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Target Curves

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I've just purchased the Audyssey Pro kit (still waiting for the speakers though - bummer!), and have read a lot about the use of different target curves for movies.

I've seen examples of the JBL Synthesis Curve:

When my gear is set up up, I am going to try the Synthesis Curve, a flat curve, and a Synthesis-like curve without the bass boost.

It would be interesting to see what others are using, and why

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Here is a link to a house curve article by Wayne Pflughaupt.

Due to the EL curves, it all depends on playback level, however I'm preferable to a somewhat LF biased overall balance. If it unnaturally colors voice in a manner I find unacceptable, then it's excessive.

Good luck
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I started this thread some years ago, but unfortunately there wasn't much activity. I was thinking that it could be interesting to startup the thread Again and hear what your opinions about the different target curves are and what would be the most accurate/best sounding.

When I search target curves, I find some different types:

1. Jbl Synthesis

2. "Global" curve found from Steinway Lyngdorf White papers

3. JBL Synthesis 2

4. B&K curve (preferred in listening tests)

5. Harmans curve preferred in listening tests

I find it very interesting that the JBL Synthesis curve and the Harman curve are not the same.

So I would love to hear your opinions about which would be preferred in "small" rooms and why.

EDIT: I know that the curve is dependant of the listening level. I assume that we are talking about close-to-reference listening levels.
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