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Philips 64PP9751  

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Anyone here familiar with this set?

Looking at the sparse info I have on this TV it is not clear to me if the DVD inputs will accept a 480p signal or if they rely on the Genesis line doubler and only accept interlaced?
Speaking of the Genesis, I seem to recall that there were some issues with this device at one time regarding progressive inputs.
How does the NTSC performance of this set rate?
What about 3:2 pulldown? My literature doesn't mention it but I am assuming that the Genesis takes care of this task. True or no?
I had the opportunity a few years ago to play around with a Philips 64" (9905 I think?) and thought at that time it was a very impressive display device and decided then I didn't want anything less than 9" CRT's.
Due to the cost of these premium viewing devices I haven't pulled the trigger on purchasing one yet. I now have the opportunity to get one of these dudes at a very reasonable price and my trigger finger is getting itchy.
Any feedback on this set would be appreciated.

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It's been a while since I've compared model numbers and features, but believe this set is similar to my 64PH9905 except they've eliminated the built-in tuner and Dolby circuits. On my 9905, the DVD component inputs are for 480i only. The separate HD component inputs accept 480p (1080i, etc.), although mine required two module changes for this to work (loss of sync with 480p prior to the fixes).

Genesis/NTSC/video performance is excellent in the 9905, but again can't say how much trimming may have been done for the newer model. No 3:2 pulldown (unless I'm using my Toshiba SD-6200 DVD machine), but the overall Genesis performance is great; might be the auxiliary memory used with the Genesis for deinterlacing, but not sure. I would have hoped newer Philips models (my 9905 will be two years old this summer) would have switched to the Genesis/Faroudja chip for deinterlacing, but apparently not. I discussed some similar points in the CRT forum a while back regarding a Marantz 9-in model . I'd 'pull the trigger' on a 9905 purchase again today, but it's always nice to have state-of-the-art built-in doublers, etc. For the 9905 this would include a 3rd or 4th generation tuner, but guess most similar sets now eliminate such HDTV tuners. -- John
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Thanks John,

You're correct the 9751 does not contain an integral ATSC tuner. Which is fine with me as I prefer the flexibility of an external STB.

I noticed a few things on the small info sheet I have that I find interesting.

One of the HD inputs has Y Pb Pr AND 2 sync inputs (one labeled H/H+V and the other V) I find this interesting because typically Y Pb Pr carries sync on the Y channel does it not? The other input is the usual RGB input via SVGA connector.

In one paragraph extolling the virtues of "Philips cutting edge PixelMax technology" they mention "improved CRT's and three element lenses". Then in the next paragraph it is desciribed how "Four element lenses work in concert with with each CRT to improve focus". Hmm, so which is it?
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Looks like they've retained the 3-wire/5-wire combined component inputs of the 9905. They're dual-use: either YPrPb, or RGBHV using the 2 additional sync jacks.

The specialized Philips video enhancement might be okay if it's selectable like variable sharpness, IMO. I'd hope they retained a good deinterlacer like the Genesis. The reviews I've read of that Philips circuit haven't been too favorable--at all. But it wouldn't be too significant if it can be switched off and other built-in options exist. I've noticed some are buying Philips' reduced-feature models then promptly adding external deinterlacers. If an ext. doubler adds ~$600-1200, IMO it makes more sense to get a higher-end model to start with. Sorry, can't help with the lens-element contradiction. -- John
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Well, the lure of those 9" guns was just to hard to resist at the price I'm getting this thing for. So it is on the way.
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