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RCA connection increases battery load

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I posted this in the Plasma Display forum, but think this could apply here.

I have a strange problem, or maybe it's common and I'm not aware of it. Here's my setup. My Samsung plasma is plugged into a home theater UPS (Monoprice brand) and when it's on it reads about 70% battery load. I have a Wii that's plugged into the non-UPS side of the UPS and I'm using the TV's front RCA connection for the Wii. When I turn the Wii on, it causes the TV's battery load to go up pass 100%, causing the UPS to beep. It's has something to do w/ the RCA connection b/c as soon as I disconnect the Wii RCA cable, the load drop back to 70%. I have a PS3 and FIOS box, both connected by HDMI, and no problem. Any idea what's going on here? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Sounds like a crap UPS that measures load in relation to ground, without regard to actual load. Negative on the RCA connection is likely connected to ground in one or both of the devices, in effect tying the devices together in to a single ground load. This freaks out the UPS, I'd guess.

Here's a question. Why run your plasma on a UPS? It doesn't matter if your plasma suddenly loses power, but actually does matter if a console loses power in the middle of saving your game, resulting in save corruption. The worst thing to happen to the plasma is you'd have to reset it's clock.
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If you just want to fix the problem by moving the Wii to HDMI, then spend $50 on this. The cheaper solution that makes more sense to me though is to just not use a UPS with your plasma, and instead use the UPS side for you Wii and PS3.

Oh, additional thought. Plasma power usage varies depending on screen brightness. For example, my whole setup (50" plasma + receiver + console of choice) uses about 450W when the screen is mostly white, as with the Wii's main menu. It uses closer to 300W when the screen is darker though, as with the PS3's main menu. See if your problem is only with the main menu, and doesn't follow you in to games where the brightness is far more middling.

Also, lowering the Brightness/Contrast on your plasma will reduce load in general. If you are running settings close to what they were when you took the plasma out of the box, then you really should be running closer to half that Brightness/Contrast.
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