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Anyone using a CRT HDTV with newer receiver? Lip sync problems?

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Hi folks,

I have a problem. I currently have a Sony KD-34XBR960 and just recently purchased a Yamaha RX-A3000 receiver to replace my stolen Yamaha HTR-5790. I cannot, for the life of me, get the audio to sync with the video, no matter what I use as the source. The audio is always behind the video.

I have 4 total sources. 3 sending both video and audio to the receiver, then video to the TV. These are a HTPC, Blu-ray, and VCR/DVD-R combo. My 4th source is the TV's built in digital tuner with optical out going to the receiver.

My audio is ALWAYS behind the video. The RX-A3000, along with most other modern receivers, offer a lip sync feature to delay the audio further. But that only solves the exact opposite problem that I am having.

I've posted my questions/concerns in the ginormous Yamaha Aventage thread but nobody over there seems to still use a CRT.

I guess my main question is, is this problem specific to this new Yamaha receiver, or does any newer receiver have problems syncing the audio to video when using a CRT.

I should add that, per a Yamaha representative's advice, I had a replacement RX-A3000 sent to me since we thought the first one I received may be faulty. The exact same problem happned with the 2nd one as well so there apparently isn't anything 'broken' on either one.

I should also add that, if I manually switch the receiver to utilize the analog audio instead of the digital version, the sync is fine. It is only when I am playing the digital audio that this delay is introduced.

If I manually adjust the speaker distance on the RX-A3000 to the maximum of 80ft, it brings the audio closer to sync with the video. But this workaround is still not suitable and still not in perfect sync.

My stolen HTR-5790 did not have this problem with digital audio. Of course, that receiver also did not have HDMI switching, just component.

Please, someone enlighten me. What is going on here? Are newer receivers simply not built to play well with CRTs? Or is it just this RX-A3000 that isn't playing nice?

Thank you for your time.
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This is quite obviously an issue with your receiver. Not with your CRT. So you need to be tackling it from this angle. It is not a video problem. Something about the way your receiver works just means that it operates with a delay.
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I once had a Samsung receiver which had the same problem. Luckily, it actually had a setting to add/subtract audio delay. Maybe some receivers default to adding a bit of delay to match the possible video delay on digital displays.
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Subtract audio delay!?!? That's rare. That would've solved my problem. Unfortunately, the RX-A3000 didn't have that feature. I ended up ditching the RX-A3000 and went back to my HTR-5790. The 5790 had been stolen which is why I bought the RX-A3000. Fortunately, the police located my 5790 and some of my other stuff at a pawn shop. Since it was already claimed on my insurance, the insurance company took it to auction it off to their employees. My dad wanted to participate in the auction and they let him. At that time I figured I'd be happier with the A3000, but after these troubles, I simply bought my receiver back from my dad after he won the auction. Problems solved.

Yes, the 5790 doesn't have the features and amp power/quality of the A3000, but at least it doesn't have the audio delay issues with my, still beautiful, Sony KD-34XBR960.

Thanks for the input, everyone.
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Check to see if you have the video processor on in the yamaha. You are going to want video bypass on. Also maybe see if there is a game mode. Hope this helps.
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