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OK, so I have two 12" Phoenix Gold QX12 DVC SUB's
Power: 200W SPL: 90dB Impedance: 2x4ohms
200W RMS, 400 MAX 4 ohm

Things are like from the 90's or sumtin IRDK - not much info was available from Googling - but they still seem to work pretty good for me considering that they're not currently even using an amp to power em & are jimmy rigged to a lil stereo im using.. These are car stereo subs so I have em setup in my room in a 2 chamber sealed box..

Im getting a Sony STRDH820 7.1 Channel 3D AV Receiver which appears to have dual sub outputs:
how could I utilize both of those outputs with an AMP and my 2 SUB's..?

My next step is to figure out what kinda AMP im gunna need to get to power these 2 SUB's..? how many Watts, RMS, OHMS, Channels should it have, ect..?
parallel or series wiring..?

should I get a car stereo sub AMP or a home stereo sub AMP..?
aren't car stereo amps all 12V-DC & home stereo amps are 120V-AC..?
how would I be able to power a car stereo amp from an AC wall outlet..?

I was also debating whether I should either get an AMP for my 2 SUB's or just one of these Sony-HT-Powered Subs...
Which setup would be better and put out more powerful, stronger bass..?

Sony SA-W3000 Performance Line 12" 180-Watt Subwoofer

Product Features
* 12" 180-Watt powered subwoofer
* Mica-reinforced cellular woofer construction
* Motion feedback technology
* Speaker and line level inputs
* With 6ohm loads, 20-200Hz frequency response; rated 100 watts, Minimum RMA Power, with no more than 1% THD from 250 Milliwatts to rated output.