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Yamaha Receiver RX-467 or 371?

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My old refurbished Teac receiver finally died after 10 years of good use. I am looking for a good replacement for my little home theater. I have a 5.1 satellite/sub sony speaker system in a room that is about 20x15. I have a 50 inch lg plasma, lg blu-ray. All I ever do is watch movies, no cable, too far out for tv signal, no gaming system. Since I have a mediocre speaker system, going for a top notch reciever does not make sense.

I have been drawn to the yamaha over onkyo simply based on reliability (based on reading around this site). I am wondering if it is better to get the newer but lower model (371), or the older but higher model (467). They are priced about the same. The main difference I see is the auto calibration feature on the 467. I am putting this in a rectangular room with the tv in the middle of a wall, surrounds set up just like you see in the pictures - an ideal setup. Is the auto calibration really needed with the good placements I have?

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If they are the same price I'd go with the receiver with auto calibration. I think it is a very good feature to have. Plus the 467 has binding post for all speakers instead of cheap spring clip terminals.

I'd also look at the Pioneer VSX-820 since its in the same price range and has auto calibration.
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Thanks for expanding my search. The pioneer looks like a good unit, but still has a few flaws. I think that I need to spend a little more to get what I really want (I am sure no one else has ever thought that). The Denon 591 seems to be all that I need, for only a bit more money.
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I own the Denon 591 and am very happy with it. How did you determine it is what you need?
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Great sound, easy reliability, 5.1, easy set up, moderate power. Care most about sound and reliability, features are not all that important.
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The 471, the new version of the 467, will be out by the end of April if you can wait. The 471 adds a USB input and a Graphic User Interface. This line of AVR is only 6" high and for me it fits in a 7" space. Most of these AVRs are so big I can't fit them in my furniture. I wish more makers would package some of thier unit in smaller enclosures.
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