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Is there a 2012 version of this model? I'm on the fence about buying this since the 520 has been out for almost 2 years. I know the 530 has been released in Japan but no word on a US debut.
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I saw that you have DISH connected to this receiver. I have the same receiver...hooked up from my DISH Joey via HDMI and the video hardly ever comes through. Audio comes through and sounds great, but no video. It's came on twice with no real reason why...watched tv for about 15 minutes...went to bed, woke up, fired everything up again and bam...sound but no video...NOTHING changed but powering off. I have no idea what's going on. any thoughts? anyone??!?! and Sony wants me to ship it to Texas for free repair and checking into that it would cost me about 1/5 of the cost of the entire unit to just ship it! mad.gif
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Originally Posted by idividebyzero View Post

I was able to fix my issues with the audio being broken after waking from sleep by putting a piece of tape over pin 19 on the HDMI cable ('hot plug detect' pin). I dont know if thats a problem with the receiver or my video card but everytime the receiver would turn off Windows would think theres nothing connected and it disconnects any devices using the HDMI port, when the receiver comes back it doesnt properly reestablish the connection 80% of the time and it says "no audio device connected". After a lot of testing with pin 19 blocked I cant do anything to sever the connection and it always comes back like normal, even WMC seems to keep playing protected content when I turn off the receiver and turn it back on when before it would just crash the program.

I wish I would have googled that earlier because I remember thinking "I wish there was a tape fix" like I did on the 360 a long time ago to get it to stop resetting everytime you change inputs when using the stock component dongle for optical and HDMI for video. I didnt think it was related since you had to tape the custom 360 dongle instead of HDMI but its probably exactly the same thing, stupid hot plug detect.

Can you give me any more information about this? I've had this problem and the way I have been fixing it is by just going to the audio pane on the nvidia control panel and turning on and off the audio system there. This sounds better but I've never done a tape-fix before so I don't know exactly what you mean.
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Hi guys hope you can help.

I bought the Sony STRDH520 today to replace my broken Onkyo TX-SR606.
I have the following setup.
Samsung 42 inch lcd.
Virgin Media Cable Box connected via hdmi.
XBox 360 connected via hdmi.
Sony Blu Ray connected via hdmi.
I have a picture showing for cable box and xbox but no sound.
I have no picture or sound for Blu Ray player.
Speakers were working when auto cal was running. I hope you guys can help.

Thanks in advance.
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Originally Posted by gushin View Post

Sounds like a setting in the HDMI menu. Set [CTRL.HDMI] to CTRL OFF and [AUDIO.OUT] to AMP. This should work.

Man i searched everywhere to figure out why i couldnt get dtshd went through blu ray forum manual everywhere happened to be receiver thanks biggrin.gif:D:D:D:D:D:D
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I just bought this receiver about a week ago to replace an old Onkyo 505. I have a daughter in law school so money was a deciding factor. I have to say that so far, for the money, it seems to be a pretty good all around receiver.
But I do need a little help with something. I have a Samsung BD-5900 blu-ray hooked up to it using 1.3 HDMI cable ( all my connections are with HDMI1.3 cables ) I also have my TV ( Panasonic 50"plasma ) a Direct TV HDDVR receiver, and a Toshiba H2 HD-DVD player ( I still have about 75 HD-DVD movies ) all hooked to this receiver . I know that I need to get new HDMI 1.4, but I don't think that is what is going on here.
Everything is working great except the HD-DVD sound. I have it connected with a HDMI 1.3 cable to the "video in" connection on the receiver. No matter what settings I use, I only get the LCPM 48 sound coming out of the receiver. In the HDMI settings on the receiver I set HDMI control to off and set "sound out" to Amp only.
In the sound settings in the setup menu of the HD-DVD player, I have that set to Auto. The sound out options on the player for HDMI are - Auto, PCM, or PCM down mixing. I have it set to Auto. It also has a setting for the SPDIF which I have set to bitstream. But that setting shouldn't matter since that is for a optical out which I don't have hooked up.
I have no problem getting the True HD-DVD or any of the Digital sound from the blu-ray player and also dolby digital from my Direct TV receiver.
Can anybody help me figure out why I can't get the Digital sound coming from the HDDVD player ? Do I need to change a setting somewhere or change something on the video in connection on the receiver ?
Thanks guys for any and all help !

Never mind, I got it figured out !
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Hi Erik,

I have the same receiver and absolutely the same issue as you do.
Tried everything and still dont seem to find a solution.

Please let me know if you've managed fixing something.

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Hi all,

I look to have similar problems in regards the lack of picture and an audio problem.
Before i blame the kit this is how i have the AVR set up currently.

i have connected all speaker cables correctly - as per the diagrams etc


According to the manual, HDMI from receiver to TV - this i have done

next SKY HD box connected to SAT/CATV connection
also Apple TV 2 connected to VIDEO
and Sony PS3 connected to GAME

TV is set for HDMI

The issue i have, and hopefully i can get some help here or its back to the shop (Richer Sounds)

I have no picture whatsoever or sound when the HDMI cable is connected to the TV

Disconnecting the TV HDMI and there is sound (from the speakers) but no picture

This doesn't make any sense.

i have reconnected each unit ( SKy HD box, Apple TV 2 and PS3) individually to the TV and they function correctly

can any one tell me i have messed up somewhere or this is a problem with these units

fingers crossed for a fix or resolution

Many thanks

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Originally Posted by GutBomb View Post

Did you ever figure this out? I want to do the same thing with video games and my turntable but can't figure out how to do it.

Any help here? I've got the same question / issue.
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Well i just bought it and already have problems...

I set up the strdh520 receiver (it supports 5.1 LPCM), and then connect the Wii U (and ps3) to the receiver with hdmi.

When i do the sound test in surround i only get 4 chimes. It seems that there is a problem with the center speaker, however, the center speaker works when i use stereo or when using the ps3.

The Wii u and the ps3 are connected to the receiver with HDMI, and the receiver to the TV with HDMI too.

Someone knows what can i do?
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Just got the STR-DH520. I currently have a Sony HT-DDW750 (http://www.amazon.com/Sony-HT-DDW750-Home-Theater-System/dp/B000092TT3).

Can I use the same speakers?

And I am thinking about using these Aiwa SX-NAV900 (150W 6ohm 3-way) speakers.

I know they are older but will they do until I can upgrade?
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Can I play my ps3 (Game input) and listen to music on my phone (SA-CD/CD input). If so how do I do that?
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I seem to be having a similar issue to many others on this forum. Just purchased the unit. Connecting satellite TV (analog), Wii (analog), Blu-ray (HDMI), CD player (analog). I have HDMI and component to the TV.

Blu-ray works fine. I get audio on speakers and video on the TV.

CD player works fine.

Wii and satellite TV only have sound, no picture. I disconnect HDMI out to the TV and try switching to component on TV. Still no picture.

How do I force the AVR to send video out the component connection?

I had assumed this unit would convert analogue inputs to HDMI, but seems I was wrong. Now it seems the analogue video won't go through at all. Any ideas?
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SONY STR-DH520 Listed = $149 smile.gif I think it is a very good price!
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Originally Posted by Bukwwang View Post

I seem to be having a similar issue to many others on this forum. Just purchased the unit. Connecting satellite TV (analog), Wii (analog), Blu-ray (HDMI), CD player (analog). I have HDMI and component to the TV.
Blu-ray works fine. I get audio on speakers and video on the TV.
CD player works fine.
Wii and satellite TV only have sound, no picture. I disconnect HDMI out to the TV and try switching to component on TV. Still no picture.
How do I force the AVR to send video out the component connection?
I had assumed this unit would convert analogue inputs to HDMI, but seems I was wrong. Now it seems the analogue video won't go through at all. Any ideas?

Nope, no analog to HDMI conversion on this unit.

Whatever you input is what you must output.
Composite to Composite
Component to Component

So if your Wii and satellite TV are connected via component they must be output via component.
If they are connected via composite they must be output via composite.

There is no composite to component conversion either.

Make sure you assign your component video inputs correctly.
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I am starting to hate this receiver...I cannot figure out what the problem is! My sister needed a new TV so I had her buy a new Sony LCD, this receiver and a sony blu-ray player so it was easy for her to use since it was all Sony. She also has an HD Comcast cable box. I hooked up everything with HDMI, HDMI from the cable box to the SAT/CATV in on the receiver, HDMI from the blu-ray to the BD in on the reciever, then HDMI from the receiver ARC to the TV. She is getting weird green screens sometimes when she switches channels, she gets no audio at all on channel 2 (whether it's in HD or not) and when she changes the channel to channel 2 it switches to 5.1 audio on the receiver. Every other channel it says 2.1 on the receiver. Just to make sure it wasn't the cable box, I hooked up the cable box straight to the TV through HDMI and channel 2 worked fine. Sometimes when she changes channels it switches to TV on the receiver so she has to hit the SAT/CATV button to switch back. When I turned off the TV and the receiver then turned it back on it was muting. I think I figured that out by turning off the CTRL HDMI function but not sure. What the heck is going on? It's too late to return this piece of crap so any suggestions? Should I switch to component cables?
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I just purchased this receiver for my 2.1 system. This might be a dumb question but I get LPCM 48 no matter what setting I put it on. Do I need 5.1 to display Dolby or anything else?
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If for some reason you are only getting two channels its probably because of the TV being limited to two channels.

Go to:

Amp menu->HDMI->Passthrough->Auto
Amp menu->HDMI->Audioout->AMP instead of AMP+TV.

I had the exact same issue, but i have mine powering my HTPC. The AMP setting fixed it.
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If you've only got a 2.1 system. What are you really missing? Dolby Digital 5.1 will convert to 2.1 anyway.
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I purchased this Sony AV receiver about a month ago. Periodically, I noticed that the audio will go out of sync with the video. I know about turning on the AV sync in the audio settings of the amp, but it doesn't seem to make it any better. What I have noticed is that if I turn off HDMI control, it seems to fix it. But of course, I can't change the volume of the AV receiver without first making sure that AMP is first depressed on my Sony PS3 BD media remote--I just want to change the volume no matter what media input I am currently under. I can even turn HDMI Control back on and the problem still seems to be fixed. My questions are:

1) Has anyone else had this problem?
2) If I were to upgrade to the higher Sony STR-DH 720, would it be less of a problem?
3) Is turning off HDMI Control the only fix for this?
4) Am I forever expected to just turn off and then back on the HDMI Control feature?
5) Is there a chance that my receiver is defective?
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Thanks that worked. I really lIke this receiver. It's my first one but don't have any regrets.
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Just bought this as an open-box item at BB for $160. I needed to replace an aging flagship receiver from Onkyo which unfortunately didn't do DTS. The primary thing that attracted me to this unit was the HDMI pass-thru while the unit is off. Unfortunately this is poorly implemented. First off, you have to leave the receiver with your HDMI source unit (cable box, satellite, blu-ray, etc.) selected before you turn it off. If you turn it off while you were listening to the tuner, it won't pass anything through. Second, the "Auto" mode of standby seems to only work for a few Bravia TVs. So for me it had to be in the "On" mode of standby which is basically just a low power mode. So might as well just leave it on. Thirdly, in order to pass through anything while in standby you have to have the receiver set to output audio to "AMP+TV". If you don't do that, you won't get any sound being passed through. The problem with that is two-fold. First if you do decide to turn on the receiver to use your speakers while watching tv, you'll still be getting sound from the tv speakers. So you have to manually switch the output mode back to AMP. More importantly, you need to do this because while the unit is in AMP+TV mode it can't process DD or DTS. That's right, it dumbs itself down to 2 channel Linear PCM. So with all of this wonkiness its not worth trying to use it as the AVR its supposed to be. Better off just connecting everything to the TV and running 1 audio line back to the receiver (well not this receiver as its going back this week.)
Hope that helps someone.
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Originally Posted by David_M_Clary View Post

Yes, you can use the Wii component cables plugged into SA-CD/CD componet input and the left and right speaker into I believe it was the TV audio input (too hard to pull my receiver back out to check but it works). You have to assign the 2.0 audio channel to match it to the component input. I have mine setup this way and renamed the source to Wii to make it clean and neat. I'm not sure if I had another component source with basic 2.0 sound if I could have added it but I could have added component with digital sound like optical. It upconverts the component to 1080i or p and pushes through the hdmi cable.

I've been trying to hook my Wii up, have it plugged into the component 2 which is the SA-CD, and try to assign and all that. Have audio, but no picture. Can I get a tip? I don't know what I'm doing right/wrong. Thanks
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Originally Posted by seriousjack85 View Post

SONY STR-DH520 Listed = $149 smile.gif I think it is a very good price!

Funny, I just came to this thread to ask owners about how they like this AVR since I saw it on NewEgg for $149!

I'm in the market for a new AVR to replace a 2009 Denon AVR-2309ci, which class wise is probably miles above this one, but I frankly don't need all the bells and whistles right now.
I just want to be able to watch my 3D movies from my 3D BluRay and 3D LED TV, through my 3.1 setup. I don't even have 5.1 or 7.1 right now. I want to be able to do HDMI switching with my BluRay, Xbox, STB (UVerse) and AppleTV. So $149 seems like a steal for all this thing can do...I was saving up to buy a Denon 2113ci, but this has me wanting to go RIGHT NOW since I can afford $149 vs. $649...

Then I saw another option that is $249, its a Pioneer VSX-1022-K 7.1-Channel 3D Ready A/V Receiver, so both the Sony and Pioneer are having me think twice about waiting and saving up for the Denon.

I guess I do like the Denon has the iPhone/iPod stuff and the XM/Sirius stuff too and internet/network stuff...that might be what drives me to a more expensive one.

Any feedback on what I should do?

Nevermind, I really looked deeper into the comparison and I know why I want that Denon so much, I'll wait and save up. Thanks!
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I bought this receiver on sale at Fry's about 2 weeks ago and have been working through my issues 1 by 1...though most of them have been caused by my own lack of knowledge...I've managed to figure just about everything out. I've noticed a few of the issues I had listed in this thread...so I thought I would post my 1 remaining issue and see if anyone has a solution.

LG 55LM6200 3D Smart TV
Direct TV HD-DVR
Sony DH-520
LG BP325W 3D Blu-Ray

I have everything set-up by HDMI to the appropriate inputs (ie: Direct TV to Sat/Cable, TV via HDMI to TV/ARC). I also have an Optical Cable from the TV to the TV Optical Input on the Dh520 as well...as this seems to be the only way that Smart TV Apps will play sound through the Home Theater.

To watch/listen to Direct TV...I put the receiver in Sat/Cable and everything works. As a bonus...somehow my TV is jiving very well with the Sony DH520...as volume controls made to the TV are actually handled by the Receiver...which is an unexpected bonus...since I don't have to have more than just the Direct TV remote. Basically - everything is working the way I believe it is supposed to.

The only problem....every time I turn off the TV...when I turn it back on...the Receiver defaults to "TV" as the input and I have to manually change it back to Sat/Cable to get audio again. Also - it sometimes takes a minute or 2 for the receiver to let me change the input (basically it changes it back to TV as soon as I change it to Sat/Cable). I've tried turning on the Receiver 1st...and it shows Sat/Cable...but the moment I turn the TV on...it switches back to TV. Does it take that long for ARC to kick in? Something I'm not thinking of?

It's really just an inconvenience...for me at least...but I'm sure one of these days I'm going to get an earful from the wife when she gets up before me and can't get audio.

Anyone have this issue? Did anyone figure it out?
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I recently purchased this receiver (probably the final stock) and think it's great. I, however, do have a minor problem: I connected my PC and Sat through HDMI to the Video and Sat input, and connected my Panasonic TH-37px80e TV to HDMI out. Everything works well, but as soon as I switch off my TV (when I play music without having to watch TV) the receiver temporarely switches off the sound and after about 4 seconds it switches back on. This only happens when Input is on Video (PC) or Sat (Sat), and not when Input is on Tuner, so I guess it has something to do with the HDMI out. I already switched HDMI CTRL 'Off' and HDMI Sound to 'Amp' but this didn't help. I also turned off 'Viera Link' on my TV, but still no luck. Any suggestions?
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I wish I could help. I will be returning mine to Fry's in the next 12 days before the exchange period is up. I'm hoping another brand will be on sale in this weeks big ad...but even if not, after my latest exchange with SONY customer support...I'm convinced that they did not think any aspect of this receiver through properly. I've had issue after issue with this receiver when it comes to settings. Though most of it I have been able to work through...every time I turn the unit off...I have to work through the issues again. The receiver performs great...once it's on and all the settings are made...but as soon as you turn it off again, there's a good chance that it will default back to default settings. Learning how to change the settings to what you like quickly is not a substitute for the receiver storing those settings.
Thank you for contacting Sony Support.
> I understand that the Receiver defaults to the TV input and you wish
> to set the HDMI input as default input. Unfortunately, the Receiver
> does not have the feature to set the HDMI input as default input. It
> is normal operation of the Receiver to default to TV input when it is turned ON everytime.
> Thank you for understanding.

This basically means that it will automatically switch back to TV as the input regardless of what setting you had it in at shutdown. Additionally - because it does this, it also switches many of the associated settings. It changes the input from HDMI to Optical. It changes from Dolby to LPCM. It changes from AMP to TV+AMP. It basically just resets every time.

I wrote them back and said that it seemed ridiculous that they would design it in a way that forces the user to manually make adjustments on each and every power-up...to which they responded:
I understand your concern regarding the design of the Receiver due to which it switches to TV input whenever it is turned back ON. Unfortunately, we at the online technical support center are neither involved in the invention nor the designing of new products. Therefore, we are unable to provide reasoning behind this design limitation.

I have already forwarded your concern to our Sustaining Engineering department for review. Customer input and response is invaluable in the continued support and development of our products. We want you to know that we appreciate your feedback. We also appreciate you bringing this to our attention

Thank you for understanding.

So - unless you use this receiver for over-the-air broadcast television...I recommend returning it like I will.
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Having an issue with my STR-DH520. I have it ran to my vizio tv, and have the ps3 hooked up to the game port, which plays fine, great audio and video. I have my cable tv ran through the sat/cable port, it works great HDMI wise too. But I have a xbox 360 and a wii u that I want to hook up to it, and when hooked up with HDMI to the blu port and video port, I do not get any audio through my receiver, only through the tv. How can I get both of these hooked up to get audio through my system? Thanks.
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I have the DH520, and I'm having a HUGE problem, that I just cant work out.
I'm trying to use my DH520 to listen to music stations, but when I turn my TV off.. the entire station and everything plugged into it shuts down.
When I start my blueray player, the station and the tv turnes on. And then I put my CD to the blueray player and press play. And again, when I turn my TV off, the blueray player, and the DH520 turns off. Its really annoying that I have to have my TV on to listen to music via DH520.
Does anyone have any solution to this problem!? - I've read through the manual and google'd it back and forth, this is my last chance smile.gif
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Check the 520's manual again under the Bravia Sync settings and turn HDMI CEC off. Do the same for the TV and the Blu-ray player as well.
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