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Studio Canal-discs with PC playback

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I got a problem. I got several Studio Canal-discs (Ran, The Graduate etc.) and they all have a problem. I can't get the subtitles to work in either Arcsoft Total Media Theatre 3 or 5, Cyberlink PowerDVD. You can choose the menu language but I'm unable to activate subtitles in either home menu, popup-menu or by rightclicking and try to activate it. Nothing works. I've tried with AnyDVD HD and Passkey but none of can make me get subtitles. Is there any fix for this? Do I have to encode the subtitles to .srt-file and play using MPC?

I appreciate all the help I can get.

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Well Ran doesn't have English subtitles.
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I'm swedish and all my Studio Canal-discs have swedish subtitles.
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I checked the DVD-Profiler and looked at the german "RAN" HD-DVD and there are no english subtitles.
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It looks like you're not the first person to have this issue. There was a post in 2008 about the Studio Canal release of Terminator 2 not being able to play subtitles in Cyberlink's software. Link is here. In case I shouldn't have linked, here's what it says:


There is unfortunately a problem with the french hd dvd of Terminator 2 (Studio Canal), it's impossible to activate the subtitles with this movie. I think that it is the same with Traffic HD DVD from the same editor. There is two discs on the box, one with the standard edition, one another with the Director's cut edition, the problem is the same for the two discs.

In fact, the french subtitles are always activated (with a Toshiba player) if the English track (there is a french track on the standard edition and not on the director's cut) is selected. But it don't work with PowerDVD 7.3.

Perhaps that the problem comes owing to the fact that it is possible to move the subtitles in height with a standalone player.

and somebody responded with...


I have the same problem, wit the Dutch hd-dvd. I have sent a message to cyberlink.

I think you're not going to be able to get these to work due to some encoding that is done on the discs.
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