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LG LD450N USB movies

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I got a bit of a problem and I'm hoping someone would have the answer, so here goes:
I'm trying to get a fullHD movie to play on my 42LD450 thru the USB port. I've done the IR hack and it is working beautifully, except I got a movie with DTS audio track. I used Moeya HD Converter on my mac to make a AC3 audio track and then used Mkvtoolnix to remux to AC3 to the -mkv file. I was optimistic that this would work, but when I plug in my HDD and select the movie, the TV says "Opening the file" and after a good 20 seconds, it says "File not supported". I'm guessing I have to do something differently in Mkvtoolnix, but I dont know what! If someone has been able to change the DTS track to AC3 in a .mkv and gotten it to play on the TV, please tell me how you've managed it!

And on a side note, if you have a good way to this in Windows rather than in Mac OSX, it's no problem. I have Windows running thru BootCamp.
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Try using mkv2vob or TSmuxer. Both are windows programs, but may have a mac program as well. They are both tools used to convert movies for the ps3, but will work exactly the same for your tv. You can choose to just convert the dts audio to ac3 and it will remux it as well, and it wont touch the video at all.
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Thanks for the reply!

After some research I got the tsMuxer to work under Snow Leopard on my mac but I can't figure out where I should click to get the DTS sound to be converted in to AC3.
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Hmm, I guess you cant with tsmuxer. I thought you could. Did you have any luck with mkv2vob? I know that does dts to ac3.
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I compiled ffmpeg with X11 and got that to convert the .dts to .ac3 and then remuxed the .ac3 to the .mkv. Haven't been home yet so I haven't been able to test if it works or not. I'll post results tomorrow when I have the chance to try it out. One quick question though, does the TV support m2ts?
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I think there has to be something wrong with mkvtoolnix on the mac side, because every file that I've tried this with it, hasn't worked. I gotta try Popcorn MKV audioconverter in BootCamp to see if that makes a difference.
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It seems that the problem was mkvtoolnix for mac. It somehow corrupted the mkv file, so the TV couldn't play it. I followed the instructions here: http://hints.macworld.com/comment.ph...3824&query=app and it worked like a charm! Hope this helps someone else also with the same problem.
The installation of those was a bit of a pain because some of the files used there were deleted off the servers, but with a little googleing you will find the files!
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