Sorry for the lack of a timely update - I've been travelling. I contact Onkyo support after things went from bad to worse. They had me reset the device back to factory settings (easy, google it, forget the exact key combo), which changed nothing.

Still had artifacts, still had no passthrough of 1080p, etc. He said there was nothing else to try, found me a service center, brought it in, they said they've seen it before, and it sounds like the chip that controls the HDMI traffic has blown. 2-3 weeks, warranty covered return time. Sucks to have no receiver, but the TV and everything else works great directly plugged.

10 more days on the repair, I'll update this once I get it back and test it out.


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I have been tinkering with calibration settings for over three months and nothing I do looks good. Can you give me your setting for me to try? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks guys!
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