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PC based dual player?

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Hi all!

Not sure if this should be here or in the PC forum ...... ?

I currently have a Toshiba HDDVD player and a Samsung BluRay player. I want to create back ups of all by Bluray and HDDVDs on my PC, and then convert some of them to a format I can watch on my xoom tablet when I'm traveling.

Can anyone recomend a good dual player, ideally external, that I can hook up to my PC?

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I think this is the one I bought back when Circuit City was going out of business:


I say "think" because I hooked it to a Mac, and I don't have any Blu/HD playback software for the Mac to use it.. I gather it worked more seamlessly under Windows.
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The LG combo drives (GGW-H20L) are common and popular. If you can't find an external version, just get an internal version and a 5.25" drive enclosure to make it external.
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I have the LG BE06LU10 and it works great.
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LG BE06LU10 too, works great.
LG stopped manufacturing it, and unfortunately the newer BE06LU11 does not support HD DVD anymore.
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Buffalo BRHC-6316U2 are on sale for $119.99 and free shipping. It is a LG GGW-H20N in an external USB case. I have one. It plays HD DVDs and burns BDs great. I posted the deal in HD DVD hardware deals thread.
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