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The best VCR brand/model to use as a tuner  

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I will be using a VCR as the tuner on a 50" pioneer. My question is anyone recommend a specific make/model for this use. In one of my previous post I was recommended JVC.

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You want to get one of the high-end JVC models: HR-S7800 or above. They don't necessarily have a better tuner than other good VCRs, but they have by far the best tape playback. They're the only units below pro prices that include a digital time base corector. Possibly more important for your use, because they are SVHS decks you can get S-video out to your plasma when you use it as a tuner.

I tried a number of VCRs with my Panny plasma, and the JVC 7900 beat them all by a BIG visible margin.
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I was looking at the new JVC D-VHS machine, wondering if using the component outputs to drive the display will yield an improvement over s-video
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I recently purchased a JVC 7800 from Crutchfields. They have been running a special for $199. See here . I don't know how that price compares with other retailers, but it is a great VCR for the money.
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Why not try a Tivo unit instead and get all the Tivo features. And Tivo has S-vid out.
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I auditioned a lot of svhs vcrs and the Mitsubishi svhs was by far the best.Better PQ than JVC or Toshiba.
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I picked up the Mitsubishi HS-U776 SVHS player.

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Would a digital cable box give any better qtly picture over a VCR tuner. DO digital cable boxes have SVHS outputs?

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I have the same exact model as you.It was absolutely hands down the best svhs vcr I have ever used.This is coming from a guy who literally auditioned ever svhs (jvc,tosiba,phillips,panasonic)vcr ever made.Best picture,cleanest signal.
My wife uses it to tune cable(with, for cable,very nice results)I usually only watch directv or dish or replaytv..
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Thanks for the info.
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I am using a General Instrument DCT-2000 cable converter box which has both RF out and separate video and single audio outputs. This is going to a TIVO with S-video out, to my Panny plasma. I am currently using an RF cable between the G.I. box and Tivo. The TV signal on the plasma is pretty pathetic. Will I see any discernable difference if I use the separate A/V output instead of RF? Cablevision in my area doesn't have any more advanced equipment available.(in addition to not broadcasting the Yankee games)
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