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Do you; or would you; use a late night listing mode if you had it?

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With all the features now a days on AV Receivers, TV, Etc, you find a lot of modes they can use for audio. Seeing that our last poll shows most are using standard 5.1 speaker setup, we thought we would ask a question on one mode in particular based on audio.

Do you; or would you; use a late night listing mode if you had it?

(Late Night Mode = Dynamic range control ( or Night mode) enables you to reduce peak volume levels (no loud surprises) while experiencing all the details in the soundtrack, enabling late-night viewing of high- energy surround sound without disturbing others.)

This poll will close on 4/25/11
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I don't have kids and live in a detached house, so I have no real need for this.

For other, I can understand a need.

I have an Onkyo 805 AVR and I think it auto sets this for Tru HD audio tracks.

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i have the denon 1610, and i use the audyssey 'dynamic' mode after my daughter goes to sleep (her bedroom is next to the living room). i also turn the amp off on my THT.

it's not a 'must have' feature, it certainly didn't influence my decision to purchase this particular receiver, but i do get a lot of use out of it. if i didn't have her, i wouldn't care about it or ever use it. even cranked up to 'crazy', not much sound leaks outside my house, not enough to bother the neighbors, at least.

one night when she was staying at her mother's, i threw on transformers 2 and walked out to the street to see if i should be concerned about late night viewing, but it was barely audible.
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Until such time that "they" start making commmercials and programming the same level, yes, I'd use it while watching broadcast TV.
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DRC kills the depth of imaging in multichannel music recordings.
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I can certainly see times when it can be useful, especially for "broadcast TV", as JThiessen noted. Therefore, I voted "Yes".

In general, I would not use it when watching movies. I normally just turn the volume down a little, if I'm watching a movie in the wee hours of the morning. There are only tow of us in our (detached) house, so there is no reason for keeping the volume low, normally.
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Is listing mode for when you have it installed on a boat?
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I have this feature but do not use it simply because it doesn't work very well or at least to my liking. The sound is muffled and muddy. If this feature improves the sound quality in the future then I would love to have this for late night viewing.
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I have Dynamic Volume setting midnight mode on my Denon 3808ci and have never used it
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I don't have TV, so it is of no use to me......
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I voted "No" because I live in a house but if I lived in an Apartment, I'd probably use something like Audyssey Dynamic Volume at the most. I do not like most Dynamic Range Control modes.
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I voted yes. I regularly watch with the wife and kids. Mostly a wife-requirement though. She doesn't like it getting "too loud." If I don't use night mode I'm constantly turning up the volume for dialogue scenes and turning down the volume for action scenes.

I suppose the alternate solution to night mode is simply to kick the wife and kids out of the theater room. If I do that though, I had better plan on sleeping in the theater room that night.
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I don't usually watch movies late at night but if I did, I would want not want to limit them. I live by myself in a single family home so there is no reason to limit the sound.
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Voted No.

My HT room is 2 floors below sleeping rooms and although not truly isolated I do have reasonable sound insulation measures in place.

Once I thought I was having some serious subwoofer issues. Upon further investigation; found my Marantz 7002 was inadvertently set to night mode
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I have four young kids with there bed rooms right above my living room. So I unfortunately have to use a night mode for a lot of movies.
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Why would I pay Wads 0'Cash on the best Audio Gear I could afford PLUS All the Time in my shop Modding my Speakers , Making Cables to hear the Best possible SQ on Top Of The Line Gear ....... to MUTE my audio ????

I'm anal I know ! but that's what the car in the drive way is for
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I use dynamic volume often. We hate the spikes on TV and have kids we would like to keep sleeping at night.... I do however open it up on the weekends during the day for movies...

This feature has high WAF here.
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No. It is there, but I have never felt the need to turn it on. My cinema is not 100% sound proof, but it does cut out allot of noise transmission, so I have found that even past midnight, I can still watch films at a decent level and not have the police knocking on the door.
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No kids..nearest neighbour is 2K. away..need I say more!
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Nope, bedrooms are 2 flights up. Besides, they don't notice the sound, they notice the vibration!
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no screw the neighbors!!
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Yes, we almost have to use night mode in our house. The acoustics in our "great room" are so bad that sound carries everywhere if there's even a little bit too much volume, keeping the kids awake at night. Extra loudness for explosions or (strangely) music are not desirable most of the time. Sometimes, though, it's nice to blast it loud.
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I always use straight mode on all my receivers, isn't that the point of all this 5.1 7.1 stuff, if you use a diff mode then you are changing the tru audio right?
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Used this mode on my Yamaha receiver all the time. I was shockingly disappointed when I discovered that the Onkyo I bought to replace it did not have this type of mode (yes, my fault for not doing my homework). My next receiver will have this mode.
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I have it on my pioneer vsxd812 and never use it. Even with my 7.1 setup and my sons room right next door, I have no need to use it.
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Only in the media room at night since the toddler is asleep above. In the theatre room in the basement, we're separated by two floors and we have sound proofing, so no night mode is necessary.
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Don't use any type of "midnight volume mode" on my pioneer elite sc-35. I like it loud at night.
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No, if I'm watching (or listening to) things late at night I throw on my Denon AH7000's. I may lose the thump and the soundstage I get from my speakers, but they're about as high quality as you can go and do a great job. I don't like listening to stuff quiet.
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^^ Exactly, that's what headphones are for - to cover personal listening situations without disturbing anyone else. You obviously lose the presence of the speaker set, but it can be interesting to listen to things more closely this way. Dialog is always perfectly clear and some nuances of the soundtrack are often more fully revealed in stereo.
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why would I use a night mode when my gear, the many gear I have has plenty of amp power. I have tons of amps rating from 200 wpc and higher and sunfire receiver, the latest TGR 401 that rates 200 wpc on all 7 channels and my least power is my already powerful pioneer elite sc 37 at 140 wpc which is already plenty of juice. I have emotiva amps, carver amps, and my electrostats and planars LOVE plenty of JUICE just to drive them, so MIDNIGHT mode is for cheap receivers or cheap systems and not for the BIG BOYS. why have a krell,mcintosh, b&k, parsound, rotel,adcom,outlaw,levinson and the like just to put your system on MIDNIGHT MODE? You won't find midnight mode in high end systems especially dedicated STEREO AUDIOPHILE systems. Definitely not on my many systems. The new sunfire subs and especially the flagship subs of paradigm is ear splitting LAW BREAKING SPL's and wattage that was designed for midnight modes.
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