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Originally Posted by Otto Pylot View Post

Has it always been crooked or did something drop on the right side from above?
It's always been crooked- I just didn't notice it until I took this photo.
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Hmmm, that's a toughie if you're unable to remove the screws without breaking the stand.
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Originally Posted by bombatwist View Post

anyone know what might be wrong with my 42LK450??
I get this grey/blackish bar that goes across the screen.
Is my TV damaged or something?

Originally Posted by PlasmaPZ80U View Post

looks like one or more of the EEFL tubes that make up the backlight have died

i have that similar issue, can it be fixed ? or may someone give a solution to this problem. thanks
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PlasmaPZ80U is probably correct. You'll need to call for service.
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Hey, guys. Sorry for digging up the thread, but I was wondering if anyone can help me with my questions/concerns or tell me to go make a thread.

So, I just recently realized that my 42LK450 wasn't doing 4:4:4 chroma on my PC (Nvidia card), so I looked up the EDID override fix and did it. During the re-testing and some basic visual "calibration" with the AVS HD patterns again, I noticed that the gamma is apparently off by a decent amount, at least by the standard charts I can find. Just eyeing it, red's around 2.0, green's at 1.8, blue is closer to 2.15, and the gray is around 1.65. This is just using the basic settings (contrast, brightness, color, tint, and color temperature). I've tried setting the gamma on High, but that only drops them by about 0.1.

Is gamma something that can be adjusted any further on this TV with the basic settings? Are those gamma charts like on sites like http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/gamma_calibration.php still applicable to a screen like this? If I want better results than this, would I need to invest in calibration hardware and deal with the various individual settings for the 10-point IRE and all of that, and possibly have to make a color management profile?
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Anybody? I'd just appreciate some kind of answer one way or another. The more I read, the more it seems like I'd need to pick up a calibration device (something like an i1Display Pro) and get intimate with the CMS to get much better than the basic setup I've already done.
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I figured all of my problems out. Now I must leave something behind, because I simply cannot erase my post. Feel free to delete this post. sorry.
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hmmm looks like i like to try this on my set ...

i have moninfo ...

what are the 4 bytes i am suppose to look for?

tyvm in advance ...
Originally Posted by JoshZH View Post

Mine didn't. Because the DVI-HDMI cable i'm using, strangely enough, passsed audio as well(but reading through this forum, it's not that uncommon). When there's audio(HDMI-HDMI, DVI-HDMI) 4:4:4 is always disabled, no matter Nvidia or AMD. You can't have both.

If it's just movies, i'd say don't bother with 4:4:4, as i have yet to see 4:4:4 content on blu-ray, dvd, or whatever(i could be wrong, though).

As for the fix itself, first you need "Phoenix EDID Designer".

Launch it, then "Tools" -> "Extract Registry EDID"." Look for your dispaly in the list, select it, then "Tools" -> "Byte Viewer".

This is that you're looking for(as an example) :

Write them down somewhere.

Now, launch regedit, "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" -> "SYSTEM" -> "CurrentControlSet" -> "Control" -> "Video"

There should some keys, expand them and look for "0000" with many entries and your adapter name in it. Right click on that "0000" and "New Binary Value". Rename it to "OverrideEdidFlags0", then double click it and enter "* * * * 00 00 ff ff 04 00 00 00 7e 01 00", where "* * * *" are the four bytes you recovered with Phoenix EDID Designer.

Restart the computer. Now you'll have full 4:4:4, but no HDMI/DVI audio.

Very simple test : Open "Paint", fill the screen with black, take "Pencil" and make one red dot. Zoom in(max.). You'll tell right away if 4:4:4 is enabled or not.
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I got my LG 47LK520 to do 75hz.. true 75hz! with monitor overclock

Apparently it only seems to work with nVida cards. I've got my monitor overclocked to 75Hz, up from 60hz/


A link to EVGA Pixel Clock OC: http://3dvision-blog.com/wp-content/...xelclockoc.exe

As far as safe:
NVIDIA tells us that overclocking the monitor is perfectly safe. You will just get visual errors or a black screen if the monitor can't handle the setting, and I tend to agree.
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Sorry if this has been answered. Will my LG 55LK520 output dolby digital from the optical out when casting something with digital sound from ChromeCast? My receiver does not have HDMI inputs, so I have the ChromeCast connected directly to the TV and am using the TV sound at present.
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I have the LD520 and the only way I can listen to discrete 5.1 thru optical is from the internal ATSC tuner (which is fine because tv for us is OTA). TV speakers are always kept off. I don't think the LD/LK series can pass discrete 5.1 from an external source (HDMI) via optical. I had heard a long time ago that you could go into the service menu on some models and enable that feature but I highly recommend not attempting that. Entering into the service menu is the quickest way to brick your tv because firmware versions can vary from set to set enough that the commands may be different.
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Thank you. I did run an optical wire from the TV to the receiver and it appears that it is not passing 5.1 to the receiver. Still sounds much better than the TV speakers which I have now returned to off.
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Anything sounds better than tv speakers wink.gif so at least you're getting better audio now.
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