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So this is probably an easy question, but just want to be sure before I buy the SR6006. I want to be sure that I can do FL and FR pre-outs to my main speakers, and still use the built in amp for the surround and center channel when I want to do surround mode (still using the FL and FR in surround mode too). This seems like it should totally be possible, if not a fairly common setup.
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Not sure if this posted before. I know I posted it in the wrong place before. I would like to know if you can use the pre-out for front left and right, and still use the internal amp for rear right/left and center. This seems like it should be able to do that. Thanks for your help, sorry if I posted this question multiple times. Thanks,
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Yes. You can use the pre-outs on any model in combination with the speaker posts.
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I’ve recently purchased Marantz 6006. I was using Onkyo 609 previously. I’ve never used Marantz AVR before and after setting it up properly I’m feeling that there is very little bass in this Marantz AVR. Like “emporio” also written this problem before. I thought this problem might be corrected with firmware update so I did that and it feels that bass did improve but very little.

I’m using Jamo C405 floorstanding for front and Jamo C80 Subwoofer and center, surround that came with Onkyo HTIB. When I first hooked up everything and setup the system with Audyssey it sounds like there is no bass in the system. With Onkyo I didn’t feel any bass problem, maybe on some songs it become very boomy, I used the tone control of Onkyo to control bass and also used music optimizer.

On Marantz 6006 Audyssey set front to large, center to 80hz, surround to 120hz. I’ve set the subwoofer volume to minimum still it set it -7db, after setup I turn up the subwoofer volume to half. With this setting with front set to large it is driving front with fullrange and no bass to sub, It sound like that I’m using very small speaker, It’s not giving any bass just very very little audible bass let alone the punchy bass. I’ve to set the front to small and front crossover to 100hz and sub volume to half to get the punchy bass. But with Onkyo I set the front to 40hz and bass tone control to 4db and it delivered very punchy bass from front I admit there was problem of boom. Marantz didn’t let me control bass tone control with Audyssey. I'm feeling that my front floorstanding speaker is of no use now and I have to depend on the subwoofer for bass.

I just want to know as I never used Marantz avr before, is this problem is in the particular set that I’ve owned. I have an option to replace this avr with Marantz 5007 or Denon 2113.

Any help will be appreciated.
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There's nothing wrong with the 6006, rather only that the higher version of Audyssey MultEQ XT actually EQ'd the subwoofer whereas the 2EQ in your 609 was unable to EQ the sub. So you're actually hearing the bass as the mixer intended you to hear it. Suggest you leave the sub setting as is for a few weeks to adjust to this "proper" sound. If after that period you still prefer "boomier" bass then use the remote control to raise the sub volume level. Also, your FL/FR speakers should be reset to SMALL and their crossovers raised up to 80Hz. Refer to the Audyssey 101/FAQ Guide linked in my sig for more information on why you want to do this.
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Thanks jdsmoothie! I'll follow your advice and will share if this solve the problem.
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Hello all,

I'm a new owner of a Marantz SR6006. It drives a 5.1 setup - three Triad LCR In-Ceiling Bronze/8s, two Triad In-Wall Surround Bronze/4s, and a Hsu 12" Sub. As soon as I got my system setup I succesfully updated to the latest firmware

Unfortunately I've had a few strange problems with this unit.

1) The sound seems to cut out and die for a brief moment from time to time. It happens during different volume levels. It seems to occur a handful of times a night and across a variety of types of content and input sources - TV news, dramas, Blu Ray discs, etc.
2) Sometimes when I turn on the system, I see video but no audio. It might take several minutes before the sound turns on.
3) I've had to reset the microprocessor three times since buying the unit after it locked up.

Has anyone else had any problems like this before? What should I do? Thanks much for your thoughts and advice.
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Setup the system according to JD's advice, also read the Audyssey setup guide.
When I set the Front crossover to 80hz and raise the sub volume level the bass is almost perfect. With this setting I can turn down or up the volume of sub to adjust bass. If I set the front to 40hz (c405 can handle 40hz frequency responce) then on some songs the bass is good but on some its way less, I think it’s because it isn't letting me adjust the tone control while Audyssey is set to on. But with Onkyo I could adjust the tone control and I think that’s the reason it seems to give more bass.

Now my question is with 6006 do I have to fully depend on sub or is there some problem with front bass output or it’s the lack of tone control that affecting the bass output?
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Regardless of whether your FL/FR speakers can handle the lower frequencies, Audyssey provides far more sub filter control points than speaker filter control points, therefore you'll want to raise the FL/FR crossovers to 80Hz.
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I have had the sr6006 for a few days now and had a question when i hook up my laptop r pc to the hdmi port i dont get any sound just video my ps3 works in the same port is there sumthin im missing with setup? I replaced a denon avr791 and had no problem with laptop and pc connected. Any help would be greatful
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Try connecting to each of the HDMI inputs to see if one works better than another.

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1. Make sure the correct HDMI device is the default audio device. Many receivers are seen as different types of devices depending on whether or not the TV is turned on.

2. Make sure the computer's graphics output is set to a valid home-entertainment HD video resolution. e.g. 1920x1080 or 1280x720. Common computer resolutions, like 1600x1200 or 1366x768, usually do not work in one way or another.

3. Try the "AVR Audio Guard" utility. See http://www.avsforum.com/t/1317491/silent-stream-bug
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Thanks guys i got my htpc workn now, havent messd with the laptop just yet
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It would be interesting to know what your solution was.
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My pc was a easy fix tryd each hdmi inputs till it workd with a restart of the pc each time and on the tv input it workd. My laptop not so simple i think i have to change my sound card setting cuz i get video from tv and sound only comes from laptop
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Originally Posted by rxheaven View Post

Hi, don't know if you ended up emailing/phoning Marantz, but just wanted to share the following:
Same thing happened to me just now, I had previously read about the issue here but decided to try it anyway. Well, I didn't reset anything, after about 3-4 minutes stuck on "waiting for authentication", I got out of that screen by pressing the "amp menu" button, then I thought I was done with it (cancelled upgrade). After 2-3 minutes, I switched from the DVDR to the TV input (which means AVR doesn't send video to the TV anymore, just the ARC channel is activated). Well, after about 30 seconds (at most), the AVR switched off (standby light turned RED like when you're in "pure direct" sound mode) and the upgrade started. It had estimated 24 minutes, and that ended up being almost dead on. It may have actually took 1 or 2 minutes less.
So, looks like somehow the upgrade doesn't go through while the HDMI output of the AVR is activated. Try to switch it to CD or TV (if you don't use a cable box or other device that makes the AVR output video to the TV - I personally use OTA) or I guess simply shut the TV or whatever the AVR outputs video to off.
Worked for me. Simple luck of the draw biggrin.gif

Thanks for the tip.
Well I tried this a few different ways and all failed.
Last night I connected the AVR to the TV via the RCA- Monitor out, to give it a go, but it didn't work.
Next step I will try is remove all HDMI cables, then turn it off at the wall for 10 mins.
Turn it back on with only the RCA out connected and see if there is any luck.
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I have had my sr6006 for a week now and its alot better then my denon. But i had a question my front speakers, center and sides all have powered subs in them only 2 that dont r sur backs. I ran audyssey and the avr set the powerd ones to full and 40hrz crossover i think, so do i still set every thing to small even tho there powered? I have two psa xv15s for seperate subs as well.
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Yup. Audyssey MultEQ XT uses 8x more sub filter control points than speaker control points for the EQ process.
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Ok thanks
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Ok thanks. I havent listend to much music but what i did it didnt have much bass compared to movies is that because i have dynamic eq on?
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Nope. Rather more likely that the music just didn't have much bass in it. Keep in mind that DD/DTS 5.1/7.1 audio tracks have their own dedicated LFE channel (0.1) whereas stereo 2.0 music does not.
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This is so surreal. I didnt think this was gonna happen to me, but now I have the firmware update stuck in 'authenticating' state!!! I tried all JDS' recommendations. Before I call Marantz, can someone (who's had a successful firmware update) advise on how long to typically wait on authenticating before going thru the motions? Also, curious if anyone had any suggestions in addition to JDS's below:'

Be sure to try the following:

Network Standby - OFF, cycle AVR OFF/ON, then try the SAVE

if no joy,

Network Standby - OFF, cycle AVR OFF/ON, set Network Standby back to ON, then try the SAVE

If still no joy, try a few repeated resets, otherwise give Marantz a call.
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You should let it try to update over night if necessary. If not using a wired connection from the AVR to the router, suggest that as well. Otherwise, try resetting the microprocessor and rebooting your router.
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thanks JD! That's what I'm gonna do. BTW, my router is connected directly to the AVR. Done the router reboot. Will try the microprocessor reset.. Just curious, what does the reset actually do? One more Q - for the Dual Sub outputs - are they connected internally using a Y connector or are they separate LFE outputs?
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And also, I wonder, if the whole authenticating problem has to do with Marantz servers as if they were acting flaky, unresponsive, you'd get something like this issue. Cuz,, simple steps like Netwwork Standby toggle shouldnt have anything to do with connectivity.. anyhoo..
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Got the message this morning about a new update and went ahead and got it updated with no issues. Is there someplace we can see what's new in the latest firmware? Thanks.
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Firmware Changelog (5006/6006) - Nov 3

1) IR command addition to AV receiver.
2) No access to last.fm service.
3) Problems when controlling by WEB GUI_II
4) When external instrument (Apps, C4 Controller) is used for a long time, there is a possibility not to be able to control from the external instrument.
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Cool. Can you tell us where you got this info? I've never quite been able to find release notes for Marantz firmware updates.
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Denon and Marantz USA are expected to publish the changelog information on their websites at some point in the future, although AFAIK, that date has yet to be determined.
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Where did you get your info? When you say they're expected to publish it, do you mean like at all, or just that the date for any given update is unclear? (IE is there some part of the websites to go to to find it, even if it's just for past updates, or do you mean that at some point in the future they'll have such a section?).
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