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Question about BOC Fabric (Blackout Cloth) Pic Included!

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I picked up some BOC Fabric from Jo-Anns and it was actually on sale haha. I got 2.5yrds for only 8 bucks!! Well I remember reading about the fabric and it being pure white on one side (rubber side) and a little off-white on the other (canvas like material). Well I know you should typically use the rubber side for brightness and for color but unfortunately, what you can see in the picture, the rubber side for me is actually a yellowish/gold color. The other side is white (the canvas feel material). Will this make a vast difference? The white side looks fairly pure white from what I can tell in my room. It is a perfectly rolled piece with no wrinkles or dirt and i'd hate to give up that great deal I got. I recently purchase an HD66 and I would like to take my time and make a nice DIY Boardered Projector Screen. I guess my direct question would be will this white canvas like material suffice for movies, blu-ray quality and skin tones for actors? Or, do I need to find some white BOC that is pure white on the rubbery side? Thank you for any feedback!!

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Use the white side and you'll be fine.
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Well I'll go ahead and try the canvas side since it is fairly pure white. Since I am only going for a 90" Screen at the moment it should suffice with good quality with an Optoma HD66. If anyone would like me to post a tutorial I can. I am going to try to make it quite nice for a DIY but still keep it under 50-100 bucks.
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You should have more than enough brightness to make it work with that size screen. The white should be good as long as you don't have a great deal of ambient light in the room and or your walls and ceiling are not that light reflective. BOC both sides can also be painted if it comes down to you needing something other than a flat dispersive white screen. Tack it up and do a test run and let us know what you think.
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Hello I also have a question on the BOC. Dont know which one do you buy, they have the white ivory, white and grey. I'm thinking since my projector put out 800 lumens I figured I get better color going with the grey would this assumption be correct.

thnx Patrick
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I guess fabric is better choice than shower curtain(no wrinkle).
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