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PQ issues with HD Fury and my 1272

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I tried searching the forums for a thread on this, but didn't find one. Please direct me to an existing thread if I missed it.

I have a Sony 1272 and am trying to connect a newer version of DirecTV's HD receiver (H21-100C-R )to it using the HDMI cable through a HD Fury 1, but am getting a somewhat garbled image that cuts out completely to a black screen after 15 minutes or so. The tech at DirecTV thinks it a handshake issue and suggests using the component cables instead of HDMI.

I would trust the readers of this forum's opinions over his. Any suggestions? Are handshake issues a common problem with the first gen HD Fury? I might consider getting a Moome card if that has proven more compatible.

If I end up using component what is the best way to connect that to my pj?

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If you connect it to a TV does it work? Because the very first HDMI cables in some cases have trouble with latest versions of HDMI.
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Originally Posted by mtodd View Post

I have a Sony 1272 and am trying to connect a newer version of DirecTV's HD receiver (H21-100C-R )to it using the HDMI cable through a HD Fury 1, Thanks

how long are the cables? The Fury needs an outboard power supply when fed from an HDMI cable over 16 feet long. If your using RGBHV cable extenders on the other end I think that's another problem, the fury is designed to plug directly into your display.



The specs say that the HDfury draws it's power directly from the DVI/HDMI line but that an optional +5VDC input is provided for HDMI cables that are over 5 meters (16 feet) or if the source device is unable to supply adequate power.

The DC jack on the side of the HDfury units is unique and must follow all these requirements:

- Provide REGULATED (+/- 5%) 5VDC power with 1000mA min DC current
- Deliver the power through a small 0.65mm diameter center pin / 2.6mm outer diameter DC plug (like the one often used in cellular phone AC adaptor)
- Provide the correct polarity with 'plus' on the OUTER part of the plug and 'minus' (ground) on the small center pin of the DC jack.

Trying to use an AC/DC adaptor that doesn't follow all these three requirements may destroy the HDFury. This external HDFury powering option is only needed in one or both the following situations:
- The DVI or HDMI cable is using thin gauge copper wires and its length exceeds 5 meters (16 feet).
- The DVI or HDMI source is unable to deliver the 1000mA maximum current over its HDMI or DVI pin #14. This situation often occurs when HDFury is used with cheap DVD/HD players at 1080p60 mode.
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Rosenbush, thanks. Yes the cable is an earlier one. I bought it several years ago when I got the HD Fury 1, but have been sidetracked on the project until now. I will get a newer cable and post back on the outcome.

draganm, you make good points about the cable length, but my HDMI is only about a meter long and the VGA breakout cable on the other side is heavy duty and about 2 meters long. If a new HDMI cable doesn't do he trick, I might try a power supply for the HDF, but I'm guessing that is not causing my issues, Thanks for the suggestion.
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Do you have any other HDMI device you can temporarily connect to the 1272 to see if you get the same results? Ideally you want to get something to work correctly as a reference so you can rule out each item in the chain. At least then you may have a better idea if it's the new DirecTV box causing the issues, or the cable as others suggested.
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Thank you to everyone who has tried to help.

I bought a new HDMI 1.3 rated cable only 4 feet long, but that did not change anything except my checking account balance.

I have run a couple of experiments using my 1920x1080 computer monitor in place of the projector. The monitor has HDMI, DVI & VGA inputs.

I first connected the monitor directly to the DirecTV receiver using a HDMI-to DVI-cable using the DVI input and that worked perfectly.

I then tried using that same cable from the receiver's HDMI output to the DVI input of the HD Fury and then into the VGA input of the monitor. That resulted in no picture. At least when I used that setup with the projector, I at least got a couple minutes of garbled flickering image before it went to a black screen. Yes, I did select VGA input on the monitor (after forgetting to at first). The monitor just give a mesage saying "no signal".

Now one thing I did discover is that the DirecTV receiver automatically chooses the highest video input the TV will accept, so if the HD Fury can accept 1080p then that is what is sending and there is no manual limit setting on the receiver. If so, then the projector is being sent a 1080p signal and it can't handle that. The only thing that makes me question that theory is that the monitor should have been able to receive a 1080p signal from the HD Fury but didn't.

I don't think I have any other hdmi devices, but my DVD does have a dvi output, although it will allow an analog signal out on the dvi, so that is how I have it set.

Any other suggestions?
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I believe your problem is that the input on the HDFury 1 is actually DVI-D (and not HDMI 1.3 compliant). HDFury1 is known to have compatibility problems too...


I never had a HDFury1, but I did have HDFury2. It was "OK" and worked fine. However, I decided to trade it in for the HDFury3 and never looked back. It provided a dramatic improvement in PQ over the HDFury2. <<>>

I would recommend getting the HDFury3. It's HDMI 1.3 compliant and I think there's a good chance that you'll be happy with it. (IMO...)

Good Luck, Tim
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Aggies#1, good to hear from someone with 1st hand experience with the HD Fury. I figued there was some compatability issue with it. Do you think I would still have problems with even the HDF3 since I can't limit the receiver's output to 1080i?
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If you don't have the power supply for the Fury (any of them) at anything over 1080i, it usually doesn't work. The higher the resolution, the more current the Fury uses. I've never had any Fury work at 1080p without a power supply.
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Curt, thanks, but I don't want to run 1080p through the HDF - my 1272 definitely can't handle it - but the DirecTV HD receiver automatically chooses the highest output that the TV (HDF1 in this case) will accept. There seems to be no way to limit the redeiver to 1080i. Would a Moome card work in this case better than a HDF3?
I don't want to switch to a digital projector, but it is getting increasingly difficult to keep my CRT one connected to the digital sources.
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I've had zero issues connecting any digital source to a CRT.

If you don't have the power supply for the Fury..>.GET THE POWER SUPPLY! I'd say 90% of Fury issues are due to a lack of power supply. It may have worked yesterday, it may have worked at a friend's place, etc, but if you don't have the power supply, there's no point in troubleshooting further if you haven't tried it.
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draganm and Curt were, of course, correct. I added a power supply this evening and it works like a charm. Image was even perfectly centered on the screen.
Thanks for all the help guys!
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Sweet, best 5 bucks you ever spent.
I think it's really wierd that your DirecTV HDF1 receiver doesn't have a manual output resolution adjustment. Usually there's a menu that lets you choose either a sepcific resolution or "auto detect".
Neither the Fury nor the Moome stuff will downscale or upscale, they simply transcode. If your cable box is really locked on "auto" then you'll need a video processor (scaler) to downscale to 1080i. Be careful buying as some of the older ones do not accept 1080P.
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