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HT Questions: Next Epson Model on the Horizon & 3D

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I'm looking for a sub $3,000 projector. I've got a Panny AE900 that is starting to get a bit long in the tooth. I've repaired the iris once, replaced the bulb many times, and now it is cycling on and off from time to time. My 11 year old said it was time for an upgrade and that was all I needed to head to AVSFORUM & ProjectorCentral.

Epson seems to be a leader in the market, but the 8350 started shipping 8 months ago, and the 8700 7 months ago.

Some questions I am thinking about:
  • On average how often does Epson release new models:
    • annually for CESA?
    • Should I wait a couple of months for the next turn of the crank?

  • Any other projectors I should be considering?
    • Benq W1200
    • Sony VPL-VWPRO1
    • ViewSonic Pro9500

  • My viewing preferences are for sports & movies, but my kids love playing XBOX on a 10' screen. I really haven't been following or intrigued by 3D. 3D seems like a big jump in projector price with little content available. I'm committed to 10' screen so I can no longer go back to those tiny things other people (like my wife) watch...I think they call them TV's.
    • Is 3D just a fad like the Kinect I bought last Christmas, or is the next rev of games and movies just a few months away and I won't be able to put down my $100 glasses?

Thanks in advance for comments
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For 3D in my opinion it's the Acer 5360, it's cheap and looks good. But the update is coming out

I would also look at the HC4000.

HC4000 topic and other HC4000 topic

HC4000 vs Sony

I don't like viewsonic and if your looking at Benq take a look at the W6000.

Edit: There is also the BenQ SP890 Link but I don't know anything about it. It looks really really bright so you could use it outside for a backyard movie night with a blow up screen.
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If you really are wanting a significant set up and have at least some passing interest in 3D then the JVC DLA-RS40 is worth a good look. It is a full 1080p resolution projector and like other JVC home theater oriented projectors has industry leading native contrast ratio and black levels. The AVS Store (sponsor of this forum) sells JVC (as well as Epson) and the street price for the RS40 is below $4K. As for Epson projectors, their cureent LCD projectors are very similar to last year's models and also the models of 2 years ago. Epson seemed to have progressed this LCD technology to near it limit. Epson had planned to introduce in late 2010 their first generation of LCoS projectors (Epson calls their version "LCD Reflective") and there was hope these would be able to be competative with the JVC LCoS projectors (JVC calls their version DILA). However, Epson has run into manufacturing issues and it now appears their LCoS projectors will be delayed until at least late this year and that assumes they can work out the manufacturing issues they are having. The prices Epson put out for their LCoS models, back when they were announced at the CEDIA trade show last September, were similar to the JVC models. The JVC DLA-RS40, as well as the more expensive RS50 & RS60, are 3D ready and work with Blu-ray 3D players and other 3D sources. Most projector manufacturers announce their new projectors at the CEDIA show in Sept. then begin shipping the new models anywhere from October to January. So we are now at the mid-point of the model year.
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Ron did a great job of answering every question except the prospects for 3D. I'm here to tell you, as a 3D enthusiast, that 3D depends on your perspective. If you really like what you see, then there is enough content to keep you satisfied for now, but if you are not so impressed by it, then the upcoming year will not change your impression much.

3D movies will be released on Blu-Ray at the rate of one or two a month this upcoming year - half of them coming from Disney's back catalog. Live sports and other TV productions will trickle out, but will require some initiative to get the cable or satellite service - 3D transmissions will be far from universally available to customers for the next couple or few years.

Games on the PC and on consoles - especially PS3 - already are available in impressive numbers and quality, so games is where 3D will be most used for now.

Lastly, I think 3D is a great asset for home video. A good 3D camcorder can be had now for $1500, and a cheap one costs only $200. The main reason I already implemented 3D at home is to make 3D videos I will still want to watch years from now.
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Epson seems to be a leader in the market

are there any lcd 3d PJ,s?As I understand lcos/dila/sxrd suffers some when doing 3D.
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Originally Posted by eat meat View Post

are there any lcd 3d PJ,s?As I understand lcos/dila/sxrd suffers some when doing 3D.

Nope, no LCD 3D projectors. There are some home brewed rigs using two LCD projectors in a passive glasses setup, but that is not what you are asking about. DLP with active glasses is great except almost all of them are limited to 720p. Many of us have simply added a 720p DLP Link projector to whatever other projector we are using for 2D, and we do with that until 1080p DLP Link becomes affordable or some even better solution comes to light.
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Thanks for the great updates...both on the Epson future as well as 3D. I always seem to want whatever is just around the corner. I'm glad my Panny is giving out - good motivation to buy.

As for the 3D I hadn't honestly considered a 3D camcorder...interesting thought. My wife is always taking pics and the camcorder is getting a bit long in the tooth as well. I believe I'll take a trip to an AV store to get a first hand read of 3D. My last 3D was an IMAX film...but it was the 50 cent glasses and not much better than the 20yr old 3D JAWS. I owe it to myself to get my eyes educated. I wonder if your eyes get tired watching 3D.

As for the 8700ub, does anyone know how much ambient light it can handle? I have a well controlled room for light...but sometimes I would like to run the lights at 50% to eat/drink/etc. Will the 1600 lumens of the 8700 still be able to paint a picture 16' away? My Panny (1000 lumens) completely washes out with any light.
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