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I had got the W1100 for $699 which I thought was really cheap for the projector. I was under the impression that the projector was also 3D. Do you know if anyone has got their projector working with 3D also?
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Where did you see that it was 3D??
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No it isn't 3D and again for the money the W1200 is the best PJ under $1k
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My W1200 keeps flashing lines every so often, is this a know problem?
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Turn u your overscan to 6 0r 7 and see if that fixes the problem.
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Originally Posted by nibor08 View Post

I had got the W1100 for $699 which I thought was really cheap for the projector. I was under the impression that the projector was also 3D. Do you know if anyone has got their projector working with 3D also?

Assuming it was 3D was a mistake on your part, but $699 is a great price for the W1100. I paid $960 for mine.

Mine now has 1,400hrs on it after about 8 months of use. It's still plenty bright in my white bedroom setup.
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I have been through four projectors in the last month and I feel obligated to post my path to home theater happiness. It's been hard to say the least, as I keep mulling over all the trade-offs projectors have, and they ALL have trade offs. I have come up with a bit of a revalation, for me anyway, and the story ends with the W1200, and a few tricks.

I was willing to spend in upwards of $2000 on a PJ to replace my old 720p that blew bulb #3. I just wanted a solid 1080p performer with blacks that looked, well, black. I know all about dynamic irises and I get a little wierded out with how some perform, with the exception of very dark movies where the iris closed down most of the time; ie Harry Potter, Tron, ect. I think it's a downright lie they way these machines are marketed. 200,000:1 is BS because there is not ONE frame where the picture shows Blacks and Whites are this far apart in luminosity (is that a word?). The iris just slides the native contrast from frame to frame making the overall frame brighter or darker to suit its needs. Just my .02.

So initially I bought an Epson 8350. Good warranty, bright, nice colors, fairly clear picture, super quiet fan, but I just could not get over how it handled motion. It was blurry and pixel laden. It literally made me ill and after a while all I could see was crappy movement. I wasn't even taking in the movie, just scrutenizing the bad picture...Now, my children on the other hand never even noticed so they aren't nearly as fussy as I. I boxed it up and sent it back.

Next came a Mits HC4000. Most people seem happy with this and comment on the blacks. The blacks were okay. Seemed the same as my old DLP with Darkchip 2. It too was quiet, and colors were nice. My only problem was I could never get the thing uniformily sharp. It seemed okay in the center, but the ESPN crawler on the bottom of the screen was always out of focus. I expected a sharper picture than my 720p had, and this was not. Even the Dish network guide looked a little off. I must have gotten up to adjust focus on the thing a hundred times. Never happy, I ordered a W1200 in hopes that the optics were better, higher quality, and sharp.

I was lucky to have both the HC4000 and W1200 for nearly a week at the same time. One mounted on the ceiling and one on a table-top. USB and Component cables could easily be flip-flopped for easy comparison. I could run both at the same time, on the same screen, with masking tape over half of each lens. The W1200 on the left and the HC4000 on the right. It was a little wierd at first but I got them dialed in nicely. I watched a good 6 hours of material this way. Sports, movies, nature, blu-ray, and all the time fiddling with the remotes to tweek settings that I got off of the forums and compare.

My observations:
First thing you will notice is a little delay in the W1200. As long as you can adjust the sound delay on your receiver 126ms then you are fine. Probably not a gaming PJ, but I am more intested in TV/Movies. I had 70 ms delay in the HC4000.
Secondly was overall sharpness. The W1200 was noticable sharper all over. Even in the center. Add to that CFI (low mode) in sports, and the BenQ was much more detailed. This was noticed by everyone in my household. Good job here BenQ.
Fan noise can best be thought of this way: 1,2,3,4,5. The HC4000 is a 1 on low lamp and the W1200 on low (table mounted) is a 2. Mount the W1200 on the ceiling and the fan kicks up a notch to a level 3. Turn the HC4000 to High lamp and you will hear a level 4. And finally the W1200 on high is a 5. I find that anything under level 3 is acceptable and comparable to a refrigerator running in the room. 4 and 5's are too loud according to my wife's delicate ears.
Next thing was brightness. The W1200 was night and day brighter than the HC4000. So much so that the Low setting onthe W1200 is VERY comparable to the High setting on the HC4000. To make the split screen picture uniform, I ran the two PJs this way. There was no way to make the W1200 as dim as the HC4000. This brings me to black levels (dark grey levels in this case). I looked at Arts pictures I believe they are misleading. When the two PJs are adjusted to the same overall lumens, the black levels are completely indistinguishable. Now if you drop the HC4000 to Low, the blacks are marginally better, but at the expense of the light and white colors. This half of the screen then looks less vibrant and lacks the POP of the W1200. I know your eyes should adjust and bring back the POP, but so too will they adjust to the blacks, er, I mean dark greys...Darkchip3 might just be a marketing ploy, I dunno. The noise may be a tiny tiny bit better with it though.
I liked the W1200 except for it's known weakness, black levels. It was almost set to be returned with the HC4000 when I thought I'd try the old ND2 filter trick. I thought, what the heck? The highlights and lights are so strong on this thing what could it hurt? At the worst case it will be brought down to the HC4000 on low lamp mode...But it did more than that...
After some setting tweeks(I will disclose these in a later post), I turned the two PJs back on. The BenQ had appearantly blacker blacks and brighter whites..!!??? Huh? I know contrast hasn't changed but my brain sure thinks it has...The picture came to life. The black bars on the top and bottom were, well, black...Okay, blackish. Not JVC black, but not bad.
I had dismissed the ND2 filter as a usable tool on these things but with the W1200 it is a must have. Especially for movies that you know will have a lot of dark material. It just made my old PJ darker all over, but the super bright whites of the BenQ actuall favor the change and it seems to tame the clipping. With time and bulb age the filter may have to come off, but for now it's gonna stay.
Finally, for those of you on the fence between the BenQ and the Mits, the BenQ was noticable the better in my own situation. I have a totally light controlled room, dark walls, with subtile ambient lighting and a white 93" screen and minimal gain. PJ was 11'6" and seating the same. The filter is a Tiffen 67mm ND2 that I use in photography.
Good luck.
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graniteguy, thanks a lot for posting this comparison as I was considering both these projectors and wondered if an nd filter would help with the benq and also be able to have a brighter picture when needed (say for outdoor movies). Plus the benq is about $150 bucks cheaper.
But now im concerned with the lag for gaming.
I have read thru google there is a guy who has firmware version 1.05 which helps tame the lag and audio issues.
Do you or anyone know if this is true? The benq website is of no help and i'm not even sure how one goes about updating the firmware.
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Dunno about v 1.05. I have 1.04 and the lag is a bit extreme, too much so for a serious gamer.
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Yah, this isn't a gaming projector, and the Mits hc4000 is, that's the drawback. As far as sharpness, yup the Benq's are sharper than the Mits a little, but it shouldn't be that noticeable in normal content. I've seen a couple Benqs and owned the Mits hc4000. There is some variation on sharpness uniformity between units on the Mits, but they all have a small issue with sharpness uniformity, but it is fairly mild.

As far as black levels, the Mits hc4000 definitely has the better blacks mounted at farthest throw, but it's not by that much and the difference may be even less at mid-zoom or closest, and yes the w1200 is much brighter for sure.

The Benq w6000 is another one to consider as it has even darker blacks thanks to the IRIS, but it costs quite a bit more...
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I often wonder if the W6000 would be a strong contender for the ND2 filter due to its abundance of power. The trade-offs that come with it vs. the W1200 are about $500, louder fans, no FI, more difficult to calibrate, and an iris that some believe is to noisy to use and they chose to run the PJ with the iris disengauged. I don't have experience with that model, although I wish I had one to compare. I'd probably love it.
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I think I fell for the "3d ready" many of the sites advertising the w1100 say that the w1100 is 3d ready. I was on the assumption 3d ready meant you just needed to buy the glasses and a 3d player and you were good to go....I am just a noob in the projector world...

I bought the projector from NCIX for $699 (a Canadian electronics store) during their boxing day week.
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Just a quick comment about adjustments with the ND2 filter. Change the gamma to 2.0 and bump the contrast to 12 worked for me. This powers the lights through without a noticable change on blacks. I also like the white peaking at level 2 or 3. Color-wise, just use the usual treatments listed elsewhere in this thread. I can't remember them right off the top of my head, but I know red needs to be pushed back, green too.

I notice no change in black levels by decreasing the brightness lower than the default of 50. I also notice black levels do not change by increasing contrast, only bright levels. Finally, it seems that black levels are near their best at gamma 2.2. Higher gammas only lose shadow detail and the blacks barely change, if at all. I guess what I am trying to say is that this PJ is just about at it's bottom basement black levels right out of the box, in default standard mode. If this dark grey is satisfactory to you, you are all set. If not, the only option is to add a ND2 filter. Good luck.
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I'm going to try those changes to gamma and contrast tonight!
My filter is a ND2 after all.
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To all of you w1100 owners - I have the PJ hooked up to my ps3. My ps3 gives an option to turn on 24hz - On default when the ps3 turns on i see 1080p60 but when I force it I see 1080p24

Which is better?

I am a little confused - is the project a 60hz and 120hz projector? what is the 24hz?
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So I had a chance to experiment a bit - the black levels are definitely better overall with the filter - and simply gives a "richer" image. I'm till torn between gamma 2.0 and 2.2 though. I prefer 2.2 somehow... but it's a touch dark.
I'm actually thinking of getting a ND .2 filter which is a notch lighter than the ND .3 ( aka ND 2 ) This might just be the ticket.
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Let us know about the ND.2 filter as this might work for me too as the bulb ages.

ALSO: to inspire those considering the w1200....


Anybody speek French?????
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I decided to go for the 0.1 filter instead, as it should get me down to around 17-19fl.
I prefer the image with gamma set to 2.2, and I think with the 20% drop in light it should hopefully be just right.
Not sure how long it'll take to get here, 'cause it's a special order from B&H, but probably a week or so.
Let you know as soon as get a chance to try 'er out!
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Man I would love to try this w1200 out but this gaming lag thing is the deal breaker for me.
Benq has the w1060 out now which looks very promising but no info yet if this too suffers from the lag.
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Gamers should go with the pro8200 and consider the Neutral density filter as well if in a light controlled room.

I can't figure the new 1060 out. It is almost exactly the same as the w1200, minus the Frame Interpolation, and with a new case design. I have to wonder about those decible levels too as they seem higher than what I remember the w1200 was... I could be wrong though. Price is right anyway.
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My W1100 now has 1,500hrs on it. I only use eco mode and it's still bright enough. The quirky firmware still wants to reset itself once in a while. Other than that this projector works well. I hope I get another 1,500hrs out of the lamp.

The W1060 sounds like an excellent projector for the price, 1080P and 6,000hr lamp life. The short zoom of 1.2 won't work for me though, but wow what a nice projector it is for the price.

Found a review of the W1060 here:

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Hi there. I am a happy owner of a Benq W1100 too. It's my first PJ and although I bought it almost a year ago (March 2011), it has worked only about 400 hours so far. So as you can see my standards are kind of low, but nevertheless I am more than pleased with it.

I use my PC as a media player and I've never had a problem with any kind of movie. I used to see a little bit of the rainbow effect especially on the subtitles when the background was black, but I got used to it eventually and now I don't see it at all. Noone else has ever said anything about it. TV HD content looks great too at 1080i. I also play some games at 1080p on it (like PES and other sports games) and never had any problem with input lag. At least not big enough in order for me to notice. For a while I connected it with a PS3 too and again it all went smoothly. I didn't play FPS on it, but I did play Heavy Rain, L.A. Noire and a little bit of Red Dead Redemption among others and didn't notice anything.

My firmware is 1.0.0 and it does have the problem of forgetting the settings every once in a while but apart from that, nothing else. I came upon this thread while looking for calibration settings and if there's a newer firmware. Unfortunately I didn't find any calibration settings, so if anyone has a relevant link I would be much obliged. I found the 1.0.4 firmware and I am thinking of upgrading, although reading about the problems mentioned with the 1080i signal and the need for win7 x32 made me hold back for a while. Someone said something about a 1.0.5 firmware? Is there one? Why doesn't BENQ have a download page or something, with changelogs and instructions? Apart from the ftp site mentioned in an earlier message here, I couldn't find anything else.
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I updated my W1200 to the 1.05 Firmware today by using the FTP link provided on page 6 of this thread.

To get to the W1200 firmware you must go back up a level on the FTP site and then click on the W1200 folder.

In order to update it successfully you need to be running a 32bit OS (in my case xp), the USB drivers do not work with 64 bit Win 7.

You need to follow the instructions in the PDF to the letter, Its a pretty simple process.

Overall I was very happy with the W1200 (running on FW 1.04) apart from some slight judder in fast moving scenes.

I tested the new firmware with The Shawshank Redemption Blu Ray and 9 Blu Ray running at 60fps and otherwise standard settings. There was a definite improvement in both movies with judder noticeably reduced.

I noticed some people were experiencing problems with delay, cant say I ever had any issues with delay (that I could detect anyway).

Hope this helps.
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Why is this a none gaming projector? am using it for gaming and I dint see any problems 1/4v
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Severe lag of over 120ms, it will give problems with some types of games. Some people notice it more than others. You can play single player games most of the time normally.
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Ok I just played Crysis 1 player and when moving around I notice the image starts to flash as if it cant keep up with the fast pace movement. Is this what you guys are on about?

Is it called judder?

Am on 1.4 wondering if 1.5 makes a world of difference or is there some setting on the W1200 to combat this?
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Originally Posted by jamieuk147 View Post

Ok I just played Crysis 1 player and when moving around I notice the image starts to flash as if it cant keep up with the fast pace movement. Is this what you guys are on about?


This will stop the flashing problem.
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Originally Posted by jamieuk147 View Post

Ok I just played Crysis 1 player and when moving around I notice the image starts to flash as if it cant keep up with the fast pace movement. Is this what you guys are on about?

Is it called judder?

Am on 1.4 wondering if 1.5 makes a world of difference or is there some setting on the W1200 to combat this?

LAG is a delay in the amount of time you see the mouse or user input take effect into the actual game. So if you are playing a multiplayer game and the server you are on has a default lag of say 200ms, then you will really have about 320ms lag because the Benq adds some lag since what you see happening on the projector is 120ms ago during a game. Others playing on a server with a 200ms lag connection would mostly only be in the 210-220 ms range because they are playing on LCD monitors which only adds a tiny amount of lag.
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W1100 with 1,799 hrs so far and still very bright.
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I still see flashing in crysis game even setting HDMI to 3... As I am using a HTPC should I set it to PC signal which I notice makes it a bit brighter?
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