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DIY in-wall's?

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First, let me start off by saying that I'm sorry for starting a new thread on a possible old topic but throughout the past couple of days of research, I really couldn't find what I was looking for so here it goes...

I'm in the middle of researching on what speakers I want to use for my mains. If your requirements and questions follow...

1. I will be doing an IB line array sub setup so the mains need to blend well with them.

2. The mains need to be flush mounted into the wall behind my screen, depth behind the wall is of no limit, fresh framing allows for it.

3. These will be used mostly for movies in my small 18x10x7.5 theater but I would love to listen to music once in a while mainly for the IB setup. Also, even though the room is small, I want the headroom.

4. Budget is under $200 per speaker.

The first idea I had for speakers was to do a set of line arrays, the problem with that is I don't know if they can be flush mounted and I don't know how the tweeter at ear level rule applies with those.

My second idea was to do a set of econowave speakers which I have been doing a lot of reading a movie but still can't find what I'm looking for in terms of, can they be flush mounted, what crossovers to use and how to set them up. It is quite overloading :-/

Again, I do apologize for starting a thread on this but I would really appreciate any help or suggestions you guys can give me :-)

I will keep the most updated as my thoughts come to me.
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ZA5.3iw - MTM in-wall left/center/right system

I don't know if econowaves can be flush mounted but here is a list. http://techtalk.parts-express.com/sh...d.php?t=215536 The 152i waveguide can only be purchased if you have a HPR 152i serial #. The sr compact would fit your budget.

Natalie P

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Maybe couldn't be done in you budget, but you might want to check out William Cowan's Unity speaker:
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+1 on NatP's for in-wall use, but there's a ~$20 premium on the in-wall XO, so unit price is more like $220/each for parts.

If you must use one sideways as a center channel, there is great advantage in dialog clarity to using the Modula MTM CC. Scroll down to post #30 for the in-wall design and substitute the D3004/602010 for the discontinued D2904.

Have fun,
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Thank you guys very very much for the recommendations!

I never heard of the Zaph Audio speakers, that's one I didn't come across yet. I still would love to do the econowave's for my mains and not sure what for surrounds but I'm sure I don't need anything special. One thing I do know is that I would rather my surrounds be boxed rather than straight into the wall as on Zaph's site.

For those of you that have heard/build NatP's, do you think they could hit reference in a 18 x 10.5 x 7.5 room with clarity? Like I said earlier, I won't be listening to them at that level often, but I want the headroom. Just looking at those vs the econowave with a much larger woofer and horn tweeter, it just seems like a no brainer..

Also, if I did something like the NatP's, is it recommended that I do the horizontal design for the center channel? I can do whatever design I please, I will just frame the wall accordingly.

Last note, should I or will I need to amp any of these designs separately?
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For surrounds you could get some JBL 8330's for $45+ shipping. You do need to build the enclosure.

I'm not sure if that list is up to date and if there are any left.
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Oooh, those are cool, I just wish I had the room for them. If I built my own box using those speakers, the crossover I'm sure would be useless and I wouldn't know where to start in making my own. I think I might be better off just buying some new gear...

With surrounds, is box size fairly flexible? I wouldn't have room to sink a 10"-12" deep box into my walls.

To end with a general question on surrounds, what is the lowest frequency a surround speaker would normally see? I'm guessing its the box size that would have an effect on the lower frequencies so a shallower box would generally offer less on just the low end, correct?
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Originally Posted by Digital_Chris View Post
Oooh, those are cool, I just wish I had the room for them. If I built my own box using those speakers, the crossover I'm sure would be useless and I wouldn't know where to start in making my own.
Keep the volume the same as the original and you can build the enclosure to fit your space. Example: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showp...9&postcount=58

Internal ~ 1.1cf
Baffle = 19" x 14"
Port I.D. = 2"
Port Length = 4 1/2"
Woofer cut out = 7 1/4"
Midrange cut out = 4 1/4"
Midrange chamber = 1.25L = .04414cf
Tweeter cut out 2 7/8"
Crossover cut out = 4" x 6"
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I just e-mailed him to see if there are any left and depending on shipping cost, I might buy 4 of them in their cabs. I think they would look pretty cool in my room. It would be even better if I can sink them into the wall 4-5 inches and not have any sound issues. Think that would be a possibility since they're just surrounds?
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horns work well mounted in wall, if you want to build some econowaves into your front wall, that would work great.


click on "unity, the finale" for one example of build ins.

i would increase your budget for speakers. $200 doesn't really buy a good driver these days.
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I'm guessing I would just have to modify the XO a bit to compensate for the cab being right against the wall. I know the econowave can be had for well under $200 in parts. My room is small so I don't think I will have an issue. I can build the "bottom line" design for now and upgrade drivers if needed I guess.
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So I think I've decided on Econowave's for my mains. Now for surrounds...

I will have 2 rows of seats so I'm not positive where to put the sides and rears (7.1 setup). For speakers 4+5, I'm guessing I would locate them between the first and second row horizontally, what about vertically? As for the back speakers, 60 degree span from center listening position, and again, what about height?

Also, if I use a basic 2-way monopole, should I tilt/angle them down them toward the listening area or just keep them flat against the wall?

How about if I did the 8" econowave for my surrounds, would that be a good idea? I'm not sure how horn speakers are for surrounds

I also have a few questions that are still unanswered in a previous post, if someone feels like taking a stab at them, that would be cool :-)
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I hope I am not being rude and hijacking your thread, but I had a question on the Econowaves for in wall use.

What is the minimum depth of the Econowave enclosure for good results?
Can it be mounted in a standard 3.5 inch wall by increasing the enclosure length?
Are there any documented builds of the Econowaves for in wall use?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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How about some Tannoy V8? You can find them on a popular online auction site, see if the seller will take $200.
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Bump! Anyone feel like taking a stab at a few of my questions?
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So, while I was browsing the parts-express website for a couple of surround speakers for my living room, I came across HiFi Works bipole 6.5" in-walls. I'm pretty sure I heard that Sonance makes nice products and I also thought they were very reasonably priced so I snagged 6 of them, 2 for upstairs and the other 4 for the theater surrounds.

Now my surround research is done. Hopefully they will do the job downstairs. I really appreciate all of your input in my thread, wish me luck with the new in-walls and I will definitely report back on how they do
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I installed their in ceiling model a couple months ago in my bathroom. They aren't hi fi, but sound fine. Should work good as surrounds.
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