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Roman Rocks!

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I've seen confirmation that Roman from rtheaters is a great guy to work with inside other threads. I just wanted to show my thanks with a thread specifically about that.

I had been going back and forth for a few months on which chairs to get for the theater I am currently building. When it got close to buy time, everyone here pointed me to Roman. He dealt with me patiently when I was being indecisive and gave some great suggestions to help guide my choice.

Then, the day, literally, the day I emailed him to let him know I was ready to place my order, was the day Berkline announced it's closing. Which meant my special order from the American factory was out of the question (as well as 100's of people are now out of a job).

But based on what he knew of what I wanted, he pointed me towards the 12011's which he had in his warehouse. The only issue was that the configuration I needed was the only configuration not available in the imports. So, he rebuilt some of the seats to match what I needed.

Although I don't have them set up yet as the theater is still a few weeks (yeah right, months) off, they are almost exactly what I wanted. The almost is because I couldn't get the Hollywood style I was going to order. But in the end, the 12011's worked better because they gave us more room in terms of width. And they are incredibly comfortable.

He went the extra mile in many areas, including putting all of my chairs off to the side even before I sent my payment. And I owe him a huge thanks!

I recommend anyone looking to not only get a great deal on whatever he is going to carry next, but is also looking to find a dealer who will work with you and ultimately for you, go with Roman.

Thanks again Roman!
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what kind of configuration was he able to make for you?
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I needed a love seat with a single chair to the left (facing screen). On all the spec sheets for the imports I looked at, they did not make a single seat with a right arm rest. They did make a single seat with a left arm rest, but not right. Rather silly if you ask me. So Roman took a single seat with both arm rests, and removed the left arm rest and re-ran the recline button to be in the right arm rest, allowing for the love seat configuration we needed.

So, we needed this, IOOVOI. Berkline imports did not make IO, but ironically did make OI. So Roman took a IOI, and made it into a IO for us.
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