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I had initially thought the same thing iraweiss, however the only info available on the web is from 2009. My guess is that it was for an older release or older set top boxes.

I'm still having issues. I've about given up on this. Once a week we get DVR service unavailable and I have to reboot everything. More often than once a week while watching recordings and try to fast forward, pause etc the playback just stops and things disappear.

I plugged my DVR network into my home network. The once a week thing made me suspect that an IP address failure was the issue. Nothing anywhere lets me configure IP addresses. Well the strange thing is all 3 devices got an IP address from my router, for a few minutes. Then disappeared. Well then tonight one of my laptops was getting an ip address of when my network isn't close to that at all. To make it even stranger, the nas and 3 boxes have an ip address of 192.168.145.xxx. However I did find out that when I try to go to I get a PACE login window. Looks like a web interface on the NAS.

Does anyone have any clue what Pace uses for logins? I'm guessing there is another level of programming on the NAS that isn't documented on the web. I have a few friends who just switched from Insight Business installers to residential. I'm going to give them a call this week to try to get the info.

How did the new NAS work out weiss?
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Couple Questions:
1. supermansmurf, Can you provide a weeee bit more about the upgrade you did to increase the storage space on the NAS?
I have a 2 TB external HD... can I simply plug that into the port on the back of the NAS?
1a. Do I need to format/prep the HDD in any way?

2. One of my TVs is NOT HD Compatable (Yeah, ancient) is there a way for the Pace to send a... I dunno... downgraded? signal from the HD channels (900's in my area) as things stand, the screen just goes blank 100% when in the 900's... even on "old" commercials

3. I am getting the feeling that the entire system SHOULD still be in Beta... the DVR software is really... brittle. one thing I REALLY dislike...

1. Begin to view Channel A
2. Switch to channel B
3. after 10 min, use "Last" button to go to channel A again...
The show on A is... well, from 10 min in the past... it kinda "stopped" and began to record... but if you try to skip fwd, or select "live"... you are STILL stuck 10 min in the past.
The only way to "unstick" it is to hit pause, play, live... "pause" makes the thing "realize" that the show has "moved on"....

I want to be able to switch between 2 games, WITHOUT having them stop while I am not looking at them
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You said supermansmurf, thats funny...

Not sure why the 900's wouldn't work? I have a TV hooked up to one of my boxes with just straight coax tuned to channel 4. It gets all of the channels. I have also noticed that the pause and switch tuner function don't work properly. I was watching something last night that I paused and when I came back it had rewinded to the commercial before I paused it. It does have a mind of it's own.

I've been accused of making 4 rights instead of 1 left in the past, so it wouldn't surprise me to find out that it was as simple as adding an esata hard drive to the NAS. Probably safer too. However, no I actually opened the NAS and removed the 500gb hard drive from inside it and replaced with a bigger one. It was right after I read somewhere that the esata port was disabled. Plus I didn't have a spare esata hard drive and power supply to put on it, but I did have a ton of 2TB hard drives laying around.

Yea there is no way this should be out yet. It just doesn't work right. I have a ton of issues with ours. It never fails too, as soon as our little man wants to go to sleep and watch Chuggington it quits working. The strange thing is that it's not just the NAS. I'm having problems with OnDemand now amongst several other issues with the NAS and DVR function. I really wish there was a better solution but we don't have a choice.

The positive side of things is that it is basically 3 DVR's for the price of 2. If I wanted to just swap this setup out for 3 HD DVR's it would cost significantly more per month to an already high bill. If Dish Network had Sprout I'd be there and if Direct TV wasn't considered the devil in this house that too. UVerse isn't in Indiana and we can't live without our cable any more so now what???

I really would like to see an Internet based solution that worked easy. That would be nice. For now I just sit and bi7ch. Oh bother...
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I get the 900's just fine.

Check the cable box menu (for the Pace RNG150N set top box). Page 14 of the instructions starts user settings. Make sure 480i is enabled under TV Display Capability. If it isn't you won't get any picture. Some of the Insight cable company installers disable everything other than 1080i as it makes the boxes peppier.

Had my DVR and the attached cable box replaced today. I found out that both boxes are to be replaced if the DVR goes bad. This had not been done. Let's see if my problems go away.

FWIW they had not heard of the dongle. The NAS DVR specifically mentions the RNG150N cable box. I doubt it has been changed.

Right now I don't have the DVR icon on the quick menu or the DVR option in the menus on the two cable boxes not directly connected to the NAS. Looks like another call to Insight tomorrow. Break out the Preparation H!
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Still no DVR menu icon in two cable box clients. Installer (Precision Broadband) called to see how things were at 9:20 this morning and I told them about problem. They said they would come out to fix it. I still have not received a call to schedule. I also called Insight and they verified that someone would need to come out. They will e-mail Precision to remind them.
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Can more than four boxes access the NAS. I understand there is a limitation to 3 DVRs, however, can a non-DVR box access the NAS, so that more than three TVs can be supported (ableit only three can record).
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Tech came out before lunch today. He went into the Diagnostics Menu and first disabled and then enabled the clients from the network. All is well.
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I've had almost all of the same issues as others posting. One extra I noticed is that the closed captioning sometimes overlaps itself, making it hard to read.

I've had the two DVR one disk bundle as a replacement for the silver DVR for maybe 2 weeks now and we've had the tech out 3 times already. The last one replaced a bunch of our splitters and did who knows what. He indicated a number of the playback problems were known software bugs. Hopefully they'll do a serious set of fixes.

I'm mostly concerned about the performance. I'm on the verge of asking them to bring back the old model DVRs.

I agree, this should not have been released to the public.
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The latest: The client directly connected to the DVR gave me a message that the hard disk was full and I had to delete something. Number of recordings on the disk: zero, as I erase when I'm done. Called insight and they reset the box. That caused all sorts of issues so I rebooted the whole damned thing. Worked fine tonight.
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In case you haven't heard Time Warner just bought Insight for $3 B. I wonder what the transition will mean and if someone will "pick up the Pace".
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Hi folks, I live in KY and am considering upgrading to the multi-room DVR from Insight.
I'm hoping that some of you can answer a few basic questions that I can't seem to get a straight answer from when I speak to Insight....
(1) Do the other TVs (clients) not attached to the DVR use the "mini-boxes" or is it a full size receiver?
(2) Can the client TVs play live HD from the DVR? (This is one of my gripes with the mini-boxes - no HD!!)
(3) Did you have to schedule an install appointment or can you DIY?

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Hello. I have a pace multi room and one extra top box setup by Insight. I want to move the extra receiver box (not server) to another room, but Insight wants to charge me $25. Does anyone know how to reprogram once I move it so I don't have to pay?
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There really isn't any programming unless you want the name of the box changed. It's simply just having another coax run where you want it and moving the box.

As long as you have a live cable drop at the new spot just power it all down, move it, hook it up and fire it all up again.

If you want the name of the multiroom client changed; like from bedroom to kitchen that's a little harder. But if you're like me it's not a big deal really.

Hope this helps.
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The 3 "tv" boxes are smaller than the HD DVR but bigger than a mini-box

They will do HD

no it isn't a diy install.

Sorry it's a short reply I'm back from lunch now.
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Use this link from an earlier post for the power up order:

Here is the only link that I could find for the DC900X installation guide.


Just remember Insight does not use the dongles.
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Does anybody else think these things are a piece of crap? They skip and freeze when playing back recordings. They don't remember to record a series recording. You look on the guide and see a program you want to record an hour later, you press record the red dot appears and guess what, it does not record. Last week I put in series recording fo the whole week on one of the boxes. Most of them recorded, but not all. Las tnight I noticed it was not recording Hawaii 50, so i looked and all of the series recordings for the week were gone, I'm about ready to call Insight and tell them to come take everything (Cable TV and Phone) out except the Broadband and turn DirecTV back on. Those DVR's work.
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Latest issue: Stuttering. While watching the OSU/Colorado game (live) and Terra Nova recorded on the DVR the sound on two different TV's stutters - momentarily dropping out - with picture freezes. I guess it's a call to Insight coming up.
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I haven't had any issues recording. I wish there was a way to not double record a series program....like if you try to setup a series recording that was already setup on another box it would alert you that it is already recording this series on another box already.
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Can anyone explain how the MR DVR communicates with the external storage?

My system 3 room system was installed last Friday. I have the following questions.

1. I have 10 1/2 hrs recorded and the menu says 16% full. It looks like I will max out at 65 hours instead of the 90 hours advertised.

2. Is there a way to see future recordings from all three clients? Insight told me to go to each set and check. That seems strange.

Thanks in advance.
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We've run into a new problem the last day or so. Several programs recorded from the box in my upstairs bedroom have been broken up into multiple segments. Tonite a half hour episode of Two and a Half men ended up as 22 separate segments. Aargh! I'm going to pick up a UPS in case it could be a power issue. Not having the problem with the box in the family room, but it does have a UPS.

Anyone else run into this?
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Have always loved Insight unitl now. Mulit room DVR's causing divorce with Insight and my wife. Have experienced all the issues listed here for sure.

Trying to follow the Ethernet versus MoCA talk and it looks like Ethernet may improve performance or alleviate some issues. Am I reading that correctly?
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Originally Posted by supermansrf View Post


There really isn't any programming unless you want the name of the box changed. It's simply just having another coax run where you want it and moving the box.

As long as you have a live cable drop at the new spot just power it all down, move it, hook it up and fire it all up again.

If you want the name of the multiroom client changed; like from bedroom to kitchen that's a little harder. But if you're like me it's not a big deal really.

Hope this helps.

Could you tell me how to change the room name of the box. Insight was supposed to do that when they replaced the noz and they didnt and I hate to make another appt unless necessary.
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Mine is now locking up several times a day. They are coming again next week. I f this does not fix it, then they are history and I'm back to DirecTV.
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Yeesh...this thread is nothing but complaints. I'm currently looking into switching to this because it would come out to be less than the 2 DVR boxes we currently have. Isn't there anyone who is actually happy with the service?
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I've had the dvr multi room setup for about 3 months now. We average about 3-4 shows recorded / day (at least). I've only had one small issue with a show disappearing with on-demand (which was really weird) but our recordings, etc. have all been successful to this point. There are obvious things that need improving but all-in-all I think the picture is better than what I was getting from DTV, it costs less and so far I am happy with the system.
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I have had the multi-room for about a week now. It has some small quirks, but overall it is working like its supposed too. My biggest issue is, there is a small delay on pause, play, rewind and FF. Not as slow as on demand, but definitely there. I have not had any shows disappear. One thing to note. You HAVE to use the MyDVR button to access recordings from all rooms. If you use Menu, and go to DVR, it only displays recordings from that room.
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Did you format the drive to anything, or just throw a new drive in and go?
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Does anyone know if you can add a slave drive? USB, firewire? SATA?
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I am located in louisville kentucky and have the same issues. I get dvr service unavailable all the time. I have unplugged it and now everything works but no dvr. I have found out the splitter is not 1.5 . I am looking to get other splitters. I noticed i do not have a low pass filter on mine at all. The nas is connected to other dvr via ethernet cable and the other two boxes via coxial cable. This is very frustrating. I am at a loss.

Should i ask about a low pass filter ?

Also i seen one has done ethernet totally. Have you had any issues ? I am able to do that but will take some time. Also my house there is no way i could have ethernet as it is second floor and unable to run ethernet.
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Also does anyone have a low pass filter in there setup ?
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