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Toshiba 55TL515U, Info and opinions?

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Hi Folks,
With the new crop of passive TVs starting to hit the shelves and the above model due in May.
I'm wondering what opinions the people here have on this set?
I was considering an LG LW550t(Lw5600) or LG LW650t(LW6500) until I came across this (I can't post links yet...But Google Toshiba 55TL515U)
The pricepoint(even with the Euro Premium) is attractive enough in itself
But with the addition of Full LED array and local dimming along with the other specs laid out its looking like it could be a quality/value win???
Anyone got any opinons?
Thanks in advance!
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I was dead set on a LG 55LW6500, but I have been looking into the Toshiba as well. It looks like it has all the features of the LG, but it may be as much as 30% cheaper. I am waiting on some actual reviews and comparisons before I jump into a passive 3d system.
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Well, The info I'm digging up on this model is confusing me to say the least!
According do some sites, Crutchfield and a few other retailers this TV has a full LED array backlight.
But other sites seem to point to LED edge lit with local dimming.....Even with edge lighting specwise it still seems to beat the LG and Vizio offerings although still with an LG panel
Has anyone come across a hands on review or further info?
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Originally Posted by CureMode View Post

I was dead set on a LG 55LW6500, but I have been looking into the Toshiba as well. It looks like it has all the features of the LG, but it may be as much as 30% cheaper. I am waiting on some actual reviews and comparisons before I jump into a passive 3d system.

Are you sure the features are comparable though? The LG screen seems amazing, but Ive always thought their products as far as performance goes can't really compare to others (so Ive heard at least).. That's why Im asking.
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It appears to have the same features, and it says it has Local LED dimming. However if its Ultra-thin it may be edge lit, which would make it more comparable to the LW5600 than the LW6500, with just a higher refresh rate. I personally like Toshiba as a brand, but I a going to wait for some comparisons before I jump into any of these.
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I am of the opinion that the Toshiba 55TL515U is edge-lit, and not a full array / back-lit design. But their website is very uninformative on this issue. Part of my reason for thinking this is that the 515U series is described as having "local dimming", whereas the higher-numbered series (starting with 6 and up) are described as having "fine local dimming", implying more zones, if nothing else. But the more zones may "go with" the full back-light, versus edge-lit with a relatively small number of zones.

(And the price of the Toshiba also makes me think edge-lit, as well...)

Other than that, it seems comparable to the LG LW6500 - good luck in trying to find one of the Toshibas to view!

(I'm a new owner of an LG 55LW5600, BTW. And I'm very happy with it so far. But I would have definitely looked at the Toshiba if there had been one nearby.)
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I am guessing there are two different versions of this tv out there. The 55TL515U and the 55TL515 (notice the lack of U.) The U-less version is the 2010 version.

I am also very interested in this tv and found they had the u-less version at a local store. I checked it out. I am guessing Toshiba just tweaked the 2010 model and added the "expert mode" to be able to adjust the color etc. settings. Thank GOD! It needs it. Or maybe I need it. Maybe I have ocd... lol.

Anyway, I love it! We (my wife and I) checked out both the LG passive and the Toshiba passive tvs. I actually liked the LG better but ONLY because the colors seemed a bit dull on the Toshiba. (See where I am going with this...?) Since the 2011 version has the expert mode, I will be buying this tv. I just would like to find it on an even better price. Gluttonous? Possibly... Amazing tv, ABSOLUTELY. One last note, the apps aren't as robust as some other tvs *coughs Samsung* but it is plenty for what I need. And supposedly it includes a media player in which you can stream files from your pc. Have to check that out.

Now, I am guessing you prob know the difference between the active and passive but if you don't, the passive is actually 1\\2 the res of active 3d versions. Strangely my wife noticed the difference. I didn't. Just an fyi.

SO lastly, if you found this post via Google like I did and you currently own a 55TL515U, shout out! Would love to hear the good and bad of it.

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Originally Posted by Spiffy577 View Post

[snip]...I actually liked the LG better but ONLY because the colors seemed a bit dull on the Toshiba. ...[snip]

You do realize, that after two-three minutes adjusting settings, the colors would look reversed, with the LG looking dull in comparison to the Toshiba?
Customers mess with display settings all the time, so you really can't trust what you see without checking the settings (and knowing how to adjust them).

There are actual standards for color reproduction, and while some sets are better than others, they all must meet the minimum requirements. Any TV out of adjustment would look inferior to one that is not.
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Oh yeah, I know that was part of the settings. The point I was making was that the 2010 model doesn't have any "expert settings" so I wasn't thrilled with the toshiba. Luckily the "U" version does and I will be buying this tv. : )
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I believe the Toshiba doesn't have the "wand" remote that the LG has. LG has expert mode also. With the local sales on the LG where I live, the Toshiba didn't come close.
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Yeah it seems that Toshiba has two models, the 55TL515 and the 55TL515U. The one with the U does have the expert settings in where you can adjust the brightness, color, etc. That was my breaking point too. I went to Toshiba's website and looked through the 55TL515U version and it does have expert settings.

However yes, no wand. : )
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Toshiba 55TL515U

Pros: Great Picture, Great 3d (no residual images), Cheap glass (RealD 3D Theater Glasses work), Great 2D to 3D in games, (in movies it just deepens the image but with CGI like Avitar, Toy Story, or in 2D games it looks more sophisticated, not sure if it is true 3d but it fools me.) Pleanty of input/outputs, any you can think of it has, I have 4 HDMI inputs, fiber optics, etc... WIFI, Networking, Apps, with the options menu you can make the already great picture fenominal. Games in 3D are a completely exillerating expirience.

Cons: Laggy, Glitchy, (Makes loud glitchy chirps, cracks, loud drawn out buzzing) some times while switching between modes. 3D not supported in app mode so no streaming through vudu in 3D. Apps not supported by updates. Tech support horrible 10:1 Hold please to conversation ratio. For every minute of talk time with a live rep your holding or in some automated system for 10min. Tech support doesnt know their product (didn't know the TV had Networking). Tech support assumed my problem was with a 3rd party device they did not give support for. Outsourced to india. After 10 calls finally got to talk to someone in the states that told me to do a factory reset, and not to install the updates anymore because the updates lock up your TV, in all fairness they did solve the problem. The TV will not recognize directories that contain more than 1000 files, this includes subdirectories, because of this the TV will not recognize any of my computer folders that matter like music, videos, or pictures. Sound volume is horrible, once it goes past 15 it wont get louder, and the volume goes all the way to 50, the volume at level 50 is just as loud as 15 so you will need an amp. The TV can take upwards of 5 mins to power on. The 3rd party tech company that Toshiba sent out to my house to fix my TV had bad reviews, when they got to my house they said they didn't work with networking, and left. Universal remotes basic functions do not work well with this TV.

I will not be buying Toshiba ever again, that being said I still have yet to see a better picture, or 3D expirience on any other TV yet.
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