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Sharpvision XV-Z9000U  

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I have a customer wanting me to check this out for him. All I know is what I read in the mag reviews and that is all good, but I will have to live with this set so I need some good straight info. Anybody?

Larry Proud
ISF Calibratrions
in the DFW Area
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Unless I'm missing something you're talking about a front projector based on the model designation you mention. Someone else chime in if I'm off on this. Larry, do a search on that model and I'm sure all that you will come up with is info re: Sharp DLP front projector.
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The Sharp XV-Z9000U is a DLP front projector. There have been a number of reviews and various feedback in the Digital Projectors section of the forum. The new firmware upgrade that recently came out has supposedly taken care of some lipsync problems and other issues that it had since it was first manufactured last year. If you buy today, make sure it is manufactured in 2002. I will ship mine off for the free upgrade next week. Other than that, my feedback is it is great. - CP
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