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Devo's Den

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Here is my living room where I spend countless hours sitting&sipping...

Finally decided to post some pics of my humble abode, hope you enjoy it because I sure do. Sorry for the quality of the photos...

The Product:

The Panel: Panasonic TC-P58S1
The Brains: Onkyo TX-SR706
The Protection: Belkin PureAV PF60
The Sources: Sony PlaystationPS3 (Slim), Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HD (RogersCBL), Sony CD Player DVP-NS67P, Vidtec DVD-K39 CD/DVD Karaoke System (loads of fun...)
The Speakers: Paradigm all around; Monitor 9s for L&R, CC-390 Centre Channel, Atoms around back, DSP-3200 Subwoofer. Being a pround Canadian, had to go with the 'Digms, they make 'em right down the street from me!
The Extras: Logitech Harmony One Remote, a couple of half-decent Phillips Mics for singing, Auralex GRAMMA isolation pad for the sub, a gang of DVDs (hardly ever used now), an ever-growing stash of Ray-Rays (more shelving needed ASAP!), and of course, a fridge full of Heine's for karaoke nights/movie nights.

The main viewing position, my favorite seat in the house.

You can see all the Ray-Rays on the side shelf, plus all of my CDs.

The Monitors are toed-in after countless hours of tweaking, and getting things just right.

The CC-390 Centre is slightly angled upward towards the viewer.

Big, comfy couch for rocking-out on and for some heavy lounging.

Redwood sculpture of Guan Gong on the Paradigm DSP-3200 Sub (Gods of war love heavy bass)

DVD shelving (more needed badly....) with the Atoms on the side.

Thanks for taking a look, let me know what you think etc.......
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wow, that center is huge!!!!

nice clean set up.

Thanks for posting
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Looks nice. Center is HUGE and couch looks very comfy.
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Very nice.
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Sweet gear and sharp decor. Congrats!
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Very cool looking set up!
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Nice, clean looking setup. You have tons of media to watch! Love your red statue.
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I need to tip my center channel up a bit. What are you using for yours?
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Easy solution for your storage problems...build a HTPC. Just built one and it's the beat edition yet...! And easy too.
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Originally Posted by Gronnie View Post

I need to tip my center channel up a bit. What are you using for yours?

I am using slightly modified feet that are meant for the Monitor 9 tower speakers. I ordered them direct from Paradigm. I suppose you could use just about anything to tip your cc, but I like the fact that all my front feet match perfectly.
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