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Very nice. I am impressed with the macro adapter and the idea of the black box background. It looked great on my setup with no eye strain!
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Thank you much, that was my main goal to get rid of eyestrain while viewing macro 3D. It seems to have worked pretty good! I am working on more at the moment and plan on releasing a movie once done.
So far most my footage blows me away, shot a bee and caterpillar yesterday on some flowers that just look great!
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Panasonic Z10000 3D video of college ice hockey hockey game

This is a video taken of a college hockey game. The streaming 2D version (one lens view) is here:


You can download the original from this site, which will play in 3D if you have 3D capability and 2D if you do not. The original is 108060i MVC.

The streaming 3D version is here:

The video was shot at 1/60th shutter for smooth motion.
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Here is a 3D video I recorded of Brian May (left) being interviewed about 3D tv and movies by Ray Zone at the National Stereoscopic Association 3D-Con in Costa Mesa, California. July 28, 2012. I knew it wouldn't turn out so great because of low light and no tripod, but I thought I'd try a few clips.

I recorded it with a Fujifilm 3D W3 camera, converted and aligned it in Stereo Video Maker, and edited it in iMovie. Sorry about the shaky camera, I tried stabilizing it in YouTube, and also in iMovie, but it changed the 3D parallax too much. I guess I would have to first stabilize both left and right separately, then align and convert, etc. but I'm done with it for now.

Brian May is a guitarist from the rock band Queen, holds a Ph.D in astrophysics, is an animal rights activist and a huge 3D enthusiast. Ray Zone is a 3D artist, author, filmmaker, and 3D film historian. If you've ever read a 3D comic book, chances are he did the 3D for it. Ray Zone passed away just a few months after this conference.

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This is the entrance to the LG Booth at CES2013. It is said to be the world's largest 3D video wall.

I recorded this using a single Sony TD10 and special filter I made to preserve the 3D shown on these monitors in my recording. Pretty cool, right?
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This is my first actual production using a two 3D camera point of view of a performance. The points of view are extreme wide angle in 3D and mixed with a medium 3D shot. The wide angle was shot using two NEX5n cameras with a6mm Sony pancake lenses fitted with Sony's 0.62x fisheye adapters. The center camera mounted between the two NEX5n's was a single Sony HDR TD10 set for full wide. I recorded stereo sound on both the NEX5n's and 5.1 sound on the TD10. The sound on the NEX5n's was used to sync the recordings for pairing in Sony Vegas Pro v12. The final 5.1 sound in the rendering was from the TD10. The location of the rig was between two PA speakers in the center of the lake along the sidewalk. The 5.1 sound was only preserved in the BluRay rendering, not this You Tube rendering which is 2 ch stereo. The interaxial of the NEX5n camera lenses was 10 inches.
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Both of those videos were typically great for me from you. I viewed both on my 32 inch passive Vizio (I downloaded the YT files and streamed through my WDTV Live Plus box) and plan to watch them on my HT setup tonite. After several minutes of viewing the Bellagio video, I changed the viewing to 4x FF and enjoyed the aqua dancing even more!

Again, nice work and thanks for your making your productions available to all.

.....what is that "special filter" used to produce the video wall video? It really pops out out.

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Thanks for the compliments.

The special filter is a modification I did to my Sony HDR TD10 by mounting a threaded ring from a 77mm UV filter to the front of the camcorder. This allows me to add any standard filter such as neutral density, UV, polarizers and others to the camcorder. When I got interested in viewing new 3D TV's I needed a way yo record not just a double image on the screen but preserve the 3D quality as I saw it with the glasses on. I took a 77mm UV standard filter and carefully cut out the left and right lenses from a pair of RealD 3D movie glasses. Alignment was critical. These were laminated to the UV filter and properly positioned the TD10 can easily record the 3D off of any passive screen using the FPR technology and you can see the 3D when played back on any 3D monitor, including active shutter glasses monitors. To record the active shutter monitors like the Sony or Samsung or Panasonic you need to do the same with the compatible active glasses. That gets expensive but the concept works just as well.

To shoot the Bellagio Fountains, I highly recommend using a protective filter, a UV on your cameras. The wind can and will blow a mist of water on your lenses during the show and having low cost UV filters will save your lenses from the optical coatings becoming scratched.

In shooting the high altitude and great distances like the Bryce Canyon project, I used high filtering UV filters and or circular polarizers on both my TD10's to assist in preventing color wash out.

I also carry gradient ND filters and orange color filters for effects.

Hot on my list to buy soon is a new filter I learned about at Tiffen which is a variable ND filter.
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44 years ago, we came to Florida on our honeymoon and the highlight of our trip was to visit the Kennedy Space Center, the place where the mission to land on the Moon began in July 1969. Since moving to Florida, we make it a point to visit yearly. Always an enjoyable couple days. Here is a recap of our trip August 9th and 10. It was shot with a Sony HDR TD10 and a pair of Pivothead sunglasses. Also includes some 2D classic PD video from NASA.

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Hi all,

Just a heads up I'm having a crack at launching a new YouTube channel dedicated to 3D videos, it's called 3DWeekly.

My goal is to upload at least one new edited 3D clip per week, with the intention of giving viewers original content to watch on their 3D TV's, monitors or projectors. All the vision will be shot and edited by me in native s3d, that is, with cameras that record 2 discrete video streams. I'll be using a variety of cameras from the consumer/prosumer range including Fuji's W3, Lumix 3D1 and the JVC HMZ1U, so you can see what type of content each one can provide.

I've already recorded a stack of vision of the last 2 years on my travels including trips to Europe, China, New Zealand, Vietnam and I'm out and about most weekends shooting in my local area of Melbourne Australia. I can't wait to share some of the cool shots I've gotten of which the quality of my vision is getting better and better as I learn the nuances of shooting in 3D, as well as improve my equipment (new monopod I'm looking at you).

Some of the first batch of clips I'll be posting are stuff that I've shared in this thread before but even if you've watched some of them before have a little peak at the new graphics I've made for the videos and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy all the new content to come in the following weeks!



Here is a link to the channel : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWXcS1ACTqRCSRbJcrzK_IA/videos

And the first Weekly clip went live just the other day:
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Spent another day at Sea World, Orlando, FL. Wanted to focus a video on the Parks aquariums and the new Antarctica exhibit and ride.
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Here is my latest stereoscopic YouTube video, it is a montage of stills (taken with a
Lumix 3D1) and set to classical music. The lily gardens were amazing this year and the
photos turned out beautifully. I really tried to maximize the 3D effect without hurting peoples
eyes. Let me know what you think smile.gif
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No eyestrain here. All looked good, both on anaglyph and passive screen 3D.
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Here's a little extra 3D content for you all to enjoy. Have a great weekend.
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Hey guys,

My latest 3D video is up on YouTube on my 3DWeekly channel. The vision for this week is a highlight package from my recent holiday to NZ. I hope you enjoy it. This one was filmed with the JVC HMZ1U and Cyclopitial's wide angle lens.

I'd love to get some feedback and feel free to subscribe to the channel if it interests you.

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This is a sequel of an old project of the Bellagio Spring Gardens, Originally shot with a Sony HDR TD10. This latest shoot was accomplished with the Panasonic Z10k which has superior imaging due to being a 3 chip x 2 camcorder. The TD10 is only single chip x 2.
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Happy New Year everyone.

Here's a video I put together from a shoot when I was practicing with my new Manfrotto monopod. It's shot in 3D/1080/24p on the JVC HMZU1. The monopod really works well with the more cinematic frame rate as it allows me to keep the shots much more still than handheld (even though there is a little shake due to it being a windy day), plus it has a fluid head for pans and the like.

Some feedback would be great.

On a side note I generally ensure I use free music such as from YouTube's own music library for content creators, and monetise the clips when I upload them (I know I'm never going to be rich but its a fun experiment). So far of the 7 videos I've uploaded only 2 have been approved for monetisation and this one in particular received a copyright strike for the music track used. The ironic thing is the audio they deemed to be infringing is in fact one of YouTube's free Audio Library tracks... um...what? What can you do except laugh I guess, but if anyone has any insight into this side of YouTube I'm all ears.

Regardless enjoy the clip and let me know what you think.



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The largest 4K 3D OLED video wall display was presented to CES 2014 attendees in the Central Hall. It was clearly the hands down largest audience throughout CES of all the booths. At any time of the show, it was very difficult to get a clear unobstructed view of the whole screen. While LG had a similar wall last year, this one was curved, OLED, 4K 21:9 panels and presented in 3D. Last year's wall was flat and made of 16:9 LED 1080p panels.

I shot both with the same camcorder using my special custom filter designed to record 3D video off of passive TV screens.

As usual, with all my You Tube videos, it is best seen using a 3D TV set manually for side by side 3D mode. However, you can also see the 3D by selecting anaglyph from the You Tube web page and viewing from a regular 2D computer screen.


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Unfortunately, I'm done watching 3D on YT until they unf*** their player. It's gotten all screwy in the last few months, everything plays in a tiny little window in the middle of the screen. Way to push new formats, YT.
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Thanks for the 3D videos of CES2014. It was like being there. This is the first time I have seen 3D videos of 3D videos.
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Oh it is You Tube making the screen so small.
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Originally Posted by Jedi2016 View Post

Unfortunately, I'm done watching 3D on YT until they unf*** their player. It's gotten all screwy in the last few months, everything plays in a tiny little window in the middle of the screen. Way to push new formats, YT.

You may be able to fix that yourself. When YT decided to add html5 to their player it indeed messed up everything. Trust me, I had many viewers complaining to me that I somehow wasn't doing something right.

You may be able to expand the SBS video to full size again by selecting html5 in the options. This works for me.

There is still a problem they created that I have not yet figured out how to fix. There used to be an option to play all 3D videos in 2D for those people who want to see the content but don't want to see it in 3D. They could select 2D and the SBS video would play full screen in 2D. That is now gone. I have been toying with the idea of uploading double listings for some videos, 3D and a second rendering in 2D.
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I started to post some exerpts from my latest feature length documentary- Carlsbad Caverns in 3D

It is a 90 minute length documentary done as a tour of the Natural Entrance and Big Room along the walk trail laid out by the park. This is a non-commercial production and will not be available for sale as a product. It will only be available similarly to my other long form documentaries.

On You Tube, due to the length of the program, the 3D will only be available in short excerpts. I posted the first of several parts now and will be uploading others throughout the week as popularity dictates.


Edit- Decided to just create a shorter version of the whole program I have on Blu Ray. This is an hour long complete tour through the Carlsbad Caverns
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On YouTube videos of carcam road trips have become popular especially since the product GoPro cameras came to market.

I became fascinated with this viewpoint and have become a YT fan of them for the past 6 months and decided to add this shooting technique to my kit, but wanted to take the idea to the next level. First, I wanted to shoot the forward view with a 3D camcorder to give a more realistic look of how the driver sees the road and often great scenery. Second, on the current collection of this genre, you never know exactly where you are unless a road sign just happens to pass by. So, I added a second camcorder to record synced video of my GPS map to the forward view.

My first YT upload is the drive from Carlsbad National Highway into the Park and on to the Visitor's center. This video only had one issue I had not counted on. The particular road did not show on my GPS when expanded so I had to keep the map on a larger area. On future videos in Death Valley I have some better maps, even off road trains we drove on that work. Look for them in the future.

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You Tube Player fixed the 2D option for 3D uploads. The switch 3D on or off is now back.
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They seem to have fixed the playback issues I was having, too.
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Yes, some of them.

Latest video edit uploaded today: These long programs are taking a whole day to upload and make ready:
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Thanks for this video. I was there in 1961 and loved it. I appreciate all your work and adding the sound narrative. I also have the Sony 3D camcorder so I know the quality it can do. Too bad YouTube lowers the quality.
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