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My craftsman "inspired" home theater

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I just have to put the seating in place and make the acoustic panels when the prints show up ( see this thread).
This is my second home theater, the first can be seen in my signature link until I modify it. That setup stayed with the house -along with the previous wife ;-)
This room is about 13.5' x 17' and has 7' ceilings. It's a 1959 bungalow that I pretty much gutted and reno'd. Those pics can be seen here if you're interested.

Here are the pictures of the theater...

This is the original front door from the house, it's a cedar plank door....

A shot from just inside the door.

Looking to the front..

A close up of a column. Basically a three sided box. Front is speaker cloth and rear is open...

Front of the bar. The wood design matches the windows on the front of the house (as do the columns).

I'm no finish carpenter but it didn't turn out too bad. I did everything except the carpet.
The screen is a DIY 41"x96.4" Wilsonart Laminate. The PJ is a Panasonic AE4000. The speakers are all Paradigm. Yamaha AV receiver (HTR6063) and Panasonic BluRay.
I have some seats to use now but I'll probably go with a recliner couch in front of the bar as the kids like to sit close. Behind the bar will be four leather counter height stools.
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very sharp!

love the stone and wood working together.
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Looks GREAT!
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Great looking room, congrats Chris. No fair just going straight to the finished product though - next time start try to drag it out, you know make it look a little harder so you don't make the rest of us look bad. ;-)
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Outstanding. What are your plans for seating?
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Love the stacked stone.
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Very nice!
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Thanks guys
I could have drawn it out through construction but after you've seen a few hundred rooms with framing and drywall etc then it becomes a bit pointless and I think people lose interest when you're in a few hundred posts. I wanted to keep this short and sweet. If you want to see construction then check out the reno pics!
Is this enough demo/construction for you?

lots more pics of the reno here

As for seating, I have some inexpensive brown recliners for the front for now and I will likely go with a three or four seat reclining couch (Brown leather). The kids like to huddle up close whilst watching movies. I'd like some nice Home Theater recliners but the this is a budget build and I have a whole addition to do next so funds are tight. I'm searching Kijiji for deals all the time! The seats behind the bar will be brown leather counter height stools when I find a set on kijiji.
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Where did you get the console under the screen? I love it. What is the dimensions?
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From a finish carpenter of 23 yrs point of view.... BEAUTIFUL !!! Crisp, clean and "Craftsmen " inviting, love it. Great job.
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Thanks finishingtouchu for the compliment!
Trenter33 the console is built from scratch using inexpensive laminated pine from HD. I just ripped it down to the sizes I needed. It's basically three boxes joined together. It's 88" long, 17" tall and 17" deep with a 20" wide top.
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Some more pictures... The couch is an inexpensive recliner but will do the job until the two youngest ones decide they like their own seats better. Still have to get the four counter height stools but I see that Walmart has some for a decent price so I may be buying four of those soon.
The prints are stretched over a wooden frame and then another 3" wide frame was built to wrap that in.
Tip: it's a pain to stretch prints like this with lots of writing as it can get a bit "wonky" if you don't stretch them evenly all the way around. Luckily these didn't turn out too bad. The View to a Kill one is the worst of the bunch.
Another tip: If you're going to go with a laminate screen (this is a Wilsonart one) then it would be best to glue it to a solid surface like mdf or plywood. I listened to some that said a perimeter frame with center support would work fine and have found that the laminate has warped. I will likely be trying to fix this as it does affect the picture.

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Beautiful room. Congrats!
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Cozy, comfortable and unique which is saying something after so many builds.
Really nice workmanship there Chris.
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Well done sir! That is one very impressive theater - and the open kitchen/living area looks amazing as well!
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Wow. I really like the style you went with, Very cozy and warm. Great job!
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where did you pick up the prints ?
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Thanks everyone!
W00lly, there is a link at the top of the thread regarding the prints. The company that printed them on the fabric is Spoonflower. The other thread explains very well............
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Last two pictures...
Bought some counter height chairs a few weeks ago for a good price so I can now get another four people in the room.

This last pic is to show what happens when you use a pine frame and glue a laminate to it....notice the wrinkles??? I now have to redo the screen -hopefully I can salvage the laminate and glue it to a solid backer. The black velvet on the console was a suggestion by Tedd to help with contrast. I was experimenting with some left over material and he was right -it does make a difference. I'm going to make a runner and some panels to go behind the console to cut out the light spill from the PJ when it is in 2.35 mode.
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You sure your not related to Mike. Tremendous job and I really like the space and how it turned out.

Sorry about the screen.
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Originally Posted by ack_bk View Post

You sure your not related to Mike.

The fact that he didn't want to sensationalize his efforts with a long build thread makes it obvious to me there is no relation...

Great work Chris....
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Hi, who did you buy the stone laminate from? I'm having a hard time finding it on a budget?
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