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sony 34xbr2  

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hi... if anyone wants to talk about the sony
34" widescreen xbr2 , i'm game. it's an awesome set!
i'm off to watch it now, here in southern NH.
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any geometry problems with your set? There are idenitified pin cushioning with this Sony.
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yes, a slight geometry problem happened
as the set aged i think. only at the bottom
of the screen i think - slight bow upwards in the
middle/bottom - maybe 1/4 inch. visible during
cnn-newstickers/etc at the bottom of the
one of these months
i'm going to have it serviced under warranty
or extended warranty. it doesn't bother me too much because
when i watch NTSC i usually watch it in side-by-side
mode, two NTSC channels at a time. it's not noticeable
during HD shows or DVDs.

i don't think it
'pin-cushions' - but actually i'm not sure- i forget
what pincushioning is! remind me?
you can email me direct at eli@employees.org if you like
and i will post reply about pincushioning here.
or i'll surf around some day and remind myself what
pincushioning is when i get a chance.

btw, i have found a couple of software bugs with the set...
minor stuff, but maybe i should report them to sony some
day :) one bug, on antenna input if i click
up-channel quickly, it gets the DTV channel wrong -
it tells me it is displaying channel 4.2 but there
is no 4.2 - it is really displaying 4.1 .
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I sent an email to you. Sony service does not work. They won't fix things like this since they build them with errors. Here is a link to my problems listed in another thread:

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