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Samsung HW-D450

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Hi AVS Forum!,

I heard the Samsung HW-D450 soundbar at BB this weekend, and while I know in-store displays are not ideal testing grounds, the HW-D450 sounded pretty good compared to the others I heard (ct-150, one of the polks, and I thnk a bar from insignia)

Does anyone have any experience with the HW-D450? Anyone know if Davyo has included it in one of his shoot outs (I thnik he is currently settled on the Vizio 510...or is it the BA1 or CT-350? ?

Anyhow, I am in the market for a HT sound system and I am limited to no rear speakers. Thus, a sound bar may be an ideal fit. I appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
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I have te c450, very happy with it, however it did not have hdmi throughput.

The new version also has the display on front instead of on top.

I'm also curious if the sound is the same or even better.
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Luckily, I could have a chance try both HW-D450 and HW-C450 (2010 model)

After I read a review on Amazon which states that D450 cannot be controlled by Samsung TV's remote (also 2010 model), I decided to purchase HW-C450 instead for the best compatibility as I use TV's remote a lot for using DLNA.

But the seller sent me D450 by mistake, and I could have a chance to try it before I ship it back. As stated in Amazon's user review, soundbar's volume cannot be controlled by either TV's remote (2010 model only) and also universal remote (Time Warner Cable). I could not find a remote code for it and even Samsung customer support ppl acknowledged it. Also for couple of days that I tried, random input change problem (notorious from HW-C450's reviews) occurred once. This was the main reason that I've been waiting for D450 as there were so many reviews complaining about input change problems and other few problems as well.

So I returned D450 and just bought C450 from local store. So far (for couple of weeks), there was no problem with random input changes or anything. I guess the product that I got has the latest manufacturing date or I've been lucky so far.

To compare D450 and C450 (I am not an audiophile), D450 was slightly better than C450 for faux surround effect I guess. Also D450 had 3D surround option which was not existing in C450.

However, as I did not like fake surrounding effect at all, I just used CINEMA sound mode which gave me overall best sound quality in both dialogue and special effects in movies.

So far, I like the soundbar a lot. If not for that compatibility issue, I would have definitely kept the D450 for sure. I do not have the Harmony yet, but maybe Harmony can control D450 since it is the king of universal remotes
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Anyone had a chance to compare this to the JVC-BA1, or CT-150 and CT-350? Or any other soundbars for that matter...
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Why in the world would they not make it compatible with a Samsung TV remote? Most Samsung remotes are interchangeable/compatible and allow for convienence and ease of use with Samsung TVs. The C450 soundbar worked very well with Samsung TV remotes, and I would have thought the D450 soundbar would have been the same. I was interested in upgrading to the D550 soundbar but not necessarly if the remotes are not compatible with Samsung TVs.
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I purchased this sound bar and am loving it for the most part. I wish I could get it working with my cable remote but it's not that big a deal. I find that pass and music are the best sound settings. I haven't had any technical problems with it.
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Hi all,

Update on my bar. I just sent it off for repair to samsung. I noticed last week the center back of bar is emitting some sort of sound that distorts the rest of the audio. It almost sounds like something is rattling around inside. It mostly happens during movies (inception for example). It happened despite the source (STB v. TV).

Anyways, I'm hoping samsung does something about it. I'll keep yall updated.
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I just bought the same soundbar. the subwoofer feels like it's not loud enough, any one have the same problem?. I even put it on +6 but feels it could use more power.
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Originally Posted by eeps24 View Post

I just bought the same soundbar. the subwoofer feels like it's not loud enough, any one have the same problem?. I even put it on +6 but feels it could use more power.

Just got the 450 a week ago to replace my ancient Zenith HTIB. I have to agree though, whilst the sound quality is superb, the bass leaves a bit to be desired. Couldn't that be fixed with a simple firmware update? The bass is great when the total volume is cranked up, but a bit puny when not.
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Hey Guys, I purchased this last week on boxing day, my sub sounds like there is nothing coming out of it at all, it shows bluetooth connected but i haven't tried cranking the volume up to full.

I was planning on returning it, maybe this as good as it gets?
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I purchased this for my dad and also noticed the sub may as well not even be there.

Very dissapointing, has anyone had aby luck getting bass out of it?

Otherwise I like the bar, with the exception that that display is on top and I can't see which sound mode I'm on...
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